Defensive End R.J. Moss Holds Four Offers Including One From Razorbacks

FAYETTEVILLE — Biloxi (Miss.) High School Class of 2022 defensive end R.J. Moss holds four offers including one from the University of Arkansas.

Moss, 6-4, 245, also has offers to Ole Miss, Mississippi State and Southern Miss. He talked about the Arkansas offer that he received on Aug. 19, which was the same day Mississippi State offered him. Those were his first two offers. He’s being recruited by Arkansas’ Derrick LeBlanc.

“I got the offer,” Moss said. “I was pretty excited about it because it was first two I had. It was just like it was hard to believe.”

Moss talked about his strengths on the field and why schools are offering him a scholarship.

“I come off my stance fast,” Moss said. “I engage with the block. I read what is going on in the backfield and then when I see the ball coming my way I disengage and make plays.”

He also feels there’s a specific area or two where he needs to continue to work hard to improve.

“The run game being more physical,” Moss said. “Extend my arms better and come off my hips a little better.”

When it comes to rushing the passer that is another area that Moss feels like is good for him.

“My pass rushing is good,” Moss said.

Moss and his teammates defeated Vicksburg (Miss.) 27-0 last Friday. Tonight they play host at 7 p.m. to Wiggins (Miss.) Stone High School who also is 1-0 on the season. In 2019, Biloxi won this game 31-14.

“We played last week and I did alright,” Moss said. “I didn’t get a lot of action they were running away from me some of the time. Then they would send like two blockers at me.”

During the COVID-19 shutdown Moss talked about how he stayed in shape and prepared for this season.

“When we on shutdown I just went to the field everyday to stay in shape and get faster,” Moss said. “I stayed in condition so I would be ready when the season came. I was running up and down the field with a parachute on trying to stay fit.”

He has some goals in mind for himself and his team this season.

“Just being better,” Moss said. “First of all I want to get my team to like as far as we can. I’m not really worried about the (personal) stats, as long as we are executing what we have to do and everybody is doing their job and assignments. We can be great and that’s all I’m focused on.”

While he holds four offers, there’s another school that if it offers could cause each of these four some time to worry. He grew up following a dream school.

“I was watching all schools really, but my favorite was LSU,” Moss said.

While he likes LSU, but he also has an even bigger dream that Arkansas, Ole Miss and Mississippi State can all help him make come true.

“Playing in the SEC would be a life-long dream come true,” Moss said. “That’s something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I have thought about it.”

As far as when it comes time to pick a college, Moss has some things in mind that he’s looking for.

“I’m looking for a college that’s gonna get me to where I need to be to be the best player I can be,” Moss said. “I want them to help me to develop not just as a player, but as a good teammate and person. Just a college that really wants me to play for them.”

Moss said he has never been to the UA, but has driven through Arkansas a time or two. He has plans to see it when this NCAA lifts the recruiting restrictions related to COVID-19.

“Yeah I plan on making a visit to Arkansas,” Moss said.

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