Fordyce’s Carson Williams Pulls in First Scholarship Offer

FAYETTEVILLE — Fordyce Class of 2022 offensive lineman Carson Williams pulled in his first scholarship offer on Tuesday.

Louisiana-Monroe extended the offer that Williams announced on Twitter.

His older brother, Sam, is a senior offensive lineman for ULM now. The younger Williams, 6-4, 285, talked to and Pig Trail Nation about the offer.

“Honestly I didn’t know how to feel,” Williams said. “Just overcame with emotion. I was speechless and at a loss for words. I didn’t know to do about it.”

As with all other athletes during the COVID-19 time, Williams and his brother have had to adjust his training routines. He talked about how he has trained.

“We’ve been making do with what we’ve got,” Williams said. “Luckily we’ve got a little weight set out here in the house. But we’ve just been doing everything we can just trying to stay in shape and get ready for next year. We’ve been running or doing sled pulls every morning. Do football drills and offensive line and weights in the afternoon.”

Williams and his teammates captured the 2A state championship with a 28-6 victory over Junction City on Dec. 14 in Little Rock’s War Memorial Stadium. The win was special in that they also avenged a loss on Oct. 25 to Junction 14-12. The Redbugs finished 13-2 on the season with the only other loss 27-24 on Nov. 8 to McGehee. Williams talked about what winning the state title meant to him.

“To win state and to be able to bring that back to Fordyce,” Williams said. “To bring that much tradition back to the Redbugs it was amazing. To see the type of support we had and everybody that was behind us. It was one of the best feelings I’ve ever had.”

Also due to the COVID-19, Williams is unsure of his summer plans as far as visiting schools or attending camps.

“If things do get better this summer I would love to go around and try to visit or go to camps,” Williams said. “Whatever the deal may be. But if things don’t work out where it’s better by the end of the summer then I wouldn’t be opposed to going to a game in the middle of the season. Right now I think the best thing to do is just roll with it and see how everything turns out.”

A game that Williams will certainly be at is the Nov. 21 contest in Reynolds Razorback Stadium between the Hogs and ULM where his brother plays. Sam is a 6-foot-7, 290-pound offensive lineman who signed with ULM out of Bearden High School. That game will feature Williams’ two favorite teams in college football.

“Really of course Monroe because Sam and all the time I’ve spent down there,” Williams said. “Arkansas because I mean Arkansas is the favorite team. There’s nothing else better than them. That would be my Top 2, but really I don’t have a preference when it comes to school. It just depends on if it’s the right fit. As long it feels good and feels like it will be a good place for me I think that’s more important than just liking somewhere.”

Williams is one of several offensive linemen in Arkansas in the Class of 2022 who will play Division I college football.