Witten happy to be back

I thought we did this for the last time a couple of years
ago. I just wanted to do it one more time maybe two more times. So, it’s me? It
is you Babe; I always enjoy his time. Everybody is looking for all these
reasons make it back in the training camp walk and talks.. One of my favorites.
Two years ago, we did this, and it doesn’t feel like you’ve been gone for a
year or does it feel like you never left thing?

Well I mean I think it now it feels like I never left. You
know I mean there was a point there in early March where there’s a couple of
days in New parking spot new locker adjusting. You know I mean from being in
the TV role to now going back and playing but you know It was nine…ten months.  Those teammates I’ve worked a lot with, and I
got some great friendships and more than anything else I just wanted to get
back in there and go to work. And you know I knew the most important thing I
need to do is become a good tight end again.

Again? I really felt like you got to go prove yourself all
over again. I always took pride in knowing who gets to show me game. It’s a
great story you’re going gonna come back but you’re not worth anything. You
can’t play at that level then you know what. It just you just ride off into the
sunset. Bill Parcells always said the train doesn’t always last. You have to
get off at some point.  The Circus
doesn’t stay in town forever.  

So, you’re out here you’ve always been a fan favorite, but I
just sense a little bit more love from the fans now after you’ve been gone a
year. Do you sense that as well?

Yeah it’s been great. You know a lot of them. I see smiles
on their face. You know and and an appreciation I think they’re glad that I’m
back and you know Honestly Babe I hope that they felt the same thing that I
did. You know when I came back I didn’t want a lot of hoopla with it just to go
back to work. You know let’s get our hand back in the dirt and go prove it.

Monday Night Football offer came up and I know everybody
told you oh you can’t pass up you can’t pass now can’t pass it up. Were you looking
for someone to tell you? That you can pass up. 
You still got some playing left in you.

I did and the only person in my life that told me that you
know Jason you got a lot of playing left was Jason. Yeah yeah yeah. And I knew
it wasn’t a perspective of a lot of people when you say that I like well maybe
you can help his team. It really wasn’t from that. And all along I think he
knew my heart you know and there’s different points in that. And a lot of
people like TV and enjoy that next phase in a very successful guys and I’m
close with them and have done a phenomenal job in that career.

For me. I just felt like until I knew that I had I didn’t
have anything left. Man I was going to kick myself. You know I couldn’t look at
four kids and Michelle and just say I didn’t leave it all out there you know.
And how long did that last. How many plays do you play? Nobody really knows but
I feel confident my ability and I’m I work my tail off trying to go achieve

I know the passion for playing never left me. So, when did
you wake up and say Okay I’m going to do this? Well I think my first preseason
game that I called I was in Washington and I was calling the Jets game and I
thought I got that quick. I did. And I thought to myself like the moment when I
knew I wanted to get back in there was I was calling the Monday night game and
it was the Rams and the Chiefs who supposed to be in Mexico City, but it ended
up being in the L.A. Coliseum. There was a shootout was a great football game
and I loved that game. I was going to get on a red eye, and I thought to myself
I gotta get back in there.

This is what I worked so hard for. And I knew I had
something left at that point on I just began to work out and began to  watch and say man. What if?? You know what if
I can go back out there and you know unfortunately they gave me an opportunity
they didn’t have to, and they had to throw it too. Yeah they did. But you know
what. My biggest thing when I came back in there and I took Kellen Moore this
conversation with Coach Garrett obviously and was just like hey it’s a show me
game. I understand that. But I just want the opportunity to show that because I
feel confident in my ability.

When you’re dating everybody wants to know when you’re gonna
get married get married and on your wedding when you have kids you have a kid
based on looking at another one.

So, you’re back. I’m gonna ask you how many more years would
you do.

Well I don’t know Babe, but I just think that the one thing
I learned going through that was you really got to take it day by day and you
gotta trust your heart. You gotta trust what you love. You know you can’t allow
other things to make those decisions.

Okay so Witt I want to do this again next year I’ll come
back. I appreciate that I’ve always enjoyed talking with the best. Thank you.