Breaking Down Hog Recruiting with Kevin McPherson: Visits from Vanover, Moss & Grayer

Fayetteville, AR-

Drew Amman: “Hey back here to talk hoops with our hoops insider is where you can find his work. Again Kevin McPherson from Hogville. He has been tracking Hog recruiting. Let’s begin with Connor Vanover. Tall kid to say the least. 7-3, Cal transfer. He visited Arkansas. Tell me about the visit and what we can expect as far as his recruitment here moving forward.”

Kevin McPherson: “You know Little Rock native. Helped Baptist Prep in Little Rock to two state titles before transferring out to Findlay Prep as a senior two years ago where he played with Razorback freshman Reggie Chaney. Ended up signing with Memphis. Tubby Smith was removed so he ended up at Cal. The Cal coach just got fired this year. So Connor Vanover is looking to transfer already. He could still stay at Cal. But he has taken two visits this past week. He started at Vanderbilt in the middle of the week, a couple of days there. Then he went to Arkansas Thursday and Friday for an official visit. The visit went well a source told me. He has got finals at Cal Monday and Tuesday and will probably make an announcement shortly after that. Possibly Wednesday. So we are looking at maybe a mid-week decision there. Again it is down to Arkansas, Vanderbilt and remaining at Cal-Berkley. I really think Vanover, I think he has always wanted to be a Razorback. That is what I am told by people that are close to him. I will be surprised if he doesn’t end up committed to Eric Musselman and the Razorbacks when he does make his decision. We’ve got to wait out the next few days to find out about that. 7-3. Not a traditional inside player Drew. He is a guy that can stretch defenses. He can shoot the basketball all the way out to the three line. He shot nearly 36 percent from three last year at Cal. His per 40 minute numbers were outstanding. 17 points, almost 7 rebounds, 3.5 blocks. So I think this would be a solid addition for Arkansas if they are able to get Connor Vanover.”

Drew Amman: “Okay Isaiah Moss grad-transfer from Iowa. Also looking at Arkansas. This is somebody who started all games at Iowa. So this guy can play. Certainly brings the experience. How much is he really looking at Arkansas? How serious is this right now?”

Kevin McPherson: “Well Arkansas is his first visit. He’s got a lot schools looking at him. I am told today as he wrapped his weekend visit to Arkansas that he will be headed to Kansas to visit. I know that Louisville, Arizona State, Iowa State, Illinois, Cincinnati are some of the other schools looking at him. But Moss like you said started all 35 games. Averaged 9 points. 42 percent from three, which was fourth in the Big 10 last year. A fourth year junior. So a guy in his last game against Tennessee went to overtime in the second round of the NCAA Tournament. He had 16 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assists the last time he played. So this would be, he would be a nice pickup for Arkansas. But like I said he wrapped up his visit to Fayetteville over the weekend. He spent some time with Vanover. But now I am told he will be at Kansas to start a visit there starting this evening.”

Drew Amman: “Alright Jaire Grayer he is finally here. The visit it kind of took a while to get things in place for him to be here on the Hill for that visit. But 6-5 wing from George Mason. He has had an injury in the past to deal with. But certainly it would be a great addition it seems for the Razorbacks. Right Kevin?”

Kevin McPherson: “Yep. 8.8 points, 3 rebounds per game. But only played 8 games last year due to a foot injury. So he is applying for a medical waiver to get a fifth year of eligibility. I think he thinks he is going to get that approved. But he is you know coming in this afternoon, Sunday afternoon to start his official visit. He told me he would leave out on Tuesday. So here is a guy that tried to get on campus a couple of times in April. He is finally making it. You know you start looking at the shooting. Again he only played 8 games but 40 percent from three. A 6-5 wing. You know originally from Flint, Michigan. Has been at George Mason for four seasons. So another guy that helped stretch the floor with that defense from size on the perimeter.”

Drew Amman: “Alright Kevin McPherson from More on those guys that visited and more on Jaire Grayer as he continues to visit here on the Hill. Kevin with great stuff on Wess Moore with Chad and Paula Morris after this.”

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