Colton Jackson Talks Arkansas’ Offensive Line Depth

By Otis Kirk

Arkansas’ Colton Jackson is one of two returning offensive line starters at Arkansas this spring.

Jackson returns at left tackle while junior Ty Clary is back at center. Last season, the Hogs were short on numbers with the offensive line. That shouldn’t be the case this season. Chad Morris signed six in the Class of 2019 and Arkansas has added some quality walk-on players as well.

“There’s definitely more depth than we had last year with Chibueze (Nwanna) and Myron (Cunningham) coming in and as soon as Shane (Clenin) and Audry (Horn) and Kirby (Adcock) get back it’s going to be even better for sure,” Jackson said. 

With you the most experienced offensive lineman on the team, are you being asked to step into a bigger veteran role?

“I mean it’s different but it’s the same every year,” Jackson said. “Still got the same responsibility. Just more responsibility on your shoulders to make sure the new guys coming in know the standard that the guys who just left left for the O-line. The standard that’s been put in place.”

Who are the most vocal offensive linemen right now?

“Probably me and Ty,” Jackson said. “Probably. Yeah.”

How’s Clary coming along?

“He’s a lot better than last year,” Jackson said. “I think everybody’s getting better from last year, just working on technique and getting the new guys in and getting game speed reps, getting used to the speed of the game, especially going against an experienced defense like we have now. That can’t do anything but make us better.”

Arkansas has now completed seven of the 15 practices allowed in the spring. What have been your points of emphasis this spring?

“My points of emphasis were just don’t get worked up I guess, lead by example, bring guys along,” Jackson said. “With Myron and Bueze coming in, they’re obviously going to be a great help to our offensive line, our offense, once they get the playbook down. Teaching them, helping them on the side, stuff like that.”

Jackson met with the media following Wednesday’s practice and was asked about the offense since the squad scrimmaged some?

“Not good,” Jackson said. “We just didn’t come out. We just weren’t ready to go today. Defense came out today and they just basically manhandled us. We’ve got to come back after spring break and not let that happen again.”

Arkansas is off until Sunday, March 24, when they have a team meeting.