Ryan Pulley Races to Good Showing at Arkansas’ Pro Day

By Otis Kirk

Former Arkansas cornerback Ryan Pulley was able to run a 4.49 in the 40-yard dash on Monday at pro day. 

Following his testing, Pulley spoke with the media about how he felt it went. 

“I believe it went pretty well, so far, I’m just enjoying the process,” Pulley said. “I’ve just got to keep going and keep training, but I feel like I did pretty good.”

Pulley was one of four former Razorbacks selected to attend the 2019 NFL Scouting Combine. How did that go for you?

“It was a learning experience,” Pulley said. “It was kind of difficult. You feel the adversity, you don’t get much rest, you just have to get up and go work hard. It was a good opportunity for me to showcase my skills. I feel like I did pretty decent but I think I did better out here.”

Hjalte Froholdt talked about it was stressful at the combine. Did you experience that as well?

“Oh yeah, everything was bunched up,” Pulley said. “You go to the hospital for about eight hours, since I got there I probably got five hours of sleep total. But it was a good learning experience, you get to know all the scouts and coaches, it went pretty good on the football side.”

Deion Sanders said at the combine he felt you were a safety. What was your thoughts on that?

“I went out there off my weight at 209, that wasn’t me, I felt heavy,” Pulley said. “I felt bad honestly, my legs were heavy, I was tired all week. I came in here at 200, a lot lighter, felt pretty good. I’m going to stay at corner. I ran a 4.61, out here I ran a 4.49, I think it really helped me, dropping a few [pounds].”

I guess they officially got you at 4.49 in the 40 today, but some actually had you as fast as 4.45. What do you credit for the faster 40 time today?

““It felt amazing,” Pulley said. “I was a little timid because I came off a hamstring injury but no excuses, I did all the training and I think I did pretty good.”

Was it your idea or someone else’s to put on the additional weight for the combine?

““I lost focus,” Pulley said. “It was on me. We had a down load week with like 6-7 days off and I lost focus. Eating horrible stuff, so all that stuff was on me. Right after the combine I got back home and started working again, no stop, grind, keep working, keep getting better. I want to be around 195-200.”

Pulley was suspended following an incident prior to the Mississippi State game in Starkville. What have you told the NFL teams about that?

“I just tell them the truth, they already know what happened, what the media wrote, no reason to lie about it,” Pulley said. “Just go with the flow, no pressure. I don’t think it was what the media put out there but I’m not going to get into it.”

Where are you training?

“Down in South Florida, in Fort Lauderdale,” Pulley said. “Randy (Ramsey) and I trained together so we just kept our heads high. We’ve been through a lot of adversity together here at the University of Arkansas so we just went down and trained and competed with each other. We just push each other to do well and get paid.”

Who are the specific teams showing interest in you?

“Raiders, Bears, Texas, Saints, Chiefs, Bucs, Jacksonville, a lot of teams,” Pulley said. 

Pulley played in 35 games at Arkansas and started 24 of them. He finished with 96 tackles, including 70 solo, four tackles for loss, one sack, one forced fumble and a recovered one, six interceptions and 21 pass breakups. 

His best season was in 2016 when he started 12 of the 13 games. He finished with 47 tackles and two interceptions that season.