Recruiting: The Latest on Grad Transfer Ben Hicks, Plus Several Expected to Visit This Weekend

Fayetteville, AR-

The Hogs met with Ben Hicks Saturday and Hicks had breakfast with Chad Morris and Joe Craddock Sunday. What’s the latest on the next chapter in his college career? Get the latest from Otis Kirk. Plus, other recruiting tidbits. Here is the transcription from that interview:

Back on the pig trail with our recruiting insider Otis Kirk whose very busy this weekend, Ben Hicks also with a busy weekend, where is the scenario right now with Ben Hicks?

Otis He flew out today to go home and to talk to his family and to make a decision either later today or early this week because he’s run into the problem that he is midterm and you got to be in here with classes starting back this week, and said if it is Arkansas he would get here as soon as he can this week

and as far as I can tell he was on the visit by himself this week. We knew they were going for a grad transfer QB and a dual-threat but as it played out as best as I can tell, but after looking at the scenario this is it, something, someone they are familiar with and are comfortable with, and he’s comfortable with them.

Like I said, assuming he comes, and you know they went after someone they were familiar with, kind of like Kelly Bryant. That didn’t work out and he’s familiar and he’s had success. He’s familiar with this system, and they definitely had to something. Ty Storey, news he’s leaving, they definitely needed

another QB in here. 


Let’s look at next weekend, official visitors coming in and let’s look at it because it’s a pretty large number of visitors coming in. So, tell me who we should touch on in particular that we should look for.


Two kids from Warren that will finally take their official visits. Treylon Burks and Marcus Miller from Warren. Myles Brooks committed here last summer,  who has been one of those where we haven’t heard much about him lately, kinda had a weird tweet this week but then it changed.  Ricky Stromberg from Tulsa coming in,  and of course, can’t leave out, Hudson Henry, good tight end, then a couple of kids, John David White Pulaski Academy, a receiver I really like and Finnegan Corwin, Highland Park will be here. John David White, interesting could be, remember how they got Ty Clary and Hayden Henry, paid their way for a semester, don’t know if they’ll do that with John David White, but I’ll be on the lookout. It’s important for him to get a scholarship but it may be a deal where he comes and pays his way for a semester then goes on scholarship, in January.


LaKia Henry in the news as far as recruiting circles a lot, linebacker, decommitted from Tennessee, Florida State in the mix as well, just kind of update us on his progress and process in his recruitment.


Texas and Ole Miss trying to get in with him and you know a lot of these kids that signed early, there’s that, then there’s the guys that haven’t and everybody’s pouncing on that, so like I said, Arkansas Florida State, Tennessee, and he did decommit from Tennessee. Florida State and Arkansas in the mix. He already visited Arkansas and Ole Miss looks to get him in on an official weekend after next. Could visit Texas this weekend, don’t know if he will take these visits

but we’ll see how it works out. I think Arkansas is the team to beat for him right now, but that could change.  A lot of rumors link him to FSU right now because

it is easier to get in to FSU for JUCO Kids.  Jalen Catalon another one they’re talking about and really targeting, the safety from Mansfield. 


Catalon one of the premier safeties I’ve seen, and it would be special if they could get him.

Guys on campus who were from the early signing period, you already mentioned that, but you have eight from that period on the Hill already and you have

to add Drew Vest who is from Searcy, a preferred walk-on, good looking kid.


Yeah if you’re talking about how these linemen stack up offensively, he looks as good as any of them, and that was from the picture they took

when they revealed who was coming in.


Back to the emphasis on the line of scrimmage in the SEC.

Otis, good stuff, he is on Hogville, that’s it for now in our recruiting report, we have more on the pig trail right after this.