Hoop Hogs Give Back Helping Samaritan’s Feet Provide Shoes to Young Kids

FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. – For the fourth straight year the Arkansas Razorback men’s basketball team partnering with Samaritan’s Feet gave needy children in Fayetteville shoes to start the new year.

The annual event held at the Yvonne Richardson center provided over fifty children with a new pair of socks and shoes as well as getting their feet washed by the Razorbacks.

“I think it is the ultimate experience,” Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson said. “When you talk about humility, humbleness. I think when you serve others and what a way to do it. You literally are washing feet.”

Many of the Razorbacks have been in positions of those they served today saying it is very humbling to give back to those in need just like they were growing up.

“We’ve been in positions where we didn’t have anything,” sophomore forward Daniel Gafford said. 
“We’ve had to come to things like this where we could just get a simple pair of shoes. It teaches us things. It teaches us you know from their perspective hard work pays off.”

“Some of the kids had same shoes on from last year when I did it,” says junior forward Adrio Bailey. “So for this experience my third time it is a life changing experience for me. Because I used to be one of those kids that didn’t have shoes and stuff like that.”

For the Razorbacks involved it is always good to give back to those in need and using their platform as Arkansas Basketball players hopefully leaves an impact to those kids they served on Thursday afternoon.

“Giving them that gift and seeing the smiles on their faces put a smile on all of our faces,” freshman guard Isaiah Joe added. “It made us feel like we were really doing something. Just having them walk out with a new pair of shoes on their feet, smiling with their family it is just a great feeling.”

The Razorbacks will continue to be involved with the event says Arkansas head coach Mike Anderson.

“It is a great cause and it is one we will continue as long as I am here we will continue to do it.”