Arkansas hoping to Double the Haul on D-line at Mansfield Legacy

By Otis Kirk

Arkansas already has a commitment from Mansfield (Texas) Legacy defensive lineman Enoch Jackson, but they also want to add Taurean Carter. 

Carter is also a defensive lineman. The two and Legacy safety Jalen Catalon were all three at Arkansas for an official visit this weekend. Carter talked about the Arkansas visit.

“It was great, felt like home,” Carter said. “It was nice out here. It was pretty comfortable. I liked it.”

The big day coming up for Carter’s decision is Oct. 24. 

“Yes sir, in a couple of weeks,” Carter said.

How good will it be just to get it out of the way?

“A stress reliever major stress reliever to get everything knocked off my shoulders,” Carter said. 

Who is still in the running?

“Michigan State, Wisconsin and Arkansas,” Carter said. 

If you were to commit to Arkansas, why would you do it?

If you were to commit to Arkansas what would be some of the reasons?

“The coaching staff treats us like family,” Carter said. “They take care of us. The fact that they actually need us instead of wanting us. That’s a big part of the reason they need us and treat us like family. Anywhere I go want to feel like family. I want to feel like that could be my second dad other than my biological father.

Carter said his hosts were wide receiver Tobias Enlow and running back Rakeem Boyd. Jackson also had a good time during the visit.

“It was fun, great experience,” Jackson said. “Even the atmosphere at the game was fun. I really liked it.”

Did you talk to the uncommitted players?

“Trying to get them to join something special that we’re about to create,” Jackson said.

Jackson committed to Arkansas on Aug. 3. On Sunday, he talked about why he’s so high on the Razorbacks.

“I just like what Coach Chad Morris does with programs,” Jackson said. “Like what he did at Clemson. He kind of turned it around like he did at SMU. He helped those guys turn it around and now they’re doing pretty good and he’s going to do the same things at Arkansas. Especially with the recruit he has and the way he coaches. He just really cares. He actually loves you and it’s more than football.”

What are your goals as a freshman next fall?

“I know nothing is given to me so I know I have to work,” Jackson said. “I have to work my tail off and work everyday. If coach happens to throw me in there I’m going to make some shake. I’ve always been a playmaker. So if coach puts me in there I’m going to make a play.”

Jackson will get his cast off on Oct. 18.












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