Freshman offensive tackle already holds offer to Alabama, son of former Razorback

Joe T. Robinson freshman offensive tackle E’marion Harris already holds an offer to Alabama. But that won’t be the last one he receives by any stretch of the imagination.

Harris and the Senators are ranked No. 2 in 4A by Hooten’s Arkansas Football and finished 13-1 in 2017. However, they opened the season with No. 9 in 7A Springdale on Thursday night and fell 48-28. The Senators led 21-20 at the intermission, but Springdale wore them down in the second half. 

Following the game, Harris talked about the offer to the Tide.

“When I got the Alabama offer I didn’t think it was real,” Harris said. “My coach called me and said, ‘You just got offered by Alabama.’ I looked at my phone and was like, ‘You for real or you just playing?’ He hung up and called my brother.”

His brother is senior two-way tackle Elliott Harris Jr., who is a talented recruit himself. 

“He was like, ‘Bro, you just got offered by Alabama,'” E’marion Harris said. “I thought he was playing. He was then like, ‘Yeah Bro I’m proud of you. Good luck and I’m happy to play with you this year.'”

Has it helped watching your older brother go through the recruiting and what you’ll be looking for?

“Yeah,” Harris said. 

Has Arkansas had any contact of any kind at this time?

“No, not yet,” Harris said.

His father, Elliott Harris played at Arkansas from 2001-04. Has he talked to you about the recruiting process too?

“He was like if you get an offer or if the coaches are looking at you don’t get too big-headed because you’ve still got a long way to go,” Harris said. “I’ve still got four more years of high school because I’m just in the ninth grade.”

Is there any particular things you are working on now to try and get better?

“What I’m really trying to polish up is my speed,” Harris said. “My speed. I know when I get to college and now in high school I’m trying to get my speed up.”

Harris is just age 13. He will be 14 on Sept. 8. He is 6-foot-5, 298-pounds. 


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