RECRUITING: 2020 Class a Major Area of Focus in this Week’s Report from Richard Davenport


Drew Amman “Back on the Pig Trail and we’re visiting as always with our Recruiting Insider, Richard Davenport from Whole Hog Sports and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. RD lets begin with a basketball guy a lot of guys in this report play basketball. Chris Moore from the 2020 class has an offer from Arkansas. 6-6 from west Memphis and I understand this guy had national attention even before entering high school.” 


Richard Davenport “I’ll tell you what the thing I like about Chris is his effort. He gives 110, 120 percent. You hear that often but he’s a guy that truly gives maximum effort all the time. You combine that along with his skill set and I mean you’ve got something special. The things is he has an uncle that’s 7-3, he’s projected to grow another four  inches. If he gets to 6-8, 6-10 he’s a guy that can potentially score in double digits and get double digit rebounds in college.” 


Drew “That’s big time stuff there alright also from 2020, a guard, Gerald Doakes from Jacksonville. 6-2 offerd by the Hogs  and he has a complete game, is that right Richard?” 


Richard “That he does. He’s a true shooting guard. He’s probably got one of the quickest first steps I’ve seen. He reminds me of BJ Young, former Razorback. So explosive and very hard to defend. He can hit the outside jumper, go to the basket. He’s a guy that can really, is money when the game is on the line. He’s a guy that you’re probably going to see, wherever he goes to college, hit some game winning buckets.” 


Drew “Alright another one from 2020. Davonte Davis, also from Jacksonville, 6-4 handles the ball well. He can slash and score and can also flat out shoot it from the outside. I understand he’s really really high on the Razorbacks. 


Richard “He says Arkansas is defintiely one of his top schools. You figure that from an in state guy but like you said he’s a slasher, guy who can handle th ball extremely well. Definitely was very happy about getting the offer from Arkansas. All three of these guys play for the 16 and under Wood Elite team. They’re a trio thats played together for quite some time. Hey that may translate to college, we’ll see.” 


Drew “Let’s go up front, Jason Jitoboh. Class of 2019 from Chatanoogo Tennnessee. Jason has an offer from Arkansas has a really good feel for the game. We’re talking about a rim protector RD.” 


Drew “I saw him about two weeks ago. 6-11, 290 pounds. I’ll be honest with you, I think he may even be beyond 300. I mean he is a very big young man. Very thick. A guy that moves very well for his size. Definitely trying to lose some weight, firm up and he’s got a nice game. His upside is the most exciting thing about him. He has tremendous potential to really really elevate his game once he gets a little more weight off of him and continues to improve his game.’ 


Drew “Let’s switch to football. Class of 2019, Jack Buford, 6-5, 325 from St. Louis. He will make an official visit this weekend.” 


Richard “Yes he will and he’s a guy that Dustin Fry, the offensive line coach has worked hard to get in the ball with him. Getting that official visit is huge. He’s the nephew of Bobby Joe Evans, former Razorback. Has heard a lot of good things about Fayetteville and the University and the Arkansas fan base too. HE’s a guy to keep an eye on in the future. Definitely a priority for Arkansas.” 


Drew “Class of 2018, Christian Lofton from Pasadena. 6-5, 335, also will visit this weekend. Could arrive next winter as a midyear addition.” 


Richard “He’s an interesting story. Played defensive line until about midway last season. Then switched to offensive guard and now Arkansas and several other schools are on him late. May be too late for the other schools though. He comes from the same school as Arkansas defensive end signee, Dorian Gerald. Dorian has told him great things about Arkansas is very excited about coming to Fayetteville. HE doesn’t have an offer right now, but if he gets an offer in his visit and everything goes well this weekend, very likely he’ll be a Razorback.” 


Drew “Okay I want to give to 20 seconds here to close on the graphics used on social media by Arkansas football. I know that’s been a big thing you’ve talked about in the paper.” 


Richard “No doubt. You’ve got to give them a lot of credit for the graphics they send out. The kids love what Cody Vincent and  they do. It definitely gets the attention of the kids and it’s a great way to market their program.” 


Drew “Alright RD as always great insight there on recruiting. Richard Davenport from whole hog sports and the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. A sit down conversation with a program thats having one heck of a year. Arkansas women’s golf, Alyssa Orange has that story after this.” 


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