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[1] Welcome, all new Hogville posters!

[2] New to HV, Hog for life

[3] Old fan, new technology

[4] lifelong Hog fan/longtime lurker/newbie poster

[5] Long time lurker

[6] Finally decided to join

[7] Who is Stu?

[8] New guy, old fan

[9] Hammerdown on HV

Who is HogNTX?

Greetings from Fr Joseph

A quiet and humble entry into the gates of Hogville....

Hey there everyone!

Hi all!

Hello Everybody!!!

Long time first time!

Been reading a long time, finally joined the crazies.


First Time Poster, Long Time Reader

Razorback family in Decatur, Al

Long time reader, first time poster.

MOVED: Golinator

Hello from an undisclosed location in Central AR

Hello Fellow (And Lady) Hog Lovers

First post

New member

Hog Fan in Gator Country

Where to sit?

Woo pig: noob intro


Me Like Hogs

formerly known as mrs.whiskey

26 Years A Hog - Time To Insert Myself Into The Hogville

I am durock

New Member! Stationed @ Hill AFB Utah.


I am RazorWire

Back again

Baseball season is here!

And another long time reader, new poster

Howdy from Fort Worth

From depths unkown

Hello from the Frozen Tundra

Longtime Reader, New Poster



Howdy from Denver

New Member

long-time follower, new member

New member here

Just getting started

Started as a lurker, became a member, and finally starting to post...

sup yall!!

Greetings everyone

Long time listener/lurker, first time caller/poster.

Not a new member but first post


Greetings from a new Member

RacinRazorback is officially here!

Longtime reader new member!!

New Member!

Fearless Friday Poster

New Hog Family

Joining in..

New hogville member

First post, and my new gameday prayer...

WPS from Jonesboro

Hog in Ft Worth

Greetings Hogville Community

Just saying hi

Joining the Masses

Long time lurker, just signed up,

New poster!

Hey Razorback fans, new member here!

New to the forum

Long time fan. New to boards.

New and have a question


Former Lurker, Now Poster

Ready for next season

January 14th, 2007

WPS from Austin

Few weeks late

Hog in Memphis

Im so new...

Hog fan from Kansas intro

New-ish to HV

New guy, fan in Wyoming

A realistic hog fan

Good afternoon, all!


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