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 on: Today at 11:23:22 pm 
Started by EulessHog - Last post by JaketheSnake
Whatever....again.....this is just ignorance.....we saw Bert bash his kicker.....why would it shock you that he bashed his O-linemen too unless you're a die-hard supporter.....whatever.....you have the evidence..........
Evidence.  A snippet from an online blog. The blog that has one of the worst "writers" imaginable that is a completely Mud slinger.  Again, I'd like to see the presser For myself.

 on: Today at 11:22:58 pm 
Started by EulessHog - Last post by Roaringboar
"Roaringboar loves" to bash "CBB."
Quotes have always mattered... that's fairly elementary.

I guess so......but then again, you're still arguing for him despite the fact you now have evidence of two occasions where he bashed players.....so for someone who's always saying we should support the players.....seems ironic to be defending Bilemea.......just saying.....

 on: Today at 11:22:52 pm 
Started by HoginMemphis - Last post by HoginMemphis
The guy literally said the same thing in response to a thread I posted. If you’ve got an issue with me responding in kind, That’s a you issue. Hogville doesn’t impact my mental status in any way.
Poor snowflake.

 on: Today at 11:22:40 pm 
Started by hvsupastar - Last post by The Boar War
Ever been to a game at Bryant-Denny?  They don't have to pay the players to go to Bama.  That experience, alone, will cause you to commit.  It's other worldly. 

They may not have to.  But they do.

 on: Today at 11:22:27 pm 
Started by hvsupastar - Last post by 31to6
I've heard that the Dodge dealership is a very good recruiter for them as well.
Well, when you get a "4 years same as cash" loan it might influence your choice of school.

 on: Today at 11:22:24 pm 
Started by ThisTeetsTaken - Last post by greenEGnHAWGS
Here's his idiocy on full display....


Dig in......

Ha ha...I already read that when you were trying to prove that everything the OP of the other thread was a direct quote from CBB.

Funny enough, I think the most telling paragraph in that article is this one:

“The only regret I had was probably three years ago, four years ago, if I would have signed two more guys in each class,” Bielema said. “Just because the numbers we had used didn’t give us the depth we need now, especially when some guys early departed.”

Granted...he IS stating a regret as in...something that he did wrong...but hey, let's not let that one slip too far considering "he only blames others". I do wonder how the other mentioned 4* OLs are progressing? What are their strengths and weaknesses? From your observation and experience, which OLs that he simply claims arent progressing are underservingly being passed up on for playing time? Cuz lets talk CRAZY for a sec...what if he is telling the truth and he's telling things like they are?

I know. CBB is an idiot. I'm just a sunshine pumper worshiping my hero.

 on: Today at 11:21:51 pm 
Started by rhog1 - Last post by HoginMemphis
Smartest idiot I've ever known.

 on: Today at 11:21:01 pm 
Started by Richard Davenport - Last post by Richard Davenport

 on: Today at 11:20:35 pm 
Started by hawgon - Last post by Roaringboar
That is a lie.  This press conference was already discussed:


That right???? Because you sure were asking about "Did Bret really say this" "Where did that come from" "When did this happen" in another thread.............maybe there was a thread on it, but some people obviously haven't seen the article.......maybe we should keep looking at it to remind what our coach is actually worth.......

 on: Today at 11:18:03 pm 
Started by EulessHog - Last post by JaketheSnake
Actually the things that were his own opinion he left out of quotes, except the part in the middle he put an extra set on the end I think......WOW!!!!!! WHO WOULD'VE THOUGHT GRAMMAR MATTERED SO MUCH ON A FOOTBALL FORUM......THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!
"Roaringboar loves" to bash "CBB."
Quotes have always mattered... that's fairly elementary.

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