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 on: Today at 06:04:04 pm 
Started by Bogghawg - Last post by Pudgepork
Pearls show cause should have been a lifetime achievement award.   

 on: Today at 06:02:35 pm 
Started by Sanctified Swine - Last post by hobhog
You mean Nolan, right? Just checking. OP forgets Heath being let go after 2 consecutive NCAA appearances.

Btw- if Nolan had lost to ASU in NIT after 2nd year I'm thinking Frank would have fired him. He won in OT.

 on: Today at 06:01:01 pm 
Started by majp51 - Last post by HOGINTENNESSEE
Better to go out early in NCAAt than win the NIT

 on: Today at 05:55:28 pm 
Started by Sanctified Swine - Last post by jboler96

 on: Today at 05:55:05 pm 
Started by Sanctified Swine - Last post by jboler96
I'm really hoping we just have a better overall team next year. More scoring and quality bugs. With khalil,  and jalen the transfer and everyone on the roster improving I think the overall team may be better.  If gafford comes back

 on: Today at 05:53:26 pm 
Started by Sanctified Swine - Last post by jboler96

 on: Today at 05:53:11 pm 
Started by Sanctified Swine - Last post by jboler96
Yes ole miss did. It was with Marshall Henderson and this two really good big guys they had.

 on: Today at 05:52:15 pm 
Started by kingofdequeen - Last post by Wildhog
The Valspar and API both had higher ratings than three majors last year.


 on: Today at 05:50:56 pm 
Started by 010HogFan - Last post by jkstock04
I don't drink - as a personal choice.  I have no criticism of those who do, - - as long as they don't allow alcohol to take control of their motor functions and their attitudes to the detriment of others.  When I tasted beer for the first time - at age 20, while in the Army - I immediately thought that it was the most horrible-tasting, panther pi** derivative, gosh-awful brew it had ever been my misfortune to taste.  Those in my company at the time all said "You'll get used to the taste and grow to like it eventually". - - - - - - - ???????????  - - - - - Why in the world anyone would want to "get used to" such a foul-tasting concoction is beyond me.  I never took another sip of beer,- - seeing absolutely no point in managing to "get used to it".  But that's just me.  I'm not judging anyone else.
What does any of this have to do with Red Bull?

 on: Today at 05:49:00 pm 
Started by Lanny - Last post by OkieBack
Here's my thinking: I thought the team I saw in the PK80 tournament would make a deep run in the NCAA. I saw more talent on this team than any other team in recent memory. I thought they played well together. Then came Houston. WTH! We pick it back up. Then LSU at home. WTH? It was always in the back of my mind that we were capable of not showing up against any team, on any night.

Ditto.  PK80 team looked like gangbusters.  Consistency dropped way off shortly after that tourney.  The inconsistency is reflected in the missing parts.  If CMA hasn't gone out to get some better "parts" then the team will be right back here next year.  Or worse.  Whatever it takes to tighten the bolts...do it.  The only hope is the new players will be more fundamentally sound than the parting seniors.

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