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 on: Today at 01:04:24 am 
Started by userpick - Last post by Iwastherein1969
50+ white men are triggered everywhere
they must not be able to put a .30-06 shell in the ocean from 50 yards because El Tigre' has won more tournaments on the PGA tour than any other man in history...see, it's statements like the one's above who have this man all stirred up....  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x1XpzTjiMME

 on: Today at 01:04:09 am 
Started by jchill - Last post by bennyl08
Laser timed/verified numbers of his are 6'3 331, 5.31 laser timed forty (so probably listed as a 4.8 from his HS coaches...), 4.84 shuttle, 24.1 vertical, and a 40 powerball for an overall sparq rating of 92.67 which is fairly high.

Watching his tape, he is really quick. Also, he is much stronger than those he is going against.

He also makes a sick touchdown grab playing TE. The pass is thrown high, he catches the ball above his head one handed. He could contribute as a freshmen if needed, but will be much better with a year of college conditioning. He reminds me of Bijhon, but perhaps a bit more athletic. Both have amazing burst at the line and are big, strong guys. However, watching the DT play RB of all things, he has pretty loose hips as well.

 on: Today at 12:53:07 am 
Started by NotSoFastMyFriend - Last post by bennyl08
I guess you meant 4.58 right, kid is going to be a beast at the next level, you can rationalize all you want, but I believe we are going to miss out on a special player, and who knows if Noland ever plays a down for us before going MLB.

I swear I remember reading somewhere that he did indeed get those numbers, and went back to this thread so that I could find that again.

I mean, I remember reading that he did test a lot faster than I thought he would based on his tape, but I can't find it anywhere. My reply to your post originally also suggests that as I comment on him testing faster than he plays.

Do you remember where you got the 4.58 number? Because with recruiting season picking back up again, I'd like to see if that really is his number.

Of what I can find is


Where Bohanon rand a 4.75 at Arkansas' camp last summer. Presumably that was hand timed as well which are always a bit faster than the laser time, but again, that was a year and a half ago, so things could have changed since then. The other link is


his numbers from the elite 11 camp. If you go to hudl, this is where their verified numbers come from, but you'll notice he didn't compete in the forty time here.

Lastly, speaking of the elite 11,


Video of him near the top of the link where you get a short interview and tape of him throwing at the elite 11 camp.

Going to post a few thoughts on each kid from my notes here, starting with Gerry Bohanon. He's thickly built and it's easy top see why teams that run their QBs like him a lot. I can't imagine high schoolers trying to tackle him. The throwing part of playing QB has a ways to go, but he's got a chance. Interestingly, other recruiting analysts were wondering if all of the schools in his recently released top six would accept a commitment.
- Bud Elliot

Lastly, went back and watched Bohanon's senior highlights on hudl since I haven't actually watched anything of his since his junior year. My impression of him as a player is pretty much the same now as it was then. From the tape, I feel like the 4.75 is much closer to what he looks like on the field than the 4.58 (but again, if he tested somewhere official with a 4.58 and you can link it, please let me know). If it is in that 4.75 range, that is still pretty darn athletic for a qb. BA ran similarly, Aaron Rodgers ran similarly, Prescott, etc... So, that's the level of athleticism that I'd expect to see from him and his HS tape suggests that level to my eyes at least. His release is a bit slow. Or, more accurately, probably pretty average for a D1 level college qb. Just that in comparison to the Allen bros as well as Connor Noland, it is noticeably slower. Arm strength is a bit of a mystery. On one hand, he can flick it 40 yards down field with seemingly little effort. He doesn't need a hard plant of the feet, and the high effort you see of somebody at their throwing limit. Him with a clean pocket, feet set, and putting everything he has into it could probably go something like70 yards, just as a guess. That said, you don't see throws of his on a string either. Doesn't mean he can't do it, just that it doesn't show up on his highlights. His throws have lower lateral velocities compared to Noland and other strong armed qb's like a Mallet or a Newton. You don't see him rifle any passes in there. Again, not saying he can't, just that you don't see it in his tape. Given the distance he can get, certainly suggests he has the potential to rifle passes. So why doesn't he? This goes hand in hand with another critique. You don't see passes into tight windows or with a defender in his face. Like the lack of rifling, this isn't a criticism on Bohanon himself. Just another question mark. Not his fault if his receivers are wide open and his OL keeps him from having to stand tall and deliver a ball knowing he's going to take a shot. However, it begs the questions of can he rifle a ball between the LB and the safety into a 6" window to make the completion? I can't say he doesn't, but even from his highlights, I can't say that he can either. Can he Deliver an accurate ball knowing he's going to take one right on the chin, but stand in there and deliver it accurately anyways? Again, don't know. The times he did get pressure, the pressure was light enough and he was fast enough that he could scramble away and make a throw on the run, which as he admits in the video and I wholeheartedly agree with, he does throw on the run quite well. It's a good sign that he admires the likes of Rodgers and Watson. Early on, Watson was a running qb who could sometimes throw, but that version of Watson wasn't able to win any championships. As he matured, his rushing numbers dropped quite a bit his senior year as he became a pocket passer who could run if he needed to run with fewer designed runs. A qb who can run is like a rb who can can run a 4.3 forty. Sure, it's great to have that as an extra weapon, but it's a small piece of the puzzle. The RB who hits the right holes, doesn't fumble, doesn't dance around in the backfield, and doesn't lose yards trying to stretch the play outside rather than taking what's there and getting north-south is going to get more carries than the faster back who doesn't do those things. Similarly, the qb who accurately throws the ball, doesn't turn the ball over, and doesn't take as many sacks is going to get the start over the qb who doesn't do those things regardless of how good a runner they are. Gerry has a ways to go with passing the ball. If he's able to beat out Cole for the starter, then either Bohanon is going to be at least a heisman finalist before his career here is done, or Morris is going to struggle to last three years by playing a qb who can run but can't pass and limiting us to essentially being a triple option team.

 on: Today at 12:51:08 am 
Started by checkraiser88 - Last post by 31to6
Liberty or Texas bowl?

 on: Today at 12:49:57 am 
Started by gdumont - Last post by 4me2know
Not much there....
Kinda like your comment.
Just saying

 on: Today at 12:42:14 am 
Started by jchill - Last post by Knot2brite
Has anyone seen him play? Is he as good as Sosa was coming out of high school?
No he isn't...he can do a lot of things but he has to improve several things to be at that level as well. He runs well for a big man but he could be in better shape and be even faster.

 on: Today at 12:32:41 am 
Started by Tim Harris - Last post by greenie
We may lose another one...there's now a landslide of crystal ball picks for Noah Banks to Florida.  If we lose him and Luke Jones (to Notre Dame), we're going to really be behind the eight ball on OL recruiting.

 on: Today at 12:30:48 am 
Started by DuckTalesLOL - Last post by ThisGuy
FOS, nah, that's your persona. Jones said in his post visit interview, "that he is still committed, at this time", Flanagan will sign with OSU on Wednesday, I don't have any idea on where Bohanon is going. So, yeah, I'd be concerned.

Hopefully, I'm wrong, but as it appears today, that looks like the breakdown.
Man that sucks

 on: Today at 12:26:20 am 
Started by checkraiser88 - Last post by kp72204
Honestly I am fine with the wait. In general good DCs coach for teams with good defenses. Teams with good defenses go to bowls. We want a guy who can be a P5 DC. P5 schools tend to go to *good* bowls.

Therefore, if you want a good pool of DC candidates, you are probably hiring after all/most of the bowls are done.
Liberty or Texas bowl?

 on: Today at 12:22:46 am 
Started by Iwastherein1969 - Last post by greenie
Looking at his final 4 schools with the offers he has, something seems off.

Getting an offer from some schools doesn't mean you can commit.  Many schools keeps a string of recruits with "offers" in line, just in case, and these offers often happen very early.  Bohanon is likely an example of this with at least 2 schools from which he held offers.  He probably never had an opportunity to commit to either Alabama or Auburn, who both offered him last January.  The fact that he never took an official visit to either gives an indication as to how much they wanted him.  Maybe I'm wrong.  Maybe they both invited him on an official visit and he rather decided to take officials to Indiana and Memphis.  I find that hard to believe, however, and think he wasn't invited.

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