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[1] Hogville Twitter

[2] Eagles will win the SB

[3] The G.O.A.T.?

[4] Dallas Cowboys: 22 straight seasons of no Super Bowls or NFC championship games.

[5] NFL conference championship games—Jags-Pats, Viks-Eagles

[6] Patriots/Jags Game

[7] Amazing finish!

[8] Bills fan here...

[9] Brandon Allen Tonight

Gruden headed back to Oakland

Hey Grude

What is easier to understand: the NFL catch rule or rocket science?

Choke job Andy Reid strikes again.

So will the Browns be dumb?

Andy Reid

The Arkansas Raiders???

Dolphin fan since high school days

NFL Quarterback

Week 17 Schedule : Finally the NFL is learning

Bye Bye Jason

Ways to view nfl games??

49ers - Jimmy Garappolo

Steelers take Titans to the Pit of Misery with Dilly Dilly call

Bad injury in the MNF game


Coin Hamilton activated

Jerry Jones threatens to sue NFL

ESPN employee says players should strike

Jerry scared

Uncle Jerra & NFL

Packers Sign New QB After Karma Hits Rogers

NY Judge rules that Zeke must serve suspension

Alex Collins

Pro draft

POLL: Are You Boycotting the NFL?

Hogs in the NFL

Which 2 RBs would you rather take between Brown, Payton, Emmitt, or Sanders?


NFL board

Giants finished the game with 1 WR

Jones first thing he has done I like

Americans Publicly Burning NFL Tickets and NFL Gear


Chris Mortensen



Alex Collins is Emerging in Ravens Backfield...

Vicious hits

Thank You, Jerry Jones...

Mike Tomlin

Hogs lose, and now my Raiders get manhandled..

Dumb Lion coaches

Marvin Lewis_Bengals

Detroit vs NY Giants

Dumbest rule ever

Alex Collins

Jonathon Williams signed by Broncos for practice squad

Jonathan Williams Cut

Dan Skipper

Former Razorbacks Cut from NFL Rosters

Auction League, need players...

NFL Cut Day


Hogs in the NFL

Notable cuts in the NFL

Hogs in the NFL

Article on Brandon Allen


Brandon Allen is playing right now...

NFL Roster sizes

Goodell says we have to understand

Flacco hurt, Mallett to get reps

B. Allen

Dallas Cowboys 1996-2016 21 seasons of playoff futility.

Wow! New CTE study shows...

Rookie Debut's


Pats have four important contract extension decisions approaching

Cortez Kennedy has passed away at 48

Bears are stupid

So close...

NFL Factories

Legend in his own mind Jerry Jones

The Greatest College Football Player From Every State

Stats on Dallas's poor drafting

RIP Dan Rooney

Tony Romo with broken bone in back

Kenneth Dixon

Raiders Moving To Las Vegas from Oakland

Giants making some great moves


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