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 on: Today at 11:16:38 pm 
Started by RazorPiggie - Last post by Randohoggie
We need more profanity, if you ask me.  Studies have actually shown that the use of profanity is a sign of intelligence and honesty.  It's just words.  The taboo attached to some of them just needs to go away, which luckily is happening.  If I can get the point across with one F bomb, why waste my time doing something else?

 on: Today at 11:15:21 pm 
Started by Pigstie - Last post by Mjs84
I certainly don't know a thing for sure. However, perhaps it was just a matter of a "sophomore jinx", or more likely the fact that perhaps the young man gained a little too much weight between seasons and it hurt his overall performance. Whatever the reason(s) let's hope that the new staff and new off season regimen will help Devwah regain some of the freshman magic.

Fact: all Beilemas backs and lineman got slower each year under his watch

 on: Today at 11:11:44 pm 
Started by hobhog - Last post by texas tush hog
Coach A has earned himslef a lot of leeway when it comes to job security.  He has finally dug the Hogs out of the hole created by Stanley Heath and Pelphrey.  Folks don't realize how far we'd fallen.  We were a dumpster fire.  Coach A has taken us back to respectability.  And he was an integral part of the 94-95 Razorback teams that did the unimaginable.  Coach A is the man, and he'll get us back there soon.

As long as Mike puts butts in seats he will be here. Ya'll can just sit and simmer and burn. The people who buy tickets are the ones who determine his future and there are more of them than there are on Hogville. LOL

 on: Today at 11:09:11 pm 
Started by EconHawg - Last post by EconHawg
Today had a lot of positives to it.  Obviously Kjerstad's HRs jump out at you, but Loeske showed something that makes you believe he can be inserted for an out on the weekend. It also gave Rogers a chance to pitch in a non-con game, can't imagine having his first pitch come on a weekend. Bonin and Rutledge both got to knock some rust off and just face more college level batters. SPAL is right, if one of those guys has a clutch moment in SEC play down the road, you've gotta think that days like today helped build that.   

 on: Today at 10:53:18 pm 
Started by Ben - Last post by redeye

What happened in Starkville that year?

IIRC that game wasn't on TV, but some fans who were there say MSU missed the winning FG.  There's a youtube video and I think it looks good, though. 

Even though it wasn't on TV, this game decided the SEC West and losing to MSU meant we didn't get our rematch with Tennessee in the SECCG.


 on: Today at 10:52:49 pm 
Started by hobhog - Last post by Arkansas Traveler
Even if we had a losing season this year, I'm pretty confident Hunter Yurachek would not have made a move to change coaches. The reason has nothing to do with basketball and everything to do with a fundamental article of leadership. When a leader is new to an organization, he or she is best served to spend the first year listening and talking to people, learning the culture. The worst move a leader new to an organization can make is to walk in the door making moves before he even knows what moves need to be made. Barely three months into the job, Yurachek strikes me as much too savvy to fire a coach with Mikeís record at Arkansas and his connections.

On top of that, there is no way - no way - that Mike Anderson was ever going to be fired after taking us to three NCAA Tournaments in four years. With that in mind, I'll predict that no matter our won/loss record next year, Mike will still be here as our head coach for the 2019-20 season unless he chooses to retire. I don't see that happening for a few more years.

 on: Today at 10:48:19 pm 
Started by Ben - Last post by redeye
They fumbled going into the end zone in the first or second quarter, nobody signaled TD, refs huddled for a long time, said the call on the field was a TD, video review, upheld because evidence was "inconclusive."

Later in the game we had all the momentum on our side, but a controversial Broderick Green fumble was returned for a TD and the review was upheld.  It may not have been returned for a TD (memory is hazy after 8 years and I refuse to watch that game again), but either way, that killed our comeback.

Also, Mallett left the game with an injury because Nick Fairley horsecollared him.  There may be a loophole that made that no-call technically accurate, but you know the refs would have been scrambling to throw a flag, if Malcolm Sheppard had done the same to Newton.

Personally, I think Arkansas has been screwed a lot by refs in the SEC, but never more than during the Petrino years, and I doubt that's a coincidence.

 on: Today at 10:46:37 pm 
Started by john - Last post by WBOBO
Great day today. Missed getting Brian Anderson's autograph but he did start & played 3rd base until about the 6th inning for the Marlins. He looks good & has pretty good stats this spring. He might be one of the best Marlins' players this year. I was impressed with him

But other than the disappointment of not getting to yell Woo Pig to BA, we had a great day watching the Cardinals beat the Marlins. My 7 & 9 year-old boys got 3 baseballs total & 3 Cardinal autographs: Mgr. Mike Matheny, Adam Wainwright, & Matt Carpenter. This adds to the 3 balls we got at Yankees vs Tigers on Tuesday. My oldest got NYY Mgr. Aaron Boone  & Tyler Wade (Yankees' 2nd baseman) & my youngest got Aaron Boone & then James McCann to sign after the game.

Tomorrow, we're on to Sarasota to see the Red Sox play the Orioles. I bet u can guess who we're chasing after tomorrow. That Beni-something guy. We've got seats not far from the Bosox dugout so maybe we'll get lucky. Gonna try to get our Hog Hats signed. Last I saw, Jalen Beeks was with the Sox also. We will try to get him too if he's still with them. Either way, we want to let those guys
know that there are some Razorbacks in the crowd that are still pulling for them to be successful as pros.

Thanks for the comments guys. 2 games down, 3 to go on our 2018 Spring  Training Odyssey. I'll keep reporting good news if we have some

Ask Beni-Biceps  if he ever comes back to Arkansas.  I have a Red Sox jersey I was hoping to get autographed by him at Fenway but it was raining and they did not take BP that day so that was ruined.  It has the #40 from his Rookie season on it and I don't know when I'll get the chance again to see him at a game.

 on: Today at 10:40:19 pm 
Started by sir-pigs-a-lot - Last post by Arkansas Traveler
I will echo this, and even add one more layer to it.

I have zero tolerance when it comes to posters not respecting how EI is run. Iím also not going to spend much time trying to give posters the benefit of the doubt. So, if one of our mods sends me a PM that a poster is causing a problem, the result will be an automatic and immediate ban. Because bans are not forum-specific, it will apply to all our forums.

And it will not be short-term.

 on: Today at 10:37:48 pm 
Started by Sanctified Swine - Last post by Kevin
I'm sorry, but Pel was constantly suspending players (seemed like it was weekly), kicking players out of the program, players were leaving or trying to (he actually had players who tried to quit DURING games) ... those were guys he recruited and brought through his revolving door of toxicity. Forget about his woeful record on the court, an internal review of the program after his 4th season led to his ouster ... and yes, the program was under APR trouble that began with Heath but continued under Pel ... the class that came in was not as good as advertised ... neither HM (Top 100) nor KM (Top 40) lived up to his recruiting ranking (both were overrated), and BJY (5*) was a talented one-trick pony who was not coachable and blew out after 2 seasons. MP wrecked his knee in game 2 of CMA's 1st season, came back the following year but was always a challenge to get to play hard, especially on D.

Because of APR, CMA couldn't just turnover the roster. Sanchez, Waithe, Wade, Scott, Nobles, and Haydar (walk-on) were your veterans, and BJY, KM, HM, and Abrons were your rookies. Pel not only left the cupboard bare, he turned the program inside-out with all the bad characters he brought in and ran off before leaving the next coach the gift of a dumpster fire.

Funny the twist and turns to suooort Anderson. Re write history if you need to no problem

The apr was heath's. None of the seniors pel inherited graduated. They were on the books for four years.

Pel signed everyone on hogville said he had to sign in that class the year he got fired. Now that class was not that good.

Pel did a lot of wrong things. And the program was toxic. But let's not re write history.

Fact is Anderson has been coaching in a league that has been awful most of his time here. He could not get close to win the league.

We are 7 years in. He just had a team of 6 seniors and tied for fourth. Made no sec tournament or NCAA tournament run. Now next year, because of his roster mismanagement we will be young and probably not an NCAA team.

Like I said the bar just keeps getting lowered to accommodate this average coach

Texas a&m is in the sweet sixteen. Texas freakin a&m.  But we are not suppose to expect that at Arkansas for an7 years head coach

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