• #1 by HawgWild on 30 Jan 2017
  • Got a friend retiring to the woods in Perry County. There is no Internet service, cabled or DSL, where she lives. She doesn't have a smart phone. Friends are telling her to get a tablet with a cell plan. She hates tablets. We've talked about lap tops and desk tops and using a hot spot. A problem with this is that the phone companies don't offer unlimited data plans with hot spots. (I'm thinking the constant Windows updates will use up plenty of data.)

    Got a simple solution on what to do? We can't get too complex. Needs to be user friendly for a novice. Anyone have any experience with HughesNet?

  • #2 by riccoar on 31 Jan 2017
  • No experience with HughesNet.  I use a Cantenna from Verizon as I also have no Cable or DSL.  With my cantenna they have 3 monthly levels:

    10 GB $60.00
    20 GB $90.00
    30 GB $120.00

    I use the 20 GB level.  Just keep up with usage and not too bad.
  • #3 by HawgWild on 31 Jan 2017
  • riccoar - Cantenna is one of those hot spots, right? Do you have to have a contract to get it or can you do this month to month?

    Thanks for the response.
  • #4 by riccoar on 31 Jan 2017
  • No, I have a jetpack or hot spot as well provided by my work.  The cantenna is attached outside the house.  It's a cylinder antenna attached to the house and connected to a router inside.
  • #5 by tophawg19 on 31 Jan 2017
  • sounds similar to dish or direct?
  • #6 by riccoar on 31 Jan 2017
  • I think Direct is the Hughesnet deal.  I've never used it.  Hughes is via satellite and the Verizon cantenna is using actual cellular data.
  • #7 by HawgWild on 31 Jan 2017
  • Interesting. It looks something like a signal booster. What type of download speed are you getting with this?

    I searched for "cantenna" on Verizon & AT&T and came up empty. Was this bought elsewhere?
  • #8 by riccoar on 01 Feb 2017
  • #9 by riccoar on 06 Mar 2017
  • Just an FYI, I upgraded phones recently. I was on a cell plan using 50 GB's and then also the 20 GB plan for my LTE home internet.  Switched to the Unlimited Plan on Verizon.  Not only are all 6 phones unlimited, but the home LTE internet is as well.  Should lower my cell bill a chunk.