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 on: Today at 10:39:20 am 
Started by OneTuskOverTheLine™ - Last post by tophawg19
what happened to tomhog

 on: Today at 10:30:56 am 
Started by PlanoHog - Last post by woodrow hog call
I throw out Animal House, Blazing Saddles, and Caddyshack quotes to my kids, and they think I've lost it.

My boss and some women were looking for a box opener at work the other day and I had to bite my tongue to keep from saying "excuse me while I whip this out" as I was reaching for my lock blade, not sure they would have been able to fully appreciate it.

 on: Today at 10:27:05 am 
Started by WizardofhOgZ - Last post by Seebs
Rice tried to predict the future once -
As originally built, Rice Stadium seated 70,000, the second-largest stadium in the Southwest Conference (behind the Cotton Bowl). Rice Stadium was built before professional football came to Houston, and 70,000 fans might be expected to attend a college football game there. However, Rice found it increasingly difficult from the 1960s onward to compete against larger schools. In 2006, the end zones seats were covered with tarps, reducing seating capacity to 47,000. However, in the event of larger-than-expected crowds, it can easily be expanded to its full capacity, which is larger than the total number of Rice's living alumni. The average attendance for Rice football games in Rice Stadium was 13,353 in 2007.[7] For the 2008 season, average home attendance was 20,179.[8] During the 2009 season, average home attendance dipped once again to 13,552 per game.[9] However, for the 2012 season it was 20,325.[10]

 on: Today at 10:16:36 am 
Started by BigBrandonAllenFan - Last post by BigBrandonAllenFan
Appears that crude oil is attempting to bottom. This low $50 area has been the major support for the year; and while it's possible the price could have an "under cut" low, I would think no worse than $48-$49 would do it on the down side. Having said that, absent some sort of unexpected geo-political crisis involving the Middle East, it's also unlikely that crude would see a spike back into the upper $50s to around $60 anytime this year.

What we might have to see in order for energy prices to move higher on a sustained basis is for some of the excess inventory to be worked off. The only way that's probably going to happen is for either demand to soar, not very likely, or for some of the marginal shale producers (primarily responsible for the huge glut we're experiencing) to close their doors and reduce supply.

I think you are likely right on with this analysis, V8.

I had looked for oil to go up a little this summer, but it went the other way so far.  That's OK.  A rebound is usually a given in the oil market.  Just a matter of patience.

 on: Today at 10:14:14 am 
Started by BigBrandonAllenFan - Last post by BigBrandonAllenFan
Looks like you're 50% invested in one sector. Good luck.

Yes I am.  Thank you.  I may need some luck.

 on: Today at 10:11:42 am 
Started by WizardofhOgZ - Last post by parallaxpig
With ticket prices as high as they are now, there would have to be some serious market correction to bring people back to the games. 

I graduated college when interest rates to buy a home were 12-18%.  Job market was really tough and stood in line to buy gas. History almost always repeats itself and this economy we have been living in for past 20 some odd years want last forever. That market correction you spoke of could happen.

 on: Today at 10:11:16 am 
Started by Hogfan991 - Last post by PorkRinds
I'll be fine if he and his traitor brother never step foot in a University of Arkansas sports facility ever again. Unless they buy a ticket. 

 on: Today at 10:08:43 am 
Started by bythelake - Last post by PorkRinds
Even the biggest idiots can be useful at times. I have just proven this to be true.

 on: Today at 10:08:09 am 
Started by Hogfan991 - Last post by Pork Twain
Roots are I'd say moreso about the people there as it is a geographic place. You saying you go back to visit family is proof of that.Our Daughter in Law is from Japan yet she has no desire to live back there but she also has strong feelings about it and has and knows her "roots" are there. It's to the point that her kids are going to an international Japanese/Asian/English school in California in order to learn their roots as a culture as well as what she teaches them at home. They also go back to japan for a month every summer to visit and a few other times as well. Heck that's one reason why they have decided not to move closer to us in TN. I bet MM doesn't think OR care about the adults at all or he wouldn't say or do some of the things he's said and done.
The post you were replying to that I in turn replied to, said he would never be able to go back to his roots.  I was just following up on your comment.  Based on the definitions of roots by the last two posts in this thread, which I happen to agree with, his roots are exactly as they were before he chose Kentucky and Arkansas fans became butt hurt.

Had a chance to be mature and move on. He didn't. He's about to be a millionaire, but he'll never be able to buy back his roots.
He'll understand one day.

False...  His roots are as they were.

 on: Today at 10:03:22 am 
Started by sowmonella - Last post by PorkRinds
Coach will be up late changing diapers. Good luck Coach.

Coach will do what most people with his kind of money do. Hire a nanny to be up that late changing diapers.

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