• #1 by PorkSoda on 12 Dec 2016
  • anyone check this out yet?

    the pre-release for ps4 just came out, the official release is in the spring I think. 

    it has split screen local and online multiplayer on dedicated servers.

    Its almost minecraftish starting out because you start with nothing and have to craft a pick axe, then other tools, on up to shelters and beyond.

    its very  challenging though.  first few times I spawned in I was immediately eaten by a dinosaur.  playing split screen or with a tribe definitely helps.  eventually you can tame and ride dinos which is cool.  so far seems like there is a lot of potential in this game even though there is essentially no storyline besides waking up on a planet populated with dinosaurs and seeing how long you can survive.
  • #2 by PorkSoda on 12 Dec 2016
  • if anyone plays this, I'd definitely be interested in starting up a tribe/clan.
  • #3 by thebignasty on 12 Dec 2016
  • Don't eat darn.

    I played some on pc. It's fairly fun but it was super glitchy.
  • #4 by PorkSoda on 13 Dec 2016
  • I've run into a few problems, but I've been surprised how stable it is for a pre-release version on PS4.

    for a game with no real story, its been fun making your own story.  I've been playing split screen with my son.  we built a small base, then last night built a raft, traveled up the shore line for a while to a new area, where we tamed a couple of new dinos we hadn't seen.

    loaded them on the raft to take them back to our main base, about half way back we got attacked by a Giant Crocodile which knocked me and both our dinos, off the raft.  luckily I was able to escape to shore but the dinos werent so lucky.  I almost saved one while it was busy eating the other, but it found us before I could get it back to the raft. 

    tonights mission will be to find and kill the crocosaurus or whatever it is.   REVENGE!
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  • Is this going to be on Xbox or just PS?
  • #6 by PorkSoda on 15 Dec 2016
  • Is this going to be on Xbox or just PS?
    both I believe.  its not out on disk form yet, but you can download it from the appropriate console store.

    the nice thing is that it comes with all current/future DLC / Content releases for free. 

    there are currently 3 playable areas

    The Ark
    The Center
    Scorched Earth

    Its definitely more fun playing with others.  Soloing is possible, but harder.  its best to spawn in easy areas to start, but don't get frustrated if you die in the first 10 seconds because you spawned next to a T-rex.  just find a different spawn area, preferably one inhabited by herbivores

    there are LFG (looking for group) sites as well if you don't know anyone that plays.

    you can host local games or play online with dedicated servers.  just remember what server you are using in order to keep your progress.

  • #7 by sage_dragoon on 17 Dec 2016
  • I've had this on PC for maybe a year now via Steam. Got like 1500 hours on it...very fun and addicting. Haven't bought the expansion though. Heck, haven't played it in months either.
  • #8 by PorkSoda on 19 Dec 2016
  • ugh, had a couple raptors and a few Dilos (spitters) tamed and headed off on and adventure to explore the surrounding area.  entered a swamp biome and figured it wouldn't be too hard to cross...that is until night fell.  spent the night stuck in the same place fighting off titanoboas and giant crocodiles but survived with no casualties.   I was feeling pretty good, but figured I should head back to base and regroup when dawn struck.  I looked behind me to see a few giant leeches coming out of the water.  started killing them, but they kept coming,  pretty soon I was being swarmed by 30+ leeches.  they were latching on to me and my dinos sucking our health and one by one we all died. 

    after fighting for my life against giant dinos all night it was fricken leeches that finally took me down. 

    Lesson of the day, stay out of swamps, especially at night.  and if you see leeches, run.
  • #9 by PorkSoda on 07 Feb 2017

    just wanted to update this thread to show that it looks like they are working on cross platforming with PS4 to PC based servers through steam.  and Xbox through Windows10

  • #10 by PorkSoda on 20 Jul 2017
  • Is anyone playing Ark on PS4?

    there is a new DLC coming out soon, so I'll be looking for a new server, and wouldn't mind hooking up with some other hogfans to form a tribe.
  • #11 by PorkSoda on 03 Oct 2017
  • Can't believe how addicted I am to this game. 

    if anyone is interested in building a Hog fan tribe, I could get things started.

  • #12 by sage_dragoon on 11 Nov 2017
  • I play on PC. Just started up a single player game again.
  • #13 by PorkSoda on 13 Nov 2017
  • nice, my laptop is too dang slow to play it on PC, but PC has a lot  more options regarding mods and what not.