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Author Topic: Has Bielema's shortcomings been more on the coordinators rather than him?  (Read 1928 times)

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The Kig

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While I get that the wins haven't piled up as fast as ANY of us want, the only area where I feel he has fallen short has been in game management.  Bama on their heels in Tuscaloosa (I was there and Bama fans were genuinely worried), Missouri and VA Tech...probably more, but those just stick out.  -1 Bielema

Chaney was a mistake, but one that at least 3 SEC schools have done.  Ash may have turned out Ok in time, but I understand why he left for OSU.  Enos is a homerun and someone will eventually steal him, maybe even at the end of this year.  Smith was a complete shocker. Sure he had NFL talent at Rutgers and his first year here, but it was like watching a grandparent with Alzheimers forget where their keys are or what kind of car they even drive. 

Chaney was nudged out and we got Enos.  +2 Bielema

Ash left, Smith looked like a solid hire came in and stunk up the joint. His replacement is hired a year before he is shown the door. No worse than +1 Bielema and will be +2 if Rhoads turns the D around. 

Net positive and 2 years to go to either flop or hit his stride. 


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A better question might be... has the coordinators shortcomings been more on Bielema rather than on them?

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The next 24 months will tell us which it is.
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