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  •  Shelby Mast‏ @BracketWAG 17h17 hours ago

    Not much going on today, so I finally put out a way-too-early bracket for next season, name calling is permitted, enjoy the laugh.

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  • Battle of the brackets. Now we need to sticky this topic and update as more brackets come out.
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  • We're already in the mix... we don't have to go 12-1 OOC to get noticed... Great start for ncaat implications as well, early exposure makes it easier, opposed to having/needing long winning streaks and/or a gaudy record, to get noticed at all.... as we've seen and been in, so many years past...

    With a decent OOC , we could make the T25 at some point.. that alone allows 22 wins to be your magic number instead of the 23/24 we were looking at last year...
  • #5 by Jackrabbit Hog on 28 Apr 2017
  • I'm curious whether either of these crack prognosticators factored in the Macon/Barfield situation at all.  Are they projecting us as an in/out bubble team with those two or without them?