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  • I know we are over a week out but some of the betting services have come out with week 1 lines and I could't help but start to think of plays.

    Week 1
    Utah St (+22) at Auburn
    Even Aubbie can't screw this up but 22 points is huge when you lost your entire offense to the NFL, not to mention Farley is gone on D.  Their D was never stout, their O is now questionable at best.  They will win but not by more than 3 TD's.  I'm thinking of us against ULM a couple of years ago. (although I try not to)
    Aggies - 14
    Plainsmen - 31

    Oregon (-1) at LSU (Jerry World)
    With a cloud of uncertainty looming over the Tigers, I'm taking this line early.  Who knows, having JJ on the sidelines may be just what the Dr ordered to improve the Tiger O.  I'm not sold on them keeping up with Oregon.  They are fast, and play faster.  LSU won't be able to score fast enough to keep up, even when they stop them.
    Oregon - 24
    LSU - 17

    Miami at Maryland(+5.5)
    Just released that Miami has ruled the 8 players in question of the Shipiro scandal ineligible and no time frame was given as to when they would be able to play again. Gotta go with the Terps.  I'll admit, Maryland was awful last year and this year will start out with some help from the NCAA and Mr Shipiro.

    Miami - 21
    Maryland - 24 

    Hogville does not condone betting nor should the advice or suggestions be viewed as fact or even persuasive.  Only bet what you can afford to lose.
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  • Never too early!  Where's zark?
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  • It is minute by minute with LSU.
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  • Utah St. no longer has value at 22
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  • If Jefferson is out, along with any other starters, my bodog account will be emptied on Oregon
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  • I would suspect when the line goes back up it will be -3 or -4 for Oregon.

    On another note Memphis is terrible.
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  • Yea, we had a sports investing thread yesterday.