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  • Pitino looking like the pimp that he is today in his all white suit.
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  • Jody Demling ‏@jdemling  38m38 minutes ago
    Here’s the white suit. Derby outfit? @ESPNDanaOneil

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  • Eric Crawford ‏@ericcrawford 13h13 hours ago

    CRAWFORD | Katina Powell’s attorney, Larry Wilder, responds to some of Rick Pitino’s Friday comments

    Matt Jones ‏@KySportsRadio 5h5 hours ago

    The UL student who sued Katina Powell for devaluing her degree, Kyle Hornback, was named Miss Kentucky last night

    Her platform?
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  •  Jody Demling ‏@jdemling 1h1 hour ago

    U of L press conference with President Ramsey, Tom Jurich and Rick Pitino at 1:30 p.m. to "to deliver an important message to the community"
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  • Eric Crawford ‏@ericcrawford 13m13 minutes ago

    Louisville president James Ramsey said he made the decision to withhold the team from the 2016 NCAA Tournament and ACC Tournament.

    Pitino: “This was not a team that wasn’t going to make the tournament. . . . It is substantial. It comes as a complete shock to me."

    Pitino: “We will play the last nine games of the season as if they’re the last nine games we will ever play."

    Smrt: “The institution hasn’t taken a position on the classification” of violations. But he has determined #UofL is in violation.

    Smrt: “To this day, neither coach Pitino, nor Tom, know the specifics of the investigations."
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  • Jon Solomon

    The postseason ban Final Four is almost set. Rick Pitino, Jim Boeheim and Larry Brown have all gotten postseason bans in the past year.
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  • Matt Jones ‏@KySportsRadio 1h1 hour ago

    You bury bad news on the Friday before the Super Bowl. Hence the announcement today
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  •  Jody Demling ‏@jdemling 39m39 minutes ago

    Rick Pitino: “I’m a soldier in this army. I got that Kentucky team through it. I will get these kids through it."

    Two things after watching this unfold: 1. There was a lot of tension on that stage. 2. There's a massive leak in the President's Office.
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  • Dan Dakich ‏@dandakich 2h2 hours ago

    Louisville Post Season Ban..what happened to Pitino"s claim of innocence "we've got signed affidavits"?
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  • Tim Sullivan ‏@TimSullivan714 13h13 hours ago

    New column: #Louisville's self-imposed sanctions may signal more bad news.

    The trick Louisville President James Ramsey is attempting is to cop a plea that shows contrition but not surrender, to fall on his sword, but only far enough for a flesh wound.

    In announcing a one-year postseason basketball ban Friday afternoon, Ramsey sent the message that the infractions committed at U of L are serious, but not so serious as to warrant multi-year sanctions. Though the self-imposed penalties met with widespread astonishment, some anger and coach Rick Pitino’s hyperbolic claim that they were “as harsh as anything I have ever seen in college basketball,” they were designed as damage control and might be the best of a set of bad options.

    Assuming that there is at least some substance to Katina Powell’s claims of supplying strippers and prostitutes to enhance U of L’s recruiting efforts – an assumption Pitino shares --NCAA sanctions were inevitable. Though starting the penalty now makes victims of players who never participated in Powell’s parties, it could conceivably limit the length of her shadow on Pitino’s program...
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  • Matt Jones ‏@KySportsRadio 20h20 hours ago

    Katina Powell will be a guest in studio on Tuesday's KSR Radio

    For people asking "why would you have Katina Powell on?"...quite simple. She is the KEY figure in biggest scandal in Ky sports in 30 years
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  • Matt Jones ‏@KySportsRadio 20h20 hours ago

    Katina Powell will be a guest in studio on Tuesday's KSR Radio

    For people asking "why would you have Katina Powell on?"...quite simple. She is the KEY figure in biggest scandal in Ky sports in 30 years

    Matt Jones ‏@KySportsRadio 12m12 minutes ago

    For security reasons, the bosses have decided we will have tomorrow's Katina Powell interview at an undisclosed location away from studio

    From Louisville.
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  • Any chance this spills over to football program? Hard to imagine football players were not aware of this arrangement. BP has to be worried.....
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  • Any chance this spills over to football program? Hard to imagine football players were not aware of this arrangement. BP has to be worried.....

    naaaaaaaaa...... BP was just worried as to where he goes to get his share of that action......
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  • Adam Zagoria ‏@AdamZagoria 34m34 minutes ago Manhattan, NY

    Rick Pitino: "In the end I think I'll be totally vindicated"

    Pitino on retirement: "I hope that time doesn't come for a long time. It's not gonna be because of this instance."

    Pitino also said that if Louisville AD Tom Jurich "thought for one second" that Pitino knew anything about the allegations, "I would've been gone a long time ago."

    Pitino didn't really break any new ground in the interview but asserted once again that former Louisville staffer Andre McGee acted alone and that he urged McGee to come forward and tell the truth about the alleged sex parties for players and recruits orchestrated by Katina Powell in Billy Minardi Hall.

    Pitino reiterated he had one phone exchange with McGee after the news broke, and also sent McGee a text.

    "I'll always love you but I want you to do one thing, just tell the truth," Pitino told McGee. "Because there's a criminal investigation going on right now, he can't tell the truth right now."

    Pitino said he had several nephews who lived in Billy Minardi Hall and they were unaware of the alleged sex parties.

    "At the time I had three nephews that lived in that dormitory," he said. "...Right away I went to them and I said, 'Did you ever see anything that went on in that dormitory?' and they said, 'Uncle Rick, if we saw anything we could come to you right away.'"

    Pitino said he saw the dorm, built in honor of his late brother-in-law Minardi, who was killed in the 9/11 attacks, as a "sanctuary."
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  • Tyler Thompson ‏@MrsTylerKSR 2h2 hours ago

    Miss Katina Powell’s interview on KSR? Here’s what happened (with AUDIO):

    Katina Powell just wrapped up her interview with Matt on KSR, and it’s all anyone in the Commonwealth can talk about today.
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  • Adam Zagoria ‏@AdamZagoria 34m34 minutes ago Manhattan, NY

    Rick Pitino: "In the end I think I'll be totally vindicated"

    Pitino on retirement: "I hope that time doesn't come for a long time. It's not gonna be because of this instance."

    He knows this because Jeff Long isn't his AD....
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  • He knows this because Jeff Long isn't his AD....

    Pitino won't be at Louisville next way no how.
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  • Eric Crawford ‏@ericcrawford Feb 9

    Here’s the question and full answer from Pitino about his future on Mike & Mike this morning

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  • Adam Zagoria ‏@AdamZagoria 10h10 hours ago Manhattan, NY

    Louisville target Micah Thomas on what Rick Pitino told his mom on the recent visit

    Micah Thomas, an uncommitted 6-8 senior forward from Huntington Prep, is focusing on two schools -- Maryland and Louisville -- and plans to announce in April.

    Thomas said head coach Rick Pitino spoke to his mother about the potential sanctions and the NCAA investigation triggered by the sex scandal dating to events from 2010-14.

    "When we went on my visit, my mom hadn't even asked the question yet and then coach Pitino told her the situation so I liked that part of it," Thomas said. "He told us the situation. He said he was going to try to fight it. He couldn't do anything about that, it wasn't his fault."

    Arkansas was also involved, but they seem out of the mix.

    "We've been talking pretty close but they kind of stopped talking to me a little bit," he said.
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  • Eric Crawford ‏@ericcrawford 19h19 hours ago

    CRAWFORD | Pitino blogs about Lewis’ postgame complaints, loss to Notre Dame 

    Rick Pitino called graduate transfer Trey Lewis' comments last night about playing time and substitution pattern "the wrong forum," but in a blog post at noted that all his players have been "Louisville First" all season and will make mistakes.

    It was a wise response to a player who finds himself in a frustrating situation after learning of surprise self-imposed postseason ban a week earlier, and who has said nothing but the right things in public since then.

    After playing 25 minutes in Louisville's 71-66 loss to Notre Dame, Lewis was quoted in this column by Rick Bozich as saying to reporters: “It’s hard to play with a leash. That’s tough. You’re constantly looking over your shoulder, wondering if you’re being taken out. That’s tough as a player. But other than that, you have to find a way to mentally get over those things.”
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  • With the UofL Cards on the road at Pittsburgh, the Panther students weren’t going to let them off the hook as easily as other opponents have throughout the season.

    Ro_yo-Boat via Reddit

    The students’ shenanigans started by throwing fake Rick Pitino-faced dollar bills into the air when his name was announced before tip-off.

    They also supplied a cheer sheet:

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  • Eric Crawford ‏@ericcrawford  2h2 hours ago
    Rick Pitino shouting at fans in the stands right now.

    Final: Miami 73, #Louisville 65.

    Michael Carvell ‏@Carvell_AJC  1h1 hour ago
    Report: Louisville coach Rick Pitino gets testy with fans at Miami
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    "I'll ask myself after the season if Louisville is a better place with Rick Pitino as coach, and if the answer is yes, I'll do what I've done for 15 years and come back and fight for a championship, and that's what I plan on doing," the embattled coach told Ian O'Connor in this column. "But if the time comes that I feel Louisville is better off without me, I'm without ego now. I'd recommend this job to everybody. The town is great, the AD is off-the-charts fantastic and loyal, and I have a super team coming back. But if I think Louisville will be better off without me, anything's possible."

    He added: "I don't think I can live a day without coaching; it's in my blood."

    The Hall of Fame coach has 10 years and a reported $50 million left on his contract at Louisville...

    "Fortunately I'm innocent of all wrongdoing, I run a clean program, and I go overboard on being compliant," he told O'Connor. "And unfortunately this happened because of a young man who I gave a break to every step along the way in life. That being said, I can understand anybody's opinion when it first broke that, how could nobody know? How it happened I'll never know, but it's a part of my life and something I have to live with. When all is said and done, everybody will see how I run a program."

    Pitino, 63, has been linked to the UNLV job and has also expressed interest in returning to the NBA...
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  • Jay Mohr ("Jerry Maguire", SNL), “Rick Pitino Has Lost His Freaking Mind!”

    His season is coming to an end, he’s handing out championship rings, his boss might lose his job and he’s talking about whether he’s still going to keep his own.

    “Jimmy [Valvano] said that NCAA investigation [at NC State] broke down his immune system,” Pitino recalled. “I told people that I was so saddened by what happened here, that I wasn’t sleeping, that it had taken a big toll on me. … But I said, ‘I’m not going to let this thing get me sick,’ and it hasn’t gotten me sick.”

    Mohr became outraged to think that Rick would try to invoke sympathy by playing a “Jimmy V” card.  Valvano was dying of cancer.  Rick’s players were having hooker parties.

    Mohr’s monologue (podcast available via link above) that includes a few clever jokes too, like:

        “You knew something was amiss at Louisville when Rick Pitino started wearing that all-white suit on the sidelines like he wanted to be the next comedian to be Colonel Sanders.”

    Getty Images
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  • David Scott ‏@ESPNprDScott Mar 11

    Details from @JohnBarrESPN on what to expect on Sunday's @OTLonESPN follow-up to Louisville scandal story.

    Barr and OTL revisit the Louisville scandal with a new interview with Powell and other developments in the case (Sunday OTL, ESPN, 9 a.m. ET; ESPN2, 10 a.m.). Andy Katz hosts and guests will include Barr,’s Dana O’Neill and Louisville Courier-Journal columnist Tim Sullivan.

    “After several conversations with a source source close to the NCAA investigation, we realized that we could report new information about what NCAA investigators know about what happened at Louisville,” said Barr, who returned to Louisville this week with producer Caitlin Stanco. “This is information that did not come from Powell or her attorney. According to yet another source we spoke with, a person who has knowledge of the NCAA enforcement process, that new information from a source close to the investigation is sufficient to make the case a ‘slam dunk’.”

    Louisville has self-imposed sanctions that will keep them from postseason competition this year.
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  • John Barr ESPN ‏@JohnBarrESPN 52m52 minutes ago

    Three former Louisville basketball recruits told NCAA investigators they attended stripper parties & had sex at them

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. -- At least three former University of Louisville men's basketball recruits have confirmed to NCAA investigators that they attended parties inside an on-campus dorm where strippers danced for them and prostitutes were paid to have sex with them, a source close to the NCAA investigation told Outside the Lines.

    The source said the three former Louisville recruits met with NCAA investigators in October and November. Chuck "Buy a Vowel" Smrt, the person hired by the University of Louisville to monitor the progress of the NCAA's investigation, also attended those meetings.

    "There's no question this stuff happened," the source said. "There's no question the people at the University of Louisville know this happened. Katina Powell is not an admirable person, but she told the truth."

    A person familiar with the NCAA enforcement process told Outside the Lines that, based on the statements from the three players to the NCAA, the Louisville program might have violated NCAA rules on impermissible benefits to players and/or shown a lack of institutional control. "If you've got three [recruits], that's a slam dunk" to put together a case, the source said. "That's the enforcement staff's dream."

    Both sources spoke to Outside the Lines on the condition of anonymity...

    In October, five former University of Louisville basketball players and recruits told Outside the Lines that they attended the recruiting parties. One former recruit, who went on to play at Louisville, said that he had sex with a dancer after McGee paid her.

    Another recruit, who ultimately signed to play elsewhere (LSU?), said of the parties: "I knew they weren't college girls. It was crazy. It was like I was in a strip club."
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  • Eric Crawford ‏@ericcrawford  2h2 hours ago
    Tim Sullivan to OTL: “I have more confidence at this point that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone than Andre McGee."
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  • John Barr ESPN ‏@JohnBarrESPN  57m57 minutes ago
    OTL source: 3 former Louisville recruits confirmed to NCAA they were given stacks of money $200-$500 in ones. 
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  • Bill Simmons ‏@BillSimmons 2h2 hours ago

    "Hey Rick - you presided over an escort scandal that got your school banned from the tournament and you didn't quit. Who are your sleepers?

    "Hey Rick, you've had two damaging scandals at Louisville and you refuse to step down - what's it like to coach against your son?"
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  • Jon Rothstein ‏@JonRothstein 15h15 hours ago

    Louisville has promoted assistant Kenny Johnson to Associate Head Coach, per release.
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  •  jay greeson ‏@jgreesontfp Mar 13

    jay greeson Retweeted Nicole Auerbach

    In other news, the NCAA quiet about Louisville's hookers and UNC's academic fraud. Bracket leaks though are crisis.
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  • Not Jerry Tipton ‏@NotJerryTipton 14h14 hours ago

    Last month, Rick Pitino said he's boycotting the NCAA Tournament. Today, he said he's been "totally immersed" in it.

    Because Rick Pitino.
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  • Jody Demling ‏@jdemling 16h16 hours ago

    Updated story/video: Louisville announces more self-imposed penalties for basketball program. @ScoutMedia

    Louisville announced additional self-imposed sanctions for the men's basketball program via a statement from school president James Ramsey

    Following its decision to self-impose a one-year ban on post season play due to the ongoing investigation in the basketball program, the school has added to its self-imposed penalties.

    Per the official release, the penalties will include:

        Reducing by two the number of scholarships awarded in men’s basketball, (one in 2017-18, and one in 2018-19).
        Reducing recruiting opportunities immediately in men’s basketball (days coaching staff may recruit) by 30 (approximately a 24% reduction); and
        Reducing official visits in men’s basketball by two (one in 2016-17, and one in 2017-18).

    Richard Pitino

    6:56 PM - 6 Apr 2016
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  • rickbozich ‏@rickbozich Apr 7

    BOZICH | Louisville sanctions protect 2017 season, but 3 critical questions remain

    Louisville is kind of sorry about the scandal that has surrounded the basketball program for the last six months – even though the school is not using that word.
    Sorry enough that Rick Pitino will not continue as the Cardinals’ basketball coach?
    No, not that sorry.
    Sorry enough that the school has decided to self-impose additional penalties of uncertain significance on the basketball program over the next three years?
    Yes, that sorry, although I’d argue that the hits the school said it would start taking this month are modest obstacles the program can quickly navigate and overcome.
    Know this: Until the NCAA says so, there’s no reason to take the Cardinals out of your Top 10 for next season. The school appears determined to protect that team.

    Nothing U of L announced Wednesday diminishes the optimism around the 2017 team. See Syracuse Final Four Run of 2016 for details.
    The school has advised the NCAA that it will eliminate 30 off-campus recruiting opportunities, two on-campus official visits and two basketball scholarships over the next three years.
    That’s 34 self-imposed penalties in addition to the self-imposed withdrawal from the Atlantic Coast Conference and NCAA Tournaments that the program took in February.
    That’s the question everybody has wanted answered since early October when Katina Powell published her book – “Breaking Cardinal Rules” – that alleges she provided strippers and prostitutes for parties at the U of L basketball dorm from 2010-14.
    How much of Powell’s story is true?
    It’s still too soon to say. U of L does not admit to any specific NCAA violations in the statement the university released at 1:30 p.m. Wednesday. The announcement was merely the latest inexorable bump in the story line.
    Eventually we’ll see the official letter of allegations from the NCAA, followed by the university’s response to those allegations, followed by a hearing with the NCAA Infractions Committee, followed by the penalties the committee chooses to assess.
    Know this: The more the university chooses to penalize itself, the more credible Powell’s story about a representative of the basketball program (allegedly former director of operations Andre McGee) paying for sex and strippers becomes.
    Rick Pitino coached a team that defeated two teams that played in the 2016 NCAA Final Four. Self-imposing a post-season ban on the program this season was a harsher hit for the players, coaches and fan base than what U of L said it was adding to the penalty Wednesday.
    Reputations were stained by the post-season hit. Dreams were dismissed. Achievements were denied. March was a dreary month around here.
    The Damion Lee/Trey Lewis team was a team that was likely to join the six other ACC teams in the Sweet Sixteen – and possibly join the Syracuse and North Carolina team the Cards defeated in the Final Four.
    That one stung – and will continue to sting.
    The cut in 30 off-campus recruiting opportunities by the coaching staff? Pitino, assistant Kenny Johnson and the rest of the staff can overcome that. Recruiting is their specialty.
    The critical stuff remains unchanged:
    Will Rick Pitino continue as the Louisville coach? Will the NCAA add another year to the post-season ban? Is the Cardinals’ 2013 NCAA championship banner in jeopardy?
    Too soon to say – until we see the official notice of allegations
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  • Not Jerry Tipton ‏@NotJerryTipton 23h23 hours ago

    Pretty soon, it will be raining Harriet Tubmans up in Minardi Hall.
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  • (Reads thread title) "Phrasing"
  • #89 by Rzbakfromwaybak on 22 Apr 2016

  • Next announcement from the U of L:

    "We have informed the NCAA of another of our self imposed penalties.  There will be no more paid escorts, or paid for sex parties with basketball recruits, family members or friends, for the next 6 months.  Any future parties of this nature, will be conducted off campus, & not on property owned or operated by the University."   ;)
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  • Matt Jones ‏@KySportsRadio 12m12 minutes ago

    Stupid Lawsuit filed against Katina Powell filed by UL students dismissed
  • #91 by jbcarol on 17 Jun 2016

    Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin dropped a Friday bombshell in the Bluegrass, saying University of Louisville president James Ramsey has offered to resign. Bevin also said he plans to dissolve the school’s board of trustees and restructure it with 10 at-large members (instead of 17) appointed by him.

    Ramsey made a decision this past February that was unpopular with the public to ban the men’s basketball team from the postseason after learning that NCAA violations had occurred related to Katina Powell’s allegations that she provided sex and strippers to Louisville men’s basketball players and recruits from 2010 to ’14. Some on the board questioned whether Pitino should have been suspended, others questioned the move to self-impose a ban. Ramsey told WDRB he thought his actions were appropriate, and would be judged that way by the university committee when all the facts are known.
    On the whole, bad press for athletics has been rare during Ramsey’s entire tenure. The school dealt with a scandal involving Rick Pitino in 2009 when an extramarital encounter and subsequent extortion attempt against him blew up publicly. And there was some bad press when it was decided to hire Bobby Petrino back after his own scandal at Arkansas.
    But those were minor irritants when compared to major questions the board had with Ramsey on questions over compensation, spending, communication and transparency. Too many times, board members said they felt blindsided by news, to the point where questions over votes of confidence were starting to become routine. Once that starts happening, the end is near.
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    (Audio available at link)

    John Calipari created quite the stir when he took some not-so-subtle jabs at Rick Pitino and Louisville for the sex scandal. While Cal didn’t mention Pitino or the school by name, anyone who can read between the lines knew what he was talking about.

    “All I can tell you is this: if it happens on your campus and it happens with your assistants and those people, you probably have a good idea what is going on,” Calipari told Mike Lupica last week. “All I can say is most coaches have an idea if it happened on their campus.”

    Terry Meiners had Pitino on his show, and asked him about Cal’s comments. As Rick often does, he tried to make it come off like he was taking the high road by dismissing the comments, but then went on a seven minute rant about them.

    “You know, Terry, whether it’s Duke last month or whether it’s now us this month, these type of comments — you know, we’re here to build up the image of college basketball, not tear people down,” Pitino said. “I know my coach when I was playing didn’t know anything that was going on with my teammates on campus. Unless somebody was getting into trouble with the law, he didn’t know what was going on.”

    “The one thing I don’t do is, I don’t live in a glass house and I don’t throw stones. We have a rule in the ACC amongst coaches, unless you’re praising each other and building each other up, keep it to yourself and mind your own business,” Pitino continued. “I don’t want to comment on what anybody says unless it’s upbeat and positive because I don’t live in a glass house.”

    Terry pressed Pitino on the topic, asking him if he was offended by Calipari’s comments given his history at Kentucky. Pitino insisted that he’s only interested in helping other programs, not “throwing stones.”

    “All I’m going to do is praise people, and I’ve said that about Kentucky. They do a great job with what they do, Duke does a great job, North Carolina, Kansas. All these people do a fabulous job at what they do. So, the only thing I’m interested in is taking care of my program and that’s it. Unless I’m helping my neighbor, yeah, I’m not throwing any stones.”

    When asked if he’s looking for an apology from Calipari, Pitino said he might question him about it if their paths cross this summer.

    “It’s just like the Duke thing last month. He says that’s not what he means. I don’t have time to find out what he meant or didn’t mean. If our paths cross this summer, I’ll question him on it. Outside of that, look, he — I take care of press conferences when I have to do them, I feel like it’s an obligation. I’m not looking to be in the press.”

    What is it that Calipari says? When you throw a rock into a pack of dogs, the one that yelps is the one you hit?
  • #93 by jbcarol on 22 Jun 2016

    Lupica doesn’t think it was a shot at Pitino at all. He insists he was asking a generic question of what coaches should and shouldn’t know, and Cal responded with a general answer.

    “I didn’t think he was taking a shot at Rick Pitino,” Lupica said. “At North Carolina, they thought it was about Roy Williams. At Syracuse, they thought it was about Boeheim. So on that level, I guess it was a good question.”

    Lupica went on to say, “I don’t think he thought he was amping up this feud between him and Pitino. He was answering a question.”
  • #94 by Inhogswetrust on 22 Jun 2016
  • Ironic Cal would say coaches have a good idea what is going on yet he denied knowing anything at UMass and Memphis............................
  • #95 by jbcarol on 13 Aug 2016
  • #96 by jbcarol on 20 Oct 2016

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A year-long investigation into the University of Louisville men’s basketball program after a former Louisville escort alleged that she provided strippers and prostitutes for recruits and players has resulted in four alleged Level I violations -- the most serious the NCAA can levy -- including two against former administrative staffer Andre McGee and one against head coach Rick Pitino for failure to demonstrate that he monitored McGee, though the notice does not allege that Pitino had any knowledge of the violations.

    The program escaped, however, the most severe allegations -- charges of a lack of institutional control and failure to monitor the program. The university says in a statement that it will dispute the charge against Pitino, which could include an NCAA suspension and/or a show-cause penalty if upheld.

    The NCAA alleges that McGee, a former graduate assistant coach and director of basketball operations, provided impermissible benefits "in the form of adult entertainment, sex acts and/or cash at Billy Minardi Hall . . . or hotels to at least 17 then men's basketball prospective and/or current student-athletes, two then nonscholastic men's basketball coaches and one then men's basketball prospective student-athletes's friend. The value of the impermissible inducements, offers and/or extra benefits was at least $5,400."

    In all, the document details 14 strip shows, 11 sex acts and two declined sex acts.

    The NCAA, along with U of L representatives, conducted more than 90 interviews with current and former players and recruits, parents, coaches and others involved in the case. The Notice of Allegations was delivered to the school on Monday. U of L released the document Thursday morning, and is expected to hold a news conference later today.

    In a statement, acting president Neville Pinto and athletic director Tom Jurich said: "As parent and university leaders who care about every student who comes to the University of Louisville, we are heartbroken that inappropriate behavior took place here. It saddens us tremendously. We promised that if something was done wrong, we would be open about it, acknowledge it and correct it. . . . From the start, the NCAA Enforcement Staff had our full cooperation. Its staff and our investigators spoke to numerous Louisville employees and third parties, and the university produced every document requested by the NCAA. We are disappointed that former Director of Basketball Operations Andre McGee did not cooperate. These allegations underscore why it was appropriate for the university to self-impose strict penalties on our basketball program earlier this year."

    The statement also notes that the notice aligns with the results of the university's inquiry. It further points out that, "The NOA does not contain an allegation that Coach Pitino had knowledge of what took place in the dormitory. The NCAA does not allege a 'lack of institutional control' at Louisville, a very severe allegation. The NCAA does not allege that there was a 'failure to monitor' against the institution, also a severe allegation. The NCAA does not allege that Coach Pitino 'failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance,' a serious allegation. The NOA does contain a narrower allegation -- which we will dispute -- that Coach Pitino failed to demonstrate that he monitored McGee. We believe that McGee acted furtively and note that the NOA does not indicate that any other university employee besides Mr. McGee had knowledge of these activities. We are confident in Coach Pitino and we know he is and always has been committed to NCAA compliance. The entire episode is a deep disappointment to all of us who love this university."

    A Notice of Allegations is roughly akin to a complaint in a civil court proceeding. The allegations in the U of L’s notice are the result of interviews, several meetings with Powell and her attorneys, examination of her journals and records, and the examination of many records provided by U of L. They largely represent a collaborative effort between the NCAA, the school and its consultant, former NCAA enforcement staffer Chuck Smrt, president of The Compliance Group, a Kansas City-based firm that assists universities with NCAA issues.

    The school released a redacted version of the notice this morning, and expects to hold a news conference today., with athletic director Tom Jurich, acting president Pinto and university consultant Chuck Smrt expected to be in attendance.

    The allegations stemmed from claims by former Louisville escort Katina Powell that she provided strippers and prostitutes to men’s basketball players and recruits from 2010 to 2014.

    Any penalties U of L receives would be in addition to those already self-imposed by the school, which include the postseason ban enacted last Feb. 5 and scholarship reductions and recruiting restrictions put into place on April 6, including the loss of two scholarships, 30 recruiting days and two official visits over the next two seasons.

    The major questions still remaining, whether the school may have to vacate victories or even its 2013 NCAA championship, and whether Pitino could be subject to suspension, remain unresolved by the receipt of this notice.

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    NCAA NOA with portions redacted is available via link.
  • #98 by DeltaBoy on 20 Oct 2016
  • Sad if the hogs had even thought of doing this they would be destroyed by the NCAA.
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  • Adam Zagoria ‏@AdamZagoria 2h2 hours ago Manhattan, NY

    "WE made a mistake, we're paying for our mistakes and we're going to move forward in a positive way." Rick Pitino on ESPN

    Rick Pitino says on ESPN if he had to do it over again, he would take 1 scholarship away this year and 1 next, not 2 this year.