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  • SEC Network @SECNetwork  ·  40m 40 minutes ago
    #SEC in the #CFP25:
    1. @AlabamaFTBL
    4. @HailStateFB
    9. @FootballUGA
    15. @FootballAU
    17. @MizzouFootball
    19. @OleMissFB
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  • sports @aldotcomSports  ·  11 hours ago

    College Football Playoff rankings reaction: How are early wins, losses valued? |

    This week, Jeff Long raised the issue of how wins against highly ranked teams earlier in the season, like Mississippi State's victories over Texas A&M and LSU in late September and early October, are viewed now that those opponents are no longer ranked.

    Jon Solomon @JonSolomonCBS

    Long said he doesn't necessarily agree that Va Tech over Ohio St was a bad loss for Buckeyes.
    7:42 PM - 25 Nov 2014

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  • Chris Low @ClowESPN  ·  1 hour ago

    We're all dissecting the committee's rankings, but what we're forgetting is that there are always upsets these last 2 weeks that clear it up
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  • It means a big paycheck for all the teams in the conference.
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  • They should.  If Miss St. beats Ole Miss, nobody will jump them.
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  • You guys don't think things could work.out so that Big 12 had two, Baylor and TCU?
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  • They should.  If Miss St. beats Ole Miss, nobody will jump them.

    Florida will open up a spot after they slap FSU around.
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  • You guys don't think things could work.out so that Big 12 had two, Baylor and TCU?
    Absolutely no way...none...nil....nada.
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  • Each program gets over $20 million per year for simply being in the SEC due to TV contracts.  They are going to be ok.

    If the Hogs dont make it, i dont care if any of the others make it
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  • Marc Weiszer @marcweiszer  ·  5 hours ago
    Georgia won't play in SEC title game. Missouri clinches SEC East, beats Arkansas 21-14. UGA chances to make 4-team playoff probably done.
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  • Jerry Palm @jppalmCBS  ·  16 hours ago
    Freaky Friday flips conference races, possible spots in CFP committee bowl games

    Arizona will now face Oregon for the Pac-12 title. The Wildcats handed the Ducks their only loss earlier in the season. If Oregon wins this time, it's possible no other Pac-12 team will play in a College Football Playoff Selection Committee game.

    In the SEC, Missouri came from behind to beat Arkansas and win the SEC East for the second year in a row. The Tigers will enter next week's SEC championship game without a win over a team in the committee's top 25. Because of that, there isn't a scenario that puts the Tigers into the playoff even with a win next week. However, if enough other things happen (Auburn and Ole Miss winning this week for starters), Missouri winning the SEC could take the league out of the playoff entirely...
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  • Clay Travis @ClayTravisBGID  ·  53 minutes ago
    Remember the argument that a playoff would kill the regular season? So many great games on right now I can't even keep up.
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  • Heather Dinich @CFBHeather  ·  31 minutes ago
    The @CFBPlayoff committee members will arrive in Dallas on Friday and watch the conference title games together before final ranking reveal.
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  • Danny Kanell @dannykanell  ·  2 hours ago

    Contrary to what people may think I want Bama IN the @CFBPlayoff would love to see them vs ORE or FSU ..epic matchups would be great for CFB
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  • CFB Playoff @CFBPlayoff  ·  12 minutes ago
    Read the press release for the sixth #CFP25 here:

    CFB Playoff @CFBPlayoff  ·  17 minutes ago
    Full College Football Playoff top 25 rankings for games played through Nov. 29 here:

    1. Alabama
    2. Oregon
    3. TCU
    4. Florida State

    5. Ohio State
    6. Baylor

    7. Arizona
    8. Michigan State
    9. Kansas State
    10. Mississippi State

    11. Georgia Tech
    12. Mississippi
    13. Wisconsin
    14. Georgia
    15. UCLA

    16. Missouri
    17. Arizona State
    18. Clemson
    19. Auburn
    20. Oklahoma

    21. Louisville
    22. Boise State
    23. Utah
    24. LSU
    25. Southern California
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  • Brett McMurphy @McMurphyESPN  ·  1 hour ago
    Projected @CFBPlayoff lines via @LVSuperBook: Bama -11.5 vs FSU; Oregon -2.5 vs TCU h/t @DavidPurdum
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  • ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  15 hours ago

    Playoff breakdown: If the games were today

    Here’s what New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day could look like, based on today’s rankings:

    Dec. 31

    12:30 p.m. ET – Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl: No. 10 Mississippi State vs. No. 9 Kansas State

    4 p.m. ET – VIZIO Fiesta Bowl: No. 7 Arizona vs. No. 22 Boise State

    8 p.m. ET – Capital One Orange Bowl: No. 11 Georgia Tech vs. No. 8 Michigan State

    Jan. 1

    12:30 p.m. ET – Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic: No. 5 Ohio State vs. No. 6 Baylor

    5 p.m. ET – Rose Bowl Game Presented by Northwestern Mutual: No. 2 Oregon vs. No. 3 TCU

    8:30 p.m. ET – Allstate Sugar Bowl: No. 1 Alabama vs. No. 4 Florida State
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  • With one week to play no one is a lock to make the College Football Playoff

    At this stage of the season, one loss will be enough to ruin any team’s playoff hopes.
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  • ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  34 minutes ago

    Mizzou win would likely shut SEC out of playoff
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  • ESPN SEC @ESPN_SEC  ·  34 minutes ago

    Mizzou win would likely shut SEC out of playoff
    SEC will make sure Mo does not win if that's the case. However I don't think Bama will need any help against Mo.
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  • sports @aldotcomSports  ·  1 hour ago
    5 Saturday games to watch that have College Football Playoff implications |

    1. Iowa State at TCU, 11 a.m., ABC (espn3)
    This game is interesting mostly in an "anything can happen" sort of way, as the Horned Frogs ought to CRUSH the 2-9 Cyclones. If so, TCU would almost certainly hang onto its No. 3 spot in the rankings, despite the now-infamous head-to-head loss to Baylor on Oct. 11.

    Should TCU lose or even win in less-than-impressive fashion, the Horned Frogs could be leapt...

    2. Alabama vs. Missouri, 3 p.m., CBS (CBS Sports live stream)

    The Crimson Tide fan base and the SEC office alike are rooting for an Alabama blowout here...

    3. Kansas State at Baylor, 6:45 p.m., ESPN (Watch ESPN)

    The other half of the Big 12 cluster...

    4. Florida State vs. Georgia Tech, 7 p.m., ABC (espn3)

    The weekly "this is the game Florida State finally loses" watch is now up to 12

    5. Ohio State vs. Wisconsin, 7:15 p.m., Fox (Fox Sports Go)...
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  • Kirk Herbstreit @KirkHerbstreit  ·  49 minutes ago
    Whelp...This one is over....         I've got Bama at 1 and Oregon at 2 heading into tonight's 3 games. See what happens.
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  • sports @aldotcomSports  ·  1 hour ago
    When is the College Football Playoff Selection Show? Where to watch, live stream as bowl pairings are announced |

    The inaugural College Football Playoff pairings will be announced beginning at 11:30 a.m. Central on Sunday.

    The four-team playoff field will be announced at 11:45 a.m. live on ESPN. The teams will face off in semifinal games at the Sugar Bowl and Rose Bowl on Jan. 1, with the winners playing for the national championship Jan. 12 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

    Live stream for the Playoff Selection Show is available via Watch ESPN.
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  • Matt Hayes @Matt_HayesSN  ·  10 hours ago
    Briles: “This is America. If you and I race and you beat me, you’re better than me.” #SicEm
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  • Ryan McGee @ESPNMcGee  ·  9 hours ago
    Exclusive photo from inside @CFBPlayoff Selection Central.

    Is that Alvarez?
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  • Todd Fuhrman @ToddFuhrman  ·  10 hours ago
    If the name of the game is selling tickets and "marquee" games somehow we'll end up with OSU vs Oregon in Rose & FSU vs Bama in Sugar #fifa
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  •  SEC Network retweeted
     ESPN CollegeFootball @ESPNCFB  ·  31 minutes ago
    1 hour until the #CFBPlayoff Top 4 are revealed on ESPN! 

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  • Ryan McGee @ESPNMcGee  ·  9 hours ago
    Exclusive photo from inside @CFBPlayoff Selection Central.

    Is that Alvarez?

    Actual authorized look in:

    CFB Playoff @CFBPlayoff  ·  2 hours ago
    Selection Committee reconvenes this morning for final #CFP25. #SelectionDay is here!

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  • ESPN Heather:  White smoke rising from the committee room. Their work is done.
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  • ESPN CollegeFootball @ESPNCFB  ·  1 minute ago
    Who's in? Lets do this...the #CFBPlayoff Selection Show is now LIVE on ESPN!
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  • Jerry Palm @jppalmCBS  ·  57 minutes ago
    The committee has spoken. How it got to the top 4

    "With the championship game, Ohio State demonstrated that they were a total team. They did overcome replacing two quarterbacks, and that's a tremendous statement about the quality of their team. With a conference championship in the Big Ten, with a win over the Western Division champion, Wisconsin, it was decisive for Ohio State to move into that fourth spot," explained committee chair and Arkansas athletic director Jeff Long.

    In regards to Baylor and TCU, which respectively finished at No. 5 and No. 6 in the final rankings, Long said the Big 12 gave the committee both teams as co-champions, a fact that was weighed and evaluated.

    In the end though, it was Ohio State that earned itself the final spot over both teams. Long said Alabama, Oregon and Florida State were all “clear-cut” at 1-3, with Ohio State easily grabbing the last spot.

    Ultimately, Baylor over TCU was also decided by one factor. “It came down, with TCU and Baylor, that debate of strength of schedule versus head-to-head. In this case, head-to-head was the deciding factor between Baylor and TCU.”

    No. 1 Alabama and No. 4 Ohio State will meet in the Sugar Bowl on Thursday, Jan. 1 at 8:30 p.m. Earlier that day at 5 p.m., No. 2 Oregon and No. 3 Florida State will square off in the Rose Bowl...
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  • College Football Playoff Final Rankings

    1. Bama
    7. Mississippi State
    9. Ole Miss
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  • CFB Playoff @CFBPlayoff  ·  1 minute ago

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  • CFB Playoff @CFBPlayoff  ·  4 hours ago

    Here's a first look at the inaugural College Football Playoff National Championship ring, created by @Jostens

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  • Bruce Feldman @BruceFeldmanCFB  ·  22 hours ago

    Jeff Long: The #OhioState brand had nothing to do with them being selected as the No. 4 team in the Playoff.
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  • Jon Solomon @JonSolomonCBS  ·  22 hours ago

    Long's joking advice on whoever's the next playoff chairman: "Don't do it."
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  • Only member of the selection committee coaching a bowl game?

    Maybe he can coach 2015 season also RT @KirkHerbstreit: Barry Alvarez will coach Badgers in @OutbackBowl vs Auburn
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  • sports @aldotcomSports  ·  1 minute ago
    SEC to receive projected $87.5 million payout from College Football Playoff bowls |
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  • Matt Hayes @Matt_HayesSN  ·  19 hours ago

    Guessing Sugar Bowl is not. "@darrenrovell: Tickets for Rose Bowl now selling below face (when you include fees).
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  • CFB Playoff @CFBPlayoff  ·  4 hours ago

    Statement from Bill Hancock on Oliver Luck:

    “Oliver has brought a great perspective to the selection committee, and we will miss him.  He was a valued member whose views were wise and always thoughtful.  We wish him well and know that he will be successful in his new position.  We’re glad he will remain in the college athletics family. We will name a replacement by this spring; there’s no rush now, of course.  It terms of process, the Big 12 conference will nominate a replacement, and the management committee will review the nomination and make the final decision.”

    West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck is joining the NCAA as the executive vice president of regulatory affairs and will report directly to NCAA president Mark Emmert, it was announced Wednesday.

    "This is a time of fundamental change in intercollegiate athletics that will set the foundation for the years ahead," Luck, 54, said in a statement. "The challenges both internal and external to the NCAA present a unique opportunity to help shape the landscape for hundreds of thousands of young men and women. It is an honor to join President Emmert, the NCAA staff, and our member institutions in this journey."
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  • Dan Wolken @DanWolken  ·  Dec 20
    I’m yet to hear anyone, including Jeff Long, explain why academics would be impacted if you started an 8-team playoff this week.
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  • CFB Playoff @CFBPlayoff  ·  Dec 18
    Tickets still available for the #CFBPlayoff Semifinal at the @rosebowlgame:  @WinTheDay @FSU_Football
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  • Florida State hasn’t sold out its allotment of tickets for the Rose Bowl

    “In a regular Rose Bowl we’re a contractual sellout,” said Rose Bowl chief administrative officer Kevin Ash told Mandel. “It’s the first time we’ve ever had to create a public sale, to go out and market tickets and sell tickets in the public sector … whereas the typical Rose Bowl, our partners took up two-thirds of the stadium.”

    Because of the new regulations in the College Football Playoff era, where schools demanded bowls drop their ticket guarantees from 17,500 to 12,500 after schools routinely took a bath in unsold tickets, the Rose Bowl has 40,000 tickets to sell on the open market this year – a stark contrast to a year ago when Michigan State brought 60,000 fans on its own to Pasadena. Relatedly, tickets are going for below face value on

    If the Rose Bowl is on your bucket list, you may never have a better opportunity. Well, at least until the next time the semifinals come to Pasadena.

    This is the other side of why the college playoff has four rather than eight teams.

    Will the committee be pressured to pick the schools that "travel well" when it's a close call? 
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  • Kate Hairopoulos @khairopoulos  ·  2 hours ago
    Baylor's Phil Bennett wants R.C. Slocum on CFP committee. Big 12 commish Bowlsby says O. Luck's replacement likely to be a sitting Big 12 AD
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  • Clay Travis @ClayTravisBGID  ·  5 hours ago
    Notre Dame beat an 8-4 LSU team by three. By next season media will act like they beat the Patriots by 35. Just wait.

    Honestly, I think the playoff committee may need to call an emergency meeting and get Notre Dame in this year. Outrage they were left out.
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  • Barry Alvarez becomes the first member of the playoff selection committee to coach in a New Year's Day bowl game.
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  • sports @aldotcomSports  ·  58 minutes ago
    Barry Alvarez says his win over #Auburn will be his last as a head coach
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  • Grant Traylor @GrantTraylor  ·  2 minutes ago
    I would really love to see Oregon & TCU. Just imagine the speed of that game. #wishlistfor2015
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  • Jeff Long @jefflongUA  ·  8 hours ago

    “@tdfuturefrog18: @jefflongUA looking back, should TCU been in top 4?” Don't have luxury of knowing what we know now ...then
  • #100 by jbcarol on 03 Jan 2015
  • The committee did a good job in hindsight.  You cannot leave out an undefeated, returning champion in Florida State and count on them to lose to Ole Miss.