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  • Horrible matchups for the hogs
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  • Cleaner with less detail
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  • I just have a hard time seeing how SC finishes 3-6, has a worse overall record than we do, getting beat by us a their place, go one and out in the SECT yet they get the higher seed. 
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  • Those girls from Mount St. Mary's won't know what to do with themselves in New Orleans. 
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  • Amazing that five SEC teams made the tournament.
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  • When are game times announced?
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  •  ESPN Stats & Info‏Verified account @ESPNStatsInfo 55m55 minutes ago

    With Syracuse out, Mike Krzyzewski passes Jim Boeheim for most NCAA tourney appearances as coach (33)
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  • Jerry Pelphrey's alma mater
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  •  ESPN Stats & Info‏Verified account @ESPNStatsInfo 52m52 minutes ago

    Maryland has won at least one NCAA Tournament game in each of last 12 appearances. Last time Maryland made it and failed to win one-1997.
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    Scheduled game times and network in bracket format via link
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  • So the Hogs will get Brian Anderson for their play-by-play Friday.

    He's a good announcer -- works the Brewers' TV games up here.
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  • CBS: Six seeds the NCAA Tournament committee got wrong

    Wichita State, a 30-4 nightmare of a basketball team... a 10 seed.

    Minnesota (5 seed): The Golden Gophers get swept by Wisconsin, lose their second Big Ten tournament game, go 24-9 against a sub-par non-conference schedule and wind up with a better seed than...

    Wisconsin (8 seed): Tell me how on earth Wisconsin gets dropped this much further from Minnesota --

    South Carolina (7 seed): Did nothing to validate getting this high.

    Vanderbilt (9 seed): The Commodores set a record by becoming the first team with 15 losses to get into the field. I have zero issue with their inclusion. But a team with 15 losses should never be a single-digit seed. Cannot justify it. LOSSES HAVE TO MATTER. 

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  • Quote
    NEW YORK -- Wichita State was the most discussed team during the bracketing procedure this week, ultimately being a No. 10 seed because the Missouri Valley Conference champions had one win against the field in South Dakota State, NCAA tournament chair Mark Hollis told ESPN during a sitdown interview Sunday night.

    "(Wichita State) had high metrics,'' said Hollis, the Michigan State athletic director. But that one win against the Summit League champion Jackrabbits was the only one against the field.

    "You look at the full resume like every team,'' said Hollis.

    Hollis said there were eight different brackets on Sunday before settling on the final bracket. He said the seeding was the toughest part of the process because there were "a high level of teams and there were 20 No. 1 seeds from conference tournaments or co-champs who won their conference and conference tournament.''

    Hollis said Duke was not close to being a No. 1 seed or even the top No. 2 because the Blue Devils were "stopped" by Arizona and Kentucky, two No. 2 seeds who won the Pac-12 and SEC regular-season and conference tournaments, respectively.

    Hollis said Duke started the week as a No. 4 and ended as the third No. 2 seed in the field.

    The Sunday title games didn't have as much drama as expected. Hollis said the American Athletic Conference title game between SMU and Cincinnati had no effect on the bracket.

    Hollis said the reason for eliminating Syracuse was based on a weak non-conference schedule and a 2-11 record on the road.

    "They didn't win big games outside of the Carrier Dome,'' said Hollis.

    Meanwhile, NCAA officials said here Sunday that teams in the Northeast are likely to travel Monday to their respective sites due to the pending winter storm Tuesday. Teams heading to Buffalo are asking to travel in Monday.
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  • Maybe not all
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  •  Jeff Goodman‏Verified account @GoodmanESPN 11h11 hours ago

    People get all bent out of shape about seedings. So little disparity between most of the teams anyway. Not about seeds; about matchups.
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  • Didn't realize her son was on the Northwestern team until I read the article.  Great that she included the dance clip with her tweet.  Elaine danced about like I do.

    And even though she's older, seeing her in the stands will be a welcome change from Ashley Cudd.
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  • Quote
    You can go with the higher seeds in the first round, but you probably want a total of six upsets among teams seeded 10-15. History shows thatís about how many of those lower seeds actually win in the first round. Thatís where the skill comes in Ė

    The world does best picking the 7-10 game...

    The world is not picking the 12 seed enough but, oddly, has a pretty good handle on the 6-11 game. No. 12 seeds win almost 36 percent of their games, but we pick them a little less than 23 percent of the time.
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  • I think if the Hogs had defeated UK, the committee would have done a straight swap with SC's 7 seed.
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  • SMU got a bad seed at 6 but a nice draw in Tulsa.

    The committee has obviously put all their strength in schedule and who you play. To a fault.
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  • "The Hogs got hosed ..."

    Toughest: Arkansas

    RPI: 28
    Record vs. Top 25: 1-4
    Round of 64 opponent: Seton Hall
    Likely opponents: UNC, Butler, Kentucky/UCLA
    The Hogs got hosed when the selection committee handed them an 8-seed in the super-stacked South Region
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  • Quote
    It doesnít matter how many correct upsets you pick in the first round if you lose a championship game team.

    No winner has had more than 25 points in the first round, which is missing seven games. Last year's winner got a couple bold upset picks wrong (got a couple right, as well), and missed out on 10 points in the second round. Once the Elite Eight started, however, it got each game correct the rest of the way.

    When you're wrong, be wrong with everyone.
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  • Quote
    Wichita State got a 10-seed

    The Shockers are eighth at KenPom, 11th in Sagarin and 31st in the flawed RPI that doesnít value them properly. But even if you value the RPI over KenPom and Sagarin, which you shouldnít, thereís no way to reasonably go any lower than an 8-seed for Wichita State. And yet the selection committee made the Shockers a 10-seed. Ridiculous. And do you realize which team this hurts the most? Answer: Dayton. Because the Flyers are the 7-seed opposite Wichita State. And theyíre 6.5-point underdogs to Wichita State.

    South Regionalís 12-5 game will be lots of folksí 12-5 upset

    Minnesota is the 5-seed in the South. Middle Tennessee is the 12. But the Golden Gophers opened as just a 1-point favorite , which suggests Minnesota is over-seeded. And do you realize Middle Tennessee is only a win over Minnesota and a win over the Butler-Winthrop winner from playing in the Sweet 16 in Memphis?

    Nevada-Iowa State is another fun 12-5 game

    Eric Musselmanís Wolf Pack won the Mountain West regular-season title and the Mountain West Tournament title. They will not be an easy out for Iowa State --

    Iíll take ETSU as the lowest-seeded team to make the Round of 32

    Floridaís metrics are great. Thatís why the Gators got a 4-seed. But theyíve lost three of their past four games and are just 3-3 since John Egbuno suffered a season-ending injury. Theyíre not what their seed suggests they are --

    A nice RPI couldnít save Illinois State

    For the 13th consecutive season, the top two RPIs omitted from the field belonged to non-power conference schools. Every school from a power league with a top-51 RPI made the NCAA Tournament. But Illinois State didnít with an RPI of 33. And Monmouth didnít with an RPI of 48. So, once again, we are reminded that a respectable RPI can save you if youíre from a big conference. But it wonít help much if youíre not.

    Vanderbilt got in with 15 losses

    The Commodores became the first team to make the NCAA Tournament with 15 losses -- and they got a nine seed. The inclusion was not surprising. But the seed was. Itís directly tied to the fact that Vanderbilt has the best strength of schedule rating in the nation, according to the RPI.

    SEC got five schools in the NCAA Tournament

    There was a time when it looked like the SEC would be limited to just three NCAA Tournament teams for the second straight year. But Arkansas went 8-2 in its final 10 games and earned an 8-seed. And Vanderbilt went 7-2 in its final nine games and earned a 9-seed. Combine them with Kentucky, Florida and South Carolina, and thatís five SEC teams in the NCAA Tournament. Not bad.

    A No. 2 seed is the favorite to win the NCAA Tournament

    For what itís worth, Las Vegas has made Duke the favorite to be 2017 national champions ...
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