• #1 by Next1_04 on 06 Mar 2017
  • SIAP

    "Must-win game: It's hard to see this team as not being a bowl team, so projecting a must-win in the bowl-eligibility realm seems a bit silly. So this comes from a standpoint of actually competing for the SEC West title. The truth is that Arkansas is at the point where it should be more competitive in this division. This isn't to say that the Razorbacks will be finalists in November, but in Bret Bielema's fifth season, the Hogs shouldn't be out of it well before that. Few will pick the Razorbacks during their road trips to Alabama and LSU, but there's one road game that the Hogs absolutely have to win if they want to be in contention come November. That would be their Oct. 28 trip to Oxford against Ole Miss. The Rebels aren't going bowling, after self-imposing a bowl ban when the NCAA released its amended Notice of Allegations, but Ole Miss could be looking to play spoiler all season. The Hogs have won three straight against Ole Miss, but if they don't make it three straight, Arkansas won't have a chance to win the West."

    "Trap game: Weeks before the Hogs face Ole Miss, they will have a tricky road trip to Columbia to meet a very intriguing South Carolina team that stunned plenty of people by making it to a bowl in head coach Will Muschamp's first season with the Gamecocks. The Hogs shouldn't be overlooking South Carolina, right? Well, there's a little game against Alabama waiting for Arkansas the week after, and something tells me the Hogs will be seeing crimson long before their trip to T-Town. It's hard not to overlook a game that comes before Alabama, and the Hogs can't fall victim to this while facing a South Carolina team that returns a handful of starters from last season. Oh, and it's also in Columbia, which sports one of the SEC's most undervalued venues -- Williams-Brice Stadium."
  • #2 by Biggus Piggus on 06 Mar 2017
  • Wow. That ESPN analysis acts as though the sky isn't falling. Hogville might melt down again.
  • #3 by Pigsknuckles on 06 Mar 2017
  • Can't look past Coastal Carolina either.  ;)
  • #4 by Sed76 on 06 Mar 2017
  • Haven't even thought about South Carolina yet. Hoping TCU doesn't come to town and drill us like Texas Tech did a couple of years ago.
  • #5 by TeufelHog on 06 Mar 2017
  • Most games could be considered "Trap Games" for our Hogs.  Toledo and LaTech games are prime examples.  We consistently start our season off slow.   
  • #6 by JONAS on 06 Mar 2017
  • I just hope we can beat the Aggies.  I am sick of losing to them.
  • #7 by Bacons Rebellion on 06 Mar 2017
  • We should always differentiate between "must-win trap games" and "trap games that are okay to lose."
  • #8 by lakecityhog on 06 Mar 2017
  • This is the year that BB should actually follow the 1-0 rule!! DO NOT look ahead under any circumstance, play each game like it means winning the league. IF we can do that the schedule is set-up for us to have a chance to be very successful.

    The games that we are least likely to win are road games anyway.(Bama & LSU) The next toughest games are home games/neutral site games.(TCU, Auburn & ATM) And finally, we dodge the big dogs of the East.(Florida, Georgia and Tenner)

    I think that Bama could actually be our trap game, if we get caught looking forward and lose to USCe it could really hurt the whole season.
  • #9 by code red on 07 Mar 2017
  • Hoping that SC game is a noon kick.  A night game could be a nightmare.
  • #10 by DeltaBoy on 07 Mar 2017
  • WE need to beat TAMU this year.
  • #11 by Seebs on 07 Mar 2017
  • Arkansas is not good enough to be trapped.  We are the trappers.
  • #12 by Waldron_Hog on 08 Mar 2017
  • Playing 10 in a row will play hell on us coming down the stretch.
  • #13 by Biggus Piggus on 08 Mar 2017
  • Aug. 31 Florida A&M - glorified scrimmage
    nine days until next game
    Sept. 9 TCU
    14 days until next game
    Sept. 23 Texas A&M at Arlington
    Sept. 30 New Mexico State - perennially bad, a half-game
    Oct. 7 at South Carolina
    Oct. 14 at Alabama
    Oct. 21 Auburn
    Oct. 28 at Ole Miss
    Nov. 4 Coastal Carolina - breather after four conference games
    Nov. 11 at LSU
    Nov. 18 Mississippi State
    Nov. 25 Missouri

    Not as bad as it sounds.
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  • SC's team stats rankings from 2016

    Total defense: 66th, 953 plays, 411.9 yards per game, 5.62 yards per play, 40 offensive td's.
    51st in scoring defense for a total of 26.5 ppg
    90th in tackles for loss, 5.4 per game
    97tied in sacks with 1.62 per game
    90th rushing defense, 2642 yards allowed, 4.8 ypr, 20 td's, 203.2 ypg
    16th in red zone defense, 53 attempts, 31 td's, 9 fgs, 13 no scores
    53rd in passing efficiency defense, 125.78 rating allowed
    39th passing defense, 60.3% completion, 20:15 td:int, 2713 yards, 6.73 ypa, 208.7 ypg
    133th in defensive first downs, allowing total of 298 with 20 by penalty
    91st in 4th downs percentage, allowing 14 conversions on 24 attempts
    95th in 3rd down conversions, allowing 81 of 190 for 42.6 conversion

    62nd in TOP with 30 min
    24th tied in turnover margin, with 27 gained and 20 lost
    37th in penalty ypg, 65 total, 46.62 ypg, 5 penalties per game

    115th in total offense, 877 plays, 5.15 ypp, 347.5 ypg, and 32 offensive td's.
    116th in scoring offense, 20.8 ppg
    123rd tfl allowed, 7.85 per game
    118th in sacks allowed, 41 total, 3.15 per game
    108th rushing offense, 1747 yards, 3.68 ypr, 20 rush td's, 134.4 ypg.
    117th red zone offense, 45 attempts, 26 td's, 8 fg, 11 no scores.
    77th in passing efficiency, 125.96 rating
    83rd passing offense, 12:7 td:int, 61.7% completion, 2771 yards, 6.89 ypa, 213.2 ypg
    97th in offensive first downs, 241 total (21 by penalty)
    60th in 4th down conversions, converting 13 out of 25.
    109th in 3rd down conversions, converting 63 of 184 for 34.2%
  • #15 by bennyl08 on 08 Mar 2017
  • This is the team that some people think is actually more difficult than Florida with the 5th best defense in the entire country and whose offense was on par and sometimes better than SC's.

    This is a team we should absolutely beat. Which I suppose is why it is our trap game.