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    Entering his third season after replacing Frank Haith, Mizzou's Kim Anderson has only 6 conference wins to his name and has finished below .500 in each of his first two seasons. South Florida’s Orlando Antigua is the only other coach with only two seasons helming his current program to make the list.

    Joining Anderson is LSU’s Johnny Jones, whose Tigers failed to make the NCAA tournament — or even win 20 games —
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  • Oscar Combs ‏@wildcatnews 10m10 minutes ago

    LSU is getting buried at home by Miss. St., 90-74 late. Betting WKU Coach Rick Stansbury will be a hot topic next 2 months in Bayou Country.
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  • Scott Rabalais ‏@RabalaisAdv 12h12 hours ago

    Scott Rabalais Retweeted Sharief Ishaq

    Lack of effort and intensity has been a problem throughout the Jones era at #LSU.

    Point of clarification: do you first have to put up a battle to be embattled?

     Michael Cauble ‏@MichaelCauble 12h12 hours ago

    Last 5 for LSU:

    WK    110 pts  + 29 over avg.
    VN      96        + 24
    MZ      77        +  6
    MSU   95        + 21
    TAM    92        + 19
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    BATON ROUGE, La. — There’s no other way to write it. The LSU basketball team just got pounded.

    The No. 25 Florida Gators routed LSU Wednesday night, crushing the Tigers 106-71. With the loss, LSU falls to 1-7 in SEC play and 9-10 on the season, making LSU one of the three teams in the SEC with a sub-.500 record.

    “Zero. No positives. No positives from this game,” LSU basketball coach Johnny Jones said after the game. “The only thing positive is that somebody came to watch us play tonight.”

    The loss was the worst home loss LSU has ever suffered to an SEC opponent, topping the Tigers’ 32-point loss to Kentucky on Jan. 16, 1996.

    “I’m extremely disappointed in our performance tonight across the board,” Johnny Jones said. “From the coaching to the players, you name it. We certainly owe our fans an apology tonight. We did not represent those letters or those colors in the fashion that I think we’ve grown proud to represent night in and night out.”
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    STARKVILLE, Miss. • For one half, Missouri had a hot hand on the road battling for its first SEC win in over a year.

    Then the Tigers got cold and the Bulldogs got hot.

    Tigers lost their 11th game in a row and 30th in a row on the road. It was also their 12th SEC loss in a row.

    While Mizzou (5-14, 0-7) shot a respectable 46 percent from the field, it hit 62 percent in the first half.

    “It was a tale of two halves,” MU coach Kim Anderson said. “I thought we did a nice job game planning in the first half and limiting them. Peters and Weatherspoon took over in the second half and we had no answer.”

    Tigers will look to end their losing skid as they head back to Columbia to take on No. 23 South Carolina at home.
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  • Glenn Guilbeau ‏@LSUBeatTweet 9h9 hours ago

    LSU loses eighth straight - 88-63 to South Carolina.
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  • Anderson on loss at Florida: “We didn’t even jump on the tip, so I should have known then."

    Missouri has lost 13 straight games, 14 straight SEC game, 31 straight road games and 28 straight SEC game. All program records.
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  • Glenn Guilbeau ‏@LSUBeatTweet 3h3 hours ago

    "We have a lead," a fan just yelled from the Pete Maravich Assembly Center as LSU took a 2-0 LEAD over Texas A&M.

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  • Shelby Mast ‏@BracketWAG 9h9 hours ago

    Yes folks, @VandyMBB is a bubble team with a .500 overall record @farrugdv
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    LSU basketball team played No. 15 Kentucky closer than anyone would’ve expected, finishing within 10 points.

    LSU coach Johnny Jones was positive about how his team performed, but seemed to understand the task in front of it. Losers of 10 in a row now, there’s little time for moral victories.

    “I knew it would be an extremely tough game for us. The setback Kentucky was coming off of, there from Florida, we knew they would come in and be focused. That they were. I thought they played a really good first half of basketball. I thought our guys did a good job of remaining focused and continuing to battle to the bitter end there and at least continue to fight and battle, unfortunately we couldn’t overcome the first half deficit there enough to get a victory here in Rupp Arena tonight.”
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  • Fate of Arkansas basketball coach Mike Anderson in question after pair of bad losses

    “Is there a chance Mike Anderson does not come back to coach this team next year? As of (today), yes, there is a chance. It is a small chance. In two more weeks, depending on what happens, that chance could grow or it could shrink.”
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    LSU’s (9-15, 1-11 SEC) 11th-straight loss pushed the Tigers into sole possession of last place in SEC.

    LSU led by as many as 14 points midway through the first half. Arkansas turned around and led by as many as 12 points in the second half.

    Arkansas shot 37 percent in the first half and 53.8 percent in the second half. The Tigers went from dominated the free-throw line in the first half to barely getting to it in the second half.

    And it cost Johnny Jones[’ squad] big time.

    LSU has a pair of road games next week. First up, Tuesday at Ole Miss.
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  • Scott Rabalais ‏@RabalaisAdv 16h16 hours ago

    Shaq on SECN: I've never seen an #LSU team 1-10. Talent means nothing. It's all from the heart.
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    ATHENS – Georgia was losing to what appeared to be an inferior team. Its offense was sloppy, and lacked any rhythm. And Mark Fox laid part of the blame at himself.

    “I was running too many guys in and out,” Mark Fox said, with a bit of disgust. “I mean, I contributed to it. I played too many guys. We just had no rhythm offensively.”

    It’s easier for a coach to admit such a thing after a win...

    Here’s the thing about Fox and the Bulldogs: They still haven’t figured themselves out. Fox is still tinkering with lineups and making multiple starting changes. It’s mid-February, but the Bulldogs are shuffling players like it’s November... All the tinkering has impacted Georgia’s rhythm, especially in the half-court offense...
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  • Glenn Guilbeau ‏@LSUBeatTweet 10h10 hours ago

    LSU led Ole Miss 64-54 with 11:27 to go in the second half ... lost 96-76. That's a 42-12 run. Unbelievable.
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    While top Division I teams get ready for postseason play, also-rans prepare to make expensive changes. Athletics directors marshal their buyout funds. Doomed coaches strap on their golden parachute and seek a soft landing.

    Upwardly mobile coaches jump schools for bigger money. Even the most entrenched coaches welcome outside overtures to keep those lucrative extensions and raises coming.

    This fiscal insanity is fueled by two market forces: the seven-digit NCAA Tournament incentives and the impatience of wealthy boosters bankrolling these programs.

    St. Louis University capitalized on the nuttiness by landing coach Travis Ford, who reached the postseason six times (five NCAA tourneys, one NIT) in eight years at Oklahoma State.

    Missouri should have many great candidates to choose from when athletics director Jim Sterk cashiers poor Kim Anderson.

    Every school wants to win every year, and that’s not mathematically possible. Somebody has to lose so, ultimately, many coaches must lose their jobs.

    North Carolina State has already fired Mark Gottfried.

    The current endangered list features Tom Crean (Indiana), Lorenzo Romar (Washington), John Groce (Illinois), Bruce Weber (Kansas State) and Mark Fox (Georgia).

    Fox has enjoyed moderate success with the Bulldogs, leading them to two NCAA tourneys and two NIT trips in his eight previous seasons. Fox entered this campaign with postseason hopes, but his team is stalled at 15-12 overall and 6-8 in the SEC with four games left.

    “So he goes to Florida, overtime, should have won the game,” Calipari told reporters after winning 82-77 at Georgia. “He comes to us ... should have won the game. I mean, we were lucky to win. Loses at Texas A&M because the clock stalled. The clock stalled! That’s why he loses the game.

    “But he keeps his team together. That’s coaching. Not when things are going good. It’s when things go south and you lose a bunch in a row, how do you get them and go?”

    Descending coaches will get a $100 haircut and seek analyst work with the scores of networks televising games.

    The machinery will grind on. Millions of dollars will change hands. And some of the outcomes will be as mystifying as the games themselves.
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    Unless something miraculous happens over these last four games and the SEC Tournament, the Bulldogs are going to miss the NCAA Tournament for the sixth time in Fox’s eight seasons as head coach. Not good.

    But I enumerate all that not necessarily to make a case that Georgia needs a head coaching change. This situation is way more complicated than that.

    As I’ve pointed out many times, Fox is the only coach in UGA history to lead the program to three consecutive 20-win seasons. He’s had four seasons of 20 or more victories, which ties the number Hall of Famer Hugh Durham logged in 17. His teams have won 43 SEC games from 2013-16, the winningest four-year conference stretch in school annals.

    So when people were asking me Sunday what I thought about the Fox equation, I tended to ask them back, “Well, what do you think?”

    And the answers tended to vary along the lines of age and perspective. In other words, those who were older and have been around a while and watched a lot of Georgia basketball over the years tended to side with keeping Fox. They know all too well how quickly these 20-win seasons can become 15- and 12- and 10-win seasons.

    Younger fans, or those who view basketball merely as a momentary distraction from football, tend to say “fire him and start over. I’m tired of not making the tournament.”

    But that’s the other part of the equation here. Administrators always have to take into consideration whom do you get to succeed. Now I’m not about to throw out any names, but it appears that both LSU and Missouri could be in the market after the season. Regionally, NC State already is and, nationally, Indiana could be. There will be competition on that front, too.

    And everybody heard Kentucky coach John Calipari’s rant singing Fox’s praises. That’s the refrain you’ll hear throughout coaching and in the broadcast industry. Everybody recognizes Fox as a good coach who does things the right way, graduates players and fields competitive teams. If it were as simple as fulfilling the college mission, we wouldn’t even be having a conversation regarding Fox.

    But it’s not.
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  •  Dave MatterVerified account‏@Dave_Matter 7h7 hours ago

    Calipari: "I loved when the students cheered Kim when he walked in. … That means something to me."

    Kim Anderson: "There’s nobody in America who’s more supportive than [sic] coaches than John Calipari."
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  • Sheldon MicklesVerified account‏@MicklesAdvocate 10h10 hours ago

    FINAL SCORE from the PMAC -- Auburn 98, #LSU 75. LSU ties school record with 14th loss in a row (1966, '67 teams)...more
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  • Jeff GoodmanVerified account‏@GoodmanESPN 11h11 hours ago

    Regarding LSU: Stansbury can't get it ... and Archie won't take it. Buzz likely to be on LSU's short list.
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  •  Danny Jones‏ @daniel_m_jones 10h10 hours ago

    Here's a quick gamer on a listless performance from Missouri in its final home game of the season:

    Missouri's last home game of the 2016-17 season was entirely forgettable. The Tigers snoozed through a 60-43 loss to Texas A&M on Tuesday night, leaving the collection of fans that showed up with an unfulfilling send off into the offseason.

    “I would be remiss if I didn’t say that probably set the game of basketball back a long time,” Kim Anderson said somberly after the game. “Certainly a disappointing performance.”

    It was a bizarre night at Mizzou Arena. Only a smattering of fans were on hand to see off Russell Woods and Trevor Glassman for the senior night festivities before the game. Glassman, getting his first start with Missouri (7-22, 2-15), was the most active player out of the gate...

    “I didn’t like the way we started the game,” Anderson said. “I liked the way Trevor started the game. I thought Trevor was active, had good hands. I just didn’t like the way we looked once the game started. It reflected our performance.”

    Tuesday was Missouri's lowest-scoring and worst-shooting performance ever at Mizzou Arena.

    Missouri’s 43 points were its fewest at home since the shot clock was installed in 1985.

    “These kids from Missouri have been fighting hard all year long and they've been in every game,” Texas A&M Coach Billy Kennedy said. “At some point, you gotta win a game to sustain that kind of effort. We were fortunate. When we came in here we started to make some shots. That gave us confidence. I thought it just made it hard for them to fight through the adversity.”

    Anderson said he didn’t see the lethargy coming.

    “It did remind me of the North Carolina Central game. It was kind of a contagious thing,” he said. “I probably just better leave it at that.”
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    “In response to the report by Yahoo Sports, we are NOT in the process of exploring our options to replace Mark Fox. We look forward to Mark leading our program next year and all of our efforts are centered on postseason play,” McGarity said. “It’s unfortunate we need to respond at this time, but it was necessary to quiet these unfounded rumors.”

    Fox is wrapping up his eighth season at Georgia, and has three years remaining on his contract. He would be owed $1.7 million if fired after this season.
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  • Or was it a "rebuilding" year after making the Sweet 16 in '16?
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    &M didn’t put up much resistance.

    Vanderbilt dusted aside the Aggies 66-41 in the second round of the SEC Tournament on Thursday night in Nashville. Texas A&M only trailed by three points at halftime, but the Commodores outscored the Aggies 43-21 in the second half to cruise to the easy victory. Texas A&M closes the season with a 16-15 record.

    Afterward, Aggies coach Billy Kennedy spoke about the result. Here are a few highlights of what he said, courtesy of ASAP Sports.

    Opening statement: “You could tell that Vanderbilt aggressiveness in trapping in the post gave us problems offensively. They looked like they — they played like a veteran team. We just couldn’t score. We played good defense the first half and really struggled scoring. We had three guys score 38 points and then we had 3 points from the rest of the team. Kind of like our Kentucky game, we had four guys score I think 60 points and the rest of the team scored 3. It’s hard to win games when you don’t get production throughout your roster offensively and defensively.”

    On offensive struggles: “We couldn’t score..."
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