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    #Volsí Butch Jones: This is a special group of guys and a special team. Weíve won 15 of our last 19 games.

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    Priority No. 1 for #Vols OC search should be a QBs coach, too. Insane that blue-blood program has had a GA coaching QBs for several seasons.
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    1. How hot is Butch Jones' seat?

    Every coach asks for four years to make their mark. In that time -- a full recruiting cycle -- a coach can say confidently that the roster is full of "his guys." So Butch Jones, who enters his fifth season at Tennessee, has had time. His coveted bricks have been laid. And another nine-win season might be enough to get him fired. Another year of missing out on the SEC Championship Game might mean heís no longer a head coach in the SEC. Finishing 3-4 down the stretch last season with losses to South Carolina and Vanderbilt has Jones firmly on the hot seat in 2017. Beating Nebraska in the Franklin American Mortgage Music City Bowl didn't change that. Questions will continue to persist about Jones' future at Tennessee if he can't start next season strong and follow through and win the East for the first time in a decade.

    2. What does life after Joshua Dobbs look like?

    Placing Tennesseeís failures at Dobbs' feet is a ridiculous notion. He didnít ask to have his redshirt pulled in consecutive seasons to start his career.
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    North Carolina defensive backs coach Charlton Warren has emerged as a candidate for the Tennessee football staff.

    Vols coach Butch Jones made it clear he wouldnít stand pat after a 9-4 season and put everyone on notice that changes were coming in Knoxville.
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    ďThe university is in the middle of the procurement process to hire a firm to assist with the search for the athletic director,Ē Simsen said. ďWe are hoping to wrap up the process soon.Ē

    Simsen said the school will provide a timeline for the AD search after the firm is hired. The university has said new chancellor Beverly Davenport will be leading the search, but she does not start in Knoxville until Feb. 15.

    Reports earlier this week indicated the Vols would be hiring former head football coach Phillip Fulmer as AD, and that a deal was ďall but done.Ē SEC Countryís Mike Griffith reported there is interest on Fulmerís part. But later reports indicated the school would probably not make a hire until later in the spring.

    Many have called for Tennessee to hire Chattanooga AD David Blackburn, who used to work in the Volsí athletic department.
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  • Times Free Press ‏@TimesFreePress 4h4 hours ago

    Mark Wiedmer says UT should hire both Phillip Fulmer and David Blackburn Ö

    So here's an idea that should please both the Fulmer faction and Blackburn backers. Hire them both. Let Fulmer raise the money and make the speeches. Let Blackburn attend to the details and hire coaches, since he's certainly proved adept at that at UTC.

    Is that a change Volniacs the region over can believe in? Tough to know. But Blackburn and Fulmer were both a part of some far better Big Orange athletic years than we've seen of late. In this case, going backward to build the future might not be a bad idea.
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    Source: UT associate AD Jon Gilbert will be named Southern Miss AD at noon today. He's been at UT since 2011. Didn't attend UT-Ole Miss game
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  • Here are some of those 5 best basketball-football coaching partnerships in the SEC

    5. Tennessee Ė Butch Jones/Rick Barnes

    Jones record: 80-48 (30-21 at Tennessee)

    Barnes record: 629-342 (26-28 at Tennessee)

    After an Elite Eight run in 2008, Texas failed to get past the first weekend of the tourney in Barnesí final 7 seasons.

    With the talent Jones accumulated, 9-win seasons each of the past two years were underwhelming.
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    Sterling, a 3-star defensive end, was first announced as having sent his National Letter of Intent to the Gamecocks ó he had not. Less than an hour later, Tennessee put his name on their list of received NLIís but, once again, he hadnít sent it to them.

    The two incidents happened about an hour apart before his 9 a.m. scheduled signing event. Ultimately, he did end up with the Gamecocks. Out of all of that, he at least got some entertainment out of it.

    ďSomebody showed me a Twitter post about it. Itís funny. I laughed when I seen it,Ē Sterling said. ďI had nothing to do with that. I have no idea.Ē
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    Asked when he knew he'd caught it, Jauan Jennings goes, "When Coach called the play."
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    Tennessee receiver Jauan Jennings went from being a Volsí football hero last season, to embarrassing the program on national signing day.

    That may seem like a harsh assessment, but when youíre the teamís leading returning receiver and arguably one of the most talented skill position players in the SEC, the stakes are raised.

    Jennings is the most dynamic player on the Tennessee roster at this time. His rise to great heights last season bordered on historic proportion, with fans and NFL scouts taking notice.

    Jenningsí booking on Wednesday morning on misdemeanor drug possession charges was such a disappointment for Tennessee football.

    The timing couldnít have been much worse. Signing day is all about the future of the football program, the hope that new players coming in will represent Tennessee on and off the field in the best of ways.

    Yes, the Josh Dobbs-inspired  ďChampions of LifeĒ phrase that Coach Butch Jones famously used (and social media critics misconstrued) last season comes to mind.

    Jones pointed to his players during UTís spectacular signing day live-streamed special as ďthe greatest ambassadorsĒ for the program during the recruiting process.

    ďCoaches sell the vision,Ē Jones said, ďand players sell reality.Ē

    The reality is that Jennings was at the heart of the Volsí biggest wins last season and he could make or break the 2017 season, as well.

    It was Jenningsí 67-yard catch and TD run that broke Floridaís back in a 38-28 win.

    It was Jenningsí memorable 43-yard Hail Mary catch that enabled Tennessee to beat Georgia, 34-31, in Sanford Stadium.

    What is next for Jennings? Is he the next Peerless Price? Or the next James Banks?

    Parents donít want to have to say ďnoĒ to their child when they reach for an orange and white No. 15 jersey at the store.

    Tennessee fans want to embrace the story of Jennings, an in-state recruit from Blackman High School in Murfreesboro, the son of Angela Holman and Bennie Jennings, as it reads in his bio.

    Surely Jennings thought of his family and considered his legacy when was ďtemporarily handcuffed and detained in the back of a police cruiserĒ after being pulled over for driving the wrong way on a one-way street.

    Just 19 years old, Jennings is at a crossroads of sorts, and the spotlight will only grow brighter moving forward.

    The good news for Jennings is he has a strong support network, most notably newly hired strength and conditioning coach Rock Gullickson.

    The reason Tennessee felt this former NFL strength and conditioning coach was worth an eye-popping $375,0000 a year was because of his experience dealing with athletes.


    Everything changes when a player runs through the ďTĒ at Tennessee, a point Jones spoke to on Wednesday when he said some of his players let him know when a recruit doesnít fit the culture heís building.

    So what happens when a current player doesnít fit the culture?

    At this time, UT spokesman Ryan Robinson says: ďWe are aware of the report and will have no further comment.Ē

    Jennings, according to multiple sources within the team, has also been a hard player for the Tennessee coaching staff to manage his first two seasons in Knoxville.

    Can this embarrassing arrest trigger a change in Jennings, and help him grow into a mature team leader?

    Both Jenningsí NFL prospects and the Volsí championship hopes may depend upon it.

    Lou Holtz once said of Derek Watson, his All-SEC, 1,000-yard rusher at South Carolina in 2000, that ďone day heíll be filling up stadiums, or sweeping them out.Ē

    The same can be said of Jennings.
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    The Hoke-to-Tennessee stuff has been out there a while.
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    Tennessee nickelback Rashaan Gaulden is expected to miss spring football drills because of a surgical shoulder procedure.

    Vols are looking at using more 4-3 looks next season, as opposed to the 4-2-5, but Gaulden is projected to be one of the two starting safeties.

    Micah Abernathy, who started at safety alongside Todd Kelly Jr., is also expected to be limited this spring because of shoulder surgery.

    SEC Country also broke the news of defensive tackles Kendal Vickers and Kyle Phillips being limited or out for spring drills with injuries.

    Tennessee will being spring practice around the third week of March, culminating with the April 22 Orange and White Game at Neyland Stadium.
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    Don Mahoney was at Butch Jonesí side as an assistant coach for 10 years, but on Tuesday the news came out that Tennessee would not be retain him.

    Did the long-time Jones assistant get a raw deal, or was this the sort of necessary change Tennessee football needed to step up?

    Mahoneyís replacement, Walt Wells, has never coached at a Power 5 school.

    Meanwhile, a former NFL, Tennessee, Georgia and Oklahoma State offensive line coach came available but did not seem to enter the discussion.

    Mahoney, itís worth nothing, was the primary recruiter for the No. 1-ranked player in the nation, Trey Smith, who he successfully brought to Tennessee in this signing class.

    The staff changes are likely over, but thereís one assistant who still might be sweating it out.
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    Walt Wells, recently promoted to OL coach at UT, was arrested
    for DUI on Feb. 4, 2016, hours after UTís national signing day celebration

    Wells was sentenced to be confined in Detention Facility for 6 months but that was suspended for time served, which was 24 hours.

    UT spokesman Ryan Robinson said UT coach Jones was aware of the Wellsí DUI arrest when it occurred.

    Robinson said Wells was suspended with pay for 2 weeks, attended counseling and has exhibited `model behaviorí since then.

    Coach Jones `felt comfortable moving forward with Wells as the offensive line coach,' Robinson said.
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  • Wes Rucker: Vols need big NFL Draft for perception

    Vols need to put their NFL Draft stock back on its proper axis

    Suggesting that any football coach not named Urban Meyer, Nick Saban or Dabo Swinney is hot-seat-proof is silly, and suggesting that Tennesseeís Butch Jones is hot-seat-proof is really silly. We all know what could happen if Tennessee wins fewer than eight games next season. We all know that would, at the very least, warm up the cushion for Jones heading into the 2018 season.

    Barring a total collapse, though, Tennessee and Jones are financially wed to each other for the next couple of years. You can kick and scream all you want, but that wonít change the fact that the Vols have their coach for the next couple of years barring a total disaster.

    We know Jones and his staff can recruit. Look at the first few classes they brought to Tennessee. Those classes were the backbone of a group that brought the Vols back to respectability on the national scene. That group won three consecutive bowl games and finished the past two seasons in the Associated Press top-25 poll. Thatís not the kind of thing thatíll make anyone a Tennessee Legend ó especially when you should have won the SEC Eastern Division in 2016 and didnít ó

    Lying under the surface the past couple of years, though, has been the Volsí uncharacteristic cold streak in the NFL Draft.

    After having at least one player ó and usually multiple players ó drafted between 1964-2014, the Vols went through all seven rounds of the past two drafts without seeing any of their players taken off the board.

    Ouch. That stings.

    Could any of that be pinned of Jones and his staff? No. Not really.
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  • Bruce FeldmanVerified account‏@BruceFeldmanCFB 13m13 minutes ago

    SOURCE: #Tennessee WR coach and passing game coordinator Zach Azzanni is taking a job with the Chicago Bears. 1st reported by Rivals.
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  • Bruce FeldmanVerified account‏@BruceFeldmanCFB 13m13 minutes ago

    SOURCE: #Tennessee WR coach and passing game coordinator Zach Azzanni is taking a job with the Chicago Bears. 1st reported by Rivals.
    can't blame em. the gig is up in tennessee.
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  • can't blame em. the gig
    is up in tennessee.
    I see you're still crushing hard for Jones... give it up man. The guy is married.
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  • $hake some hands.  Prepare to go pro in something other than sports.
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  • I see you're still crushing hard for Jones... give it up man. The guy is married.
    Since you're obviously his dear bride I suppose you'd certainly know about his marital status.
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  • Quote
    Dobbs stands by coach Butch Jonesí ďChampionship of LifeĒ speech. ďI know where Coach Jones is coming from Ö His basic sentiment is, of course people are going to remember wins and losses, but at the end of the day, in 40 years, theyíre not gonna remember what the exact score of the game was or how many yards you threw for. But they will remember what type of person you were and what type of character you had and how you carried yourself on and off the field and what type of competitor you were. Thatís what heís getting at. In order to build a program of high character and of competitiveness, you need players that exemplify that; that take care of business, not only on the field but off the field ó in the classroom, in the community ó hold themselves to a high standard and then are also competitors on the field.Ē

    Volunteers supporters who are upset with the direction of the program need to get some perspective. ďFans are oblivious to some things. You have to take their opinion with a grain of salt. I definitely enjoyed being coached by Coach Jones, and the impact he was able to have on me, and the passion that he brings every day to the game of football and the program at the University of Tennessee.Ē
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  • Quote
    As Austin Appleby prepared to make his first SEC start, Tennessee fans prepared for Applebyís funeral.

    The Rocky Top faithful were so sure their Vols would crush Appleby that they attempted to crowdsource money for post-mortem transportation, embalming and other services.

    ďThat was fun,Ē Appleby told SEC Country last week. ďThatís what itís all about. If people are talking to you, if people arenít hating on you, you really arenít doing anything worthwhile.Ē

    Appleby and the Gators were excellent for a half, but allowed the Volunteers to score 38 consecutive points in a disappointing finish. It was a microcosm of Applebyís season. The fifth-year graduate transfer from Purdue had plenty of memorable moments ó the biggest being a 98-yard game-winning touchdown pass at LSU ó but the Florida passing attack sputtered at inopportune times.

    Heís not at the NFL combine this week...

    North Canton, Ohio, native has been working out with former Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs and a slew of other ex-SEC players at IMG.

    Two bonded over getting chased by Bamaís Jonathan Allen
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  • And no doubt ole Butch was also saying: "Brady Hoke a 'great head coach'" (cough, cough).
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  • And no doubt ole Butch was also saying: "Brady Hoke a 'great head coach'" (cough, cough).
    We will see how things go. So far I'm ok with where we are and the fact he keeps upgrading staff
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  • Quote
    Departing Tennessee quarterback Josh Dobbs made a lot of wrongs right for the Volsí offensive line the past three seasons, sidestepping would be sacks and escaping pressure.

    Thatís a trend expected to reverse itself under new offensive coordinator Larry Scott and first-year offensive line coach Walt Wells starting with the opening of spring drills next Tuesday.

    New strength and conditioning coach Rock Gulliksonís influence in the offseason conditioning and training will be most reflected up front.
    Tennessee football OL Overview

    With a yet-to-be-determined new quarterback under center and last yearís leading rusher and receiver moved on, Tennesseeís experienced line is expected to be the strength of the offense.

    It was a beat-up and maligned group last season...
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  • Why on earth would Manning want to get into politics?
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  • Why on earth would Manning want to get into politics?

    Because he's bored with being a retired legend?  Because he knows he could get elected to anything in Tennessee?  Because it's money for nothing and the chicks are free?
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  • We will see how things go. So far I'm ok with where we are and the fact he keeps upgrading staff

    How many games does Butch need to win to stay off hot seat next year? Has had weird career there so far it seems......
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  • How many games does Butch need to win to stay off hot seat next year? Has had weird career there so far it seems......
    With his contract like it is and our recent sucking post Fulmer, the PTB wil not pull the trigger on him barring a crazy NCAA thing or a total collapse. But presure will build more every year he doesn't at least win the East. But I think he's safe at least 2 to 3 more years.
    The rebuild he's done has been pretty good all things considered. Last year was more injury than anything else. We had something like 16 to 18 starters play in 3 or less games last year. For some reason that got over looked by some fans but more especially the media. But he made enemies with the media when he restricted access to some of the "entitled" members of the media that have had run of the place for years and years.
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  • ďWe really have come a long wayĒ

    -- Dave Hart

    ďYou almost have to have been in the building, almost have to have been a part of all that to fully understand what those challenges were, and where we are now. As Iíve cleaned out my office over the weekend and [have been] going through files, it brings all that back. Itís gratifying, honestly.Ē
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  • If Tennessee doesn't cut him lose completely, they're trash.  This thug is on film assaulting another student over headphones.
  • #1297 by ALLVOL on 22 Apr 2017
  • If Tennessee doesn't cut him lose completely, they're trash.  This thug is on film assaulting another student over headphones.
    Thug? LOL ok man. That video showed the lead up? That video showed the entire scenario?
    I'l tell you what's trash. It's people who see a small part of something and jump to conclusion and bash someone they don't know and have never met and know NOTHING about. But because they play a darned game for a team they happen to not like they trash the kid. I mean you're right. To think 2 high school kids fighting over something small. Next thing you know they will probably drink underage... they should be ruined for life.
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  • So, it's not him?

    ...and I don't care what led up to it.  If it's him, he's gone.  No excuse
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  • So, it's not him?

    ...and I don't care what led up to it.  If it's him, he's gone.  No excuse
    If every kid who got into a fight in high school was to get kicked off of their college team, there wouldn't be enough players to field a team for any school.
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  • Maybe he has a 5 star heart and can still be a champion of life.