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    Metro Schools canceled school shortly after students arrived for class.

    We apologize. We realize that it has been very frustrating for everyone. The timing was very unfortunate as far as the weather change right in the morning of what we are going through in transporting students to school. The timing played the biggest impact as well as the forecast didnt pan out," said Chris Henson, the district's chief operating officer.

    The district also faced heavy criticism on social media as other area districts announced closures.

    "The decision by the new (Metro Schools) director to keep Nashville schools open while officials tell people to stay off the roads is insane," one Twitter user posted.

    About 6 p.m. Friday, Director of Schools Shawn Joseph put out an automated call to all Metro parents apologizing for how the district handled the snow day decision.

    In Nashville, at least six school bus crashes were reported in the morning and afternoon, none with injuries. Additional bus crashes were reported throughout Middle Tennessee in districts that opened Friday also all without injury.
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    The promotion, which I believe is called Fowl Shot, gives away a free chicken biscuit to fans at UK home games if a player from the opposing team misses two consecutive free throws. Its an awesome promotion because: a) everyone loves free food; b) everyone loves Chick-fil-A; and c) everyone loves when an opponent fails to put the basketball into the cylinder.

    But Ashley Judd is not a fan of the Fowl Shot and she made that very clear to her 280,000 Twitter followers last night, when A&Ms Robert Williams missed two at the stripe midway through the second half. Judd tweeted, Your promotion for fans to cheer against kids attempting free throws is tacky. Please find another in game promotion.

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  • Seth Arroyo ‏@swethhh11 2h2 hours ago

    My city of Dothan, Alabama, "peanut capital of the world" tried to do a "peanut drop" on NYE. This is what ensued...

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    A 20-year-old woman was hit by a train and killed shortly after Monday's National Championship football game.

    Tuscaloosa police identified the victim as Katie Keough. She was visiting from Baton Rouge

    LSU Sophomore
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  • Bama fans run their own sting operation to catch counterfeit ticket salesman

    One pinned Escalera to his chair, pinching a nerve between his neck and shoulder while holding a long, cold object to the back of his head. The other two took his shoes and socks, as well as six tickets to that nights game they found tucked in Escaleras waistband.

    All these people had gathered around watching and I kept yelling This guy sold us fake tickets, were not robbing him,' said Bryant Gentry, per the report.

    The police reportedly arrived 10 minutes later to make the arrest, which is a good thing, because that cold metal object was a bottle of Coca-Cola.

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  • WPTV-5: Florida maid of dishonor accused of turning wedding into nightmare; converstation piece for years to come

    Reportedly exposed herself to deputies; attacked medics, and kicked bedpan

    "She was a mess. She drank almost a whole entire bottle of Fireball," said guest Robert Templeton.

    "She just went up to the best man and grabbed his keys out of his pocket and jumped in his car," said Templeton.

    Willis backed out and almost hit the best man, the groom's brother. He grabbed on to the car and held on.

    "She took off, and his feet were dragging across the ground. He had to hit the E-brake," said Templeton.

    Guests wrestled Willis out of the car.

    "She went back inside. She grabbed up the big bottle of Captain Morgan and just guzzled it like this," said Jennifer Butler, the blushing bride.

    Then they say she got violent...

    This arrest is Willis' ninth in Charlotte County. She faces a probation violation as well.
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  • Risk/Reward:

    An Athens couple faces up to life imprisonment in connection with a robbery in which a BB gun reportedly was used to take a wallet containing only $1.

    Mercedes Dawn Burruss, 20, and Kristian Gage Walker, 19, are charged with first-degree robbery, a Class A felony.

    The duo is accused of robbing the victim at a home on Alabama 251 in Limestone County...

    The wallet, bandana and BB gun were seized from the suspects' car.

    "The dollar, however, was not recovered," Young said.
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  • LSU Sophomore

    'Thoughtful,' 'motherly': Friends and family remember LSU student killed by train near University of Alabama just moments after the Tide lost to Clemson

    LSU student who was remembered as thoughtful and motherly died Monday night after she was hit by a train in Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

    Katie Keogh, 20, was visiting friends in Tuscaloosa near the University of Alabama and tried to beat a train, said a Tuscaloosa Police Department spokeswoman.

    Tuscaloosa Fire Marshal Gene Holcomb said the tracks, located near 14th Street and 10th Avenue, are surrounded by university student housing.

    As she walked behind friends from the entertainment district and crossed the tracks just before midnight, she was struck by the train and killed. A witness tried to revive her, but she died at the scene.

    Keogh was a sophomore at LSU, where she had recently decided to switch her major to psychology, said her friend Abby Grand. Grand explained that Keogh was motivated by helping people and that she had plans to continue her education in psychology to do so.

    She was very motherly, Grand said. Everyone always told her she acted like a mom. She was very thoughtful. She was into helping people. Everyone came to talk with her about stuff.

    Keogh's mother said her daughter had hopes to become an industrial psychologist.

    "She was kind, non-judgmental," her mother said. "I don't know what I'm going to do without her. She was so beautiful, smart, passionate about the things she believed."

    Katie Keogh was a member of Pi Beta Phi sorority and Phi Eta Sigma honor society at LSU. Grand said Keogh also loved music.

    She was a nanny and loved "her babies," said her mom, and she also loved her dogs.

    Her sorority will be hosting a memorial Wednesday night for Katie Keogh at 5050 E. Bluebell Drive, where people are asked to wear bright colors and bring photos of Katie.

    A viewing [was held] Friday morning at St. Aloysius Catholic Church on Stuart
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  • You Can't Beat Carver
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    FOIA: Station Camp boys basketball player was "branded" with a hot iron by one teammate and hit with a belt by another in a Lexington, Ky., hotel while the program was participating in a holiday tournament...

    Station Camp coach Seth Massey reported the hazing incident to the Lexington Police Department on Dec. 22. No charges were filed.

    Massey told the 911 call-taker that "one branded another one with a hot iron and the other hit him with a belt ... and one ate a rotten banana if you wanna know that but..."

    [That makes it okay, dumbass.]

    Matthew Gillespie, an assistant director of the Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, said those involved as well as the program do not face disciplinary action from the state association as it "does not have the authority to discipline students for off-the-field/court incidents."

    Station Camp forfeited the championship game and must pay about $2,300 to the tournament host.

    Quote of the Day:

    "We work diligently to provide the highest level of student safety."

    -- Sumner County Schools spokesman Jeremy Johnson
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    Court documents filed last week indicate settlement talks in the family dispute over former actor and U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson's estate have ended and the bitter court battle will continue.

    Thompson's wife, Jeri Thompson, and his two adult sons from another marriage are sparring in court filings over what information Jeri Thompson must turn over as the case moves forward.

    "(Thompson's sons) should face the facts," William Ramsey, a lawyer for Jeri Thompson, argued...

    Thompson's sons, Tony and Dan Thompson, filed suit in August, accusing Jeri Thompson of having undue influence over their father at the end of his life and forcing him to make changes to his estate plan. Copies of the will in the court file say each son received $50,000 and list Jeri Thompson as the primary beneficiary.

    Fred Thompson served Tennessee as a Republican in the U.S. Senate from 1994 to 2003 and he had a prominent role in the television drama "Law and Order." He married Jeri Thompson in 2002. He died in November 2015 at the age of 73.

    His adult sons now want to view documents related to the senator's assets and his estate planning, court documents say. They say they have evidence including a $40,000 bill from Nashville law firm Waller, which handled the senator's will that suspicious changes were made when their father "lacked the requisite mental capacity."

    Jeri Thompson and her lawyers say in filings that the allegation there were last-minute changes that impacted the adult children is unsubstantiated. In prior court filings, Jeri Thompson said the only changes made were to include the couple's younger children. She should not have to turn over a wide array of private financial documents, she argues.
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    Alabama sex trafficking survivor sues @Backpagecom, @ChoiceHotels, Dothan hotel owner

    A sex-trafficking survivor, who had been forced into prostitution at a Dothan hotel, filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Houston County Circuit Court against several defendants she says profited from her abduction--including the convicted perpetrator, Santiago Alonso; classified advertising website, and its byzantine ownership group; and Choice Hotels, parent company of the Quality Inn where the victim was held against her will.

    The Dothan hotel's franchise owner, Veda, LLC, is also among the defendants in the 85-page complaint.

    Greg Zarzaur of the Birmingham firm Zarzaur, Mujumdar & DeBrosse: "Vulnerable people are taken advantage of, and entities either knew or should have known. But rather than acting on it, they financially benefited from it. Our civil justice system exists to hold those entities accountable for the wrong done."

    In 2014, Alonso was found guilty of first-degree human trafficking and felony distribution of drugs to a minor in a Houston County court. The victim, a runaway from Meridian, Miss., was kidnapped in Hattiesburg, and taken to Memphis before Dothan, where, it was revealed during the trial, she was forced to take drugs and become a prostitute.
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    Just two weeks before Fitzgerald McQueen's retrial in the shooting of his daughter's naked boyfriend, the former Madison elementary teacher is set to appear in court for a lawsuit trial.

    McQueen, 51, who's criminal trial ended in a deadlocked jury this week in Madison County Circuit County, is being sued by Jaizon Collins and the 18-year-old's mother.

    That case is set for jury trial on Sept. 11--just 14 days before McQueen is scheduled to be put on trial a second time for second-degree assault.

    McQueen shot Collins Nov. 12, 2015 at the McQueen home on Thunderbird Drive in Harvest.

    Collins, then-17, was standing naked in McQueen's 13-year-old daughter's bedroom closet when the shooting occurred around 3 a.m.

    Collins and his mother, Tasha Edwards, are suing McQueen for compensation of severe personal injuries and mental anguish that resulted from the shooting, the lawsuit states.

    The lawsuit accuses McQueen of negligence and recklessness/wantonness.

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    A pair of University of Oklahoma students were arrested on Sunday following another break in at LSUs Tiger Stadium. This marks the fourth time that the stadium has been broken into recently.

    Holland and Meacham initially ran away from the officers, squeezing through a security gate.
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    Prichard police officer Brandon Burrell, 28, was taken into custody by the Mobile County Sheriff's Office on harassment charges.

    Burrell has been charged with one count of harassment and harassment communications.

    Burrell was released about forty-five minutes after being booked on a $500 bond.

    While Mobile County jail records did not list any previous arrest for Burrell, the State of Alabama court records showed that Burrell was charged with second-degree marijuana possession and possession/receiving a controlled substance on August 17, 2009.

    Those charges were dismissed on June 1, 2010 after Burrell entered into a pre-trial diversion agreement.
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    Nashville Fire Department diver on Thursday morning recovered the body of a Metro police officer who jumped in the Cumberland River to save a suicidal woman.

    The officer, 44-year-old Eric Mumaw, was an 18-year veteran of the police department who had twice received awards for his heroism.

    "I know he died doing what he loves. He loved his midnight shift and he gave his life," Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson said fighting through tears as he spoke near the banks of the river on Neely's Bend in Madison.  "I know his whole detail is over there. They're grieving. They're going to miss him."

    A family member of 40-year-old Juli Glisson called the Metro Emergency Communications Center at 4:19 a.m. to report that she was suicidal and at the Peeler Park boat ramp, Metro police spokesman Don Aaron said. Mumaw and Officer Nick Diamond tried to talk to Glisson who was in the drivers seat of a car at the edge of the boat ramp.

    The officers thought they had convinced her to step out of the car and come with them. The drivers door opened and the car went out of park and into the water. The officers then raced into water trying to save Glisson, but didnt realize the edge of the submerged boat ramp abruptly ended. The officers lost their balance and fell into the water, Aaron said. Glisson remained in the drivers seat.

    The motion of the vehicle going into the water swept the officers further out. Diamond tried to grab hold of Mumaw, but he slipped from his grasp, Aaron said. Diamond was able to swim to the river bank. So was Glisson.

    Diamond is recovering and in stable condition at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

    Officer Trent Craig saw the scene unfold from the shore. He ran through the woods and spotted Mumaws head just above the water, and jumped in the cold river. The water reached his shoulders as he tried to save his colleague. He was unable to reach him.

    When the Nashville Fire Department arrived on scene, they spotted Glisson on the river bank. Glisson was taken to TriStar Skyline Medical Center.

    About a half dozen boats and several helicopters scoured the Cumberland River for the missing officer. Emergency crews responded to the scene from several agencies, including the fire department, the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency and the Tennessee Highway Patrol. Hendersonville police also responded to assist.

    A Nashville fire department diver found Mumaws body about 70 yards from the boat dock just after 8 a.m.

    Glisson is under investigation and has a criminal background, Aaron said.

    We will have officers dealing with her this morning and it would be premature for me to say specifically what will happen to her later today," Aaron said.
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  • Montgomery Carver high school football coach dies in fiery I-85 wreck

    The collision occurred on Interstate 85 north at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday and involved a 2007 Freightliner Classic, a 2015 International Tractor and a 2003 Jeep Cherokee. The driver of the Jeep, Gregory Quarles, 48, of Montgomery was pronounced dead at the scene.

    Montgomery Public School has confirmed the victim, known as "Coach Q", was the football coach at Carver High School.

    Montgomery police said the Freightliner and the Jeep caught fire. The fire was so intense that the involvement of the Jeep wasn't known until the blaze was contained.

     The other two drivers were not injured.

    The cause of the crash remains under investigation.
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  • A track athlete was changing in a bathroom during a competition at LSU on Friday when he noticed a man taking photos and filming him from another stall

    LSU Police Department report:

    Arnold Antaeus, 35, 700 14th Place, Miami Beach, Florida, was arrested on video voyeurism.

    The athlete told a security guard who alerted police, according to the report. When the security guard tried to approach Antaeus, she said he tried to take the sim card out of his phone.

    It is unclear why Antaeus was at the track meet.
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    For the fifth time since the LSU football season ended, Tiger Stadium was entered illegally, this time by five juveniles on Saturday.

    The youngsters were cited for unauthorized entry and released
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    Juli Glisson, 40, was on probation in a driving under the influence case at the time of the Feb. 2 incident that led to Nashville Police Officer Eric Mumaw's death. That arrest earlier this month led to a charge of violating her probation in the DUI case, court records show.

    Glisson was expected to appear in court but did not. She has been in jail since her arrest last week, and the judge's Thursday order means she will remain there.

    She was again drunk and behind the wheel, records say, in an incident that claimed the life of Mumaw.

    Mumaw, 44, died just before sunrise Feb. 2 trying to rescue Glisson, who was reportedly suicidal and whose car went into the Cumberland River in Madison.

    Arrest documents say Glisson's blood alcohol content was 0.21 percent. The legal limit to drive is 0.08 percent. Glisson was charged with aggravated vehicular homicide.
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    JT Sports Collectibles was advertising that it had a signed helmet by Dobbs, the former Tennessee quarterback. But according to Dobbs, who would know, it was not his signature on the helmet.

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    Search for missing Clemson associate athletic director Bret Henderson came to a sad conclusion on Tuesday.

    News 7 WSPA: an extensive search for the missing Tigers official that began on Monday evening led to the discovery of his dead body on Tuesday.

    Henderson, 60, was found just outside of his property near Easley.

    There was no immediate reported cause of death.

    Henderson was the associate athletic director of planned giving for Clemson. He was declared missing on Monday evening after not reporting for work on Monday morning.

    He worked for Clemson since 1978.

    Tuesdays search includes more than 100 people in eight teams, using dogs, helicopters and horses, according to Fox Carolina.
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  • This needs a little followup explanation. 
    Man found hanging naked, upside down from Mississippi tree

    Union County Sheriff's Office is investigating how Treadaway got stuck in the tree, but officials said he was looking for his dog.

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  •  Ben BabyVerified account‏@Ben_Baby 9h9 hours ago

    Top 3 RPIs of Texas men's hoops teams: Baylor (4), SMU (17), UT-Arlington (34).
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  • Invalid Tweet ID
    LSU police department arrested two LSU students and one non-student on charges of unauthorized entry into a place of business on February 22. Two days later, LSUPD arrested four minors on the same charge. One of the minors was also charged with resisting an officer by flight after fleeing police.

    LSU has dealt with numerous trespassers at Tiger Stadium in recent months, including a at least three times in January.

    Among the trespassers have been a pair of University of Oklahoma students and vandals who damaged the stadiums playing surface.

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  • [Surveillance video of the person of interest available via link]

    Tiffany Ferguson was always thinking of others.

    So much so that the 23-year-old woman dedicated her life to mission work and the nursing profession. She even moved from her small hometown of Loretto, Tenn., to a bigger city where her family said she would often help the homeless.

    Her young life of generosity came to an end early Tuesday after Metro police say an apparent stranger randomly broke into her Wedgewood Park condo under the cover of night and fatally stabbed her.

    On Wednesday, police said the killer remained at large.

    "We were supposed to have lunch yesterday," her 32-year-old sister Molly Cox said through spates of tears. "She had the day off and was coming to home to visit. Now, she's gone. It's senseless."

    Ferguson, who had a contagious smile that family said lit up the room, grew up in Loretto with her parents, Cox and her twin sister, Ali Staggs. Ferguson attended Loretto High School and graduated from the University of North Alabama in 2015. Loretto is about 100 miles south of Nashville near the Alabama border.

    "Her heart was so big," said Cox, who lives in Alabama. "She made all of us want to be better.

    "She loved fitness, cooking and was a foodie especially after she moved to Nashville. She would always take us to random hole-in-the-wall restaurants to try."

    Staggs, her twin sister, said Ferguson loved brunch particularly eating it at Nashville's popular restaurants Saint Anejo and Tavern the city's live music scene, and dancing, although her sisters say she wasn't good at it.

    After graduating from college and accepting a job at Saint Thomas West Hospital where she worked the night shift, Ferguson moved into her first-floor, three-bedroom condo.

    Karen Springer, president and CEO of Saint Thomas Health, said in a statement that the hospital's staff is mourning her loss.

    She was a rising star in nursing having been selected to participate in our nursing residency program just after graduating college," Springer said.

    Before she was killed, Cox said her sister had been out with friends listening to live music.

    At some point, she came home.

    Just before 5:40 a.m., police said a roommate was awoken by screams inside the condo. When she went to check it out, police said she saw the front door open and found Ferguson fatally injured in bed.

    Surveillance video outside the home shows an unidentified male suspect walking around the building looking for open vehicles and open apartment doors. He wore a zip hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans with holes in the rear knee area of both legs as well as the front, and boots.

    Eventually, police said, the suspect entered Fergusons condo through the front unlocked door and began searching for valuables.

    Police said the suspect left with items from her condo at least one time. He put them down before going back inside. At that point, there was a confrontation and Ferguson was stabbed, police said. Police are not releasing what was taken as the case remains under investigation.

    "Everybody loved her," Cox said. "That's what we can't wrap our head around. To know her was to love her."

    On Wednesday, Ferguson's friends and co-workers paid tribute to Ferguson online, dozens mentioning the phrase #justicefortiff and changing their Facebook profile picture to a photo of her.

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  • Intensity - A
    knowing how to handle and teach kids - F
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  • This needs a little followup explanation.

    Lol.  What needs explaining?  Everyone knows if you want to find your lost dog, you climb a tree, tie a rope around yourself, get naked & turn upside down !
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  • LOL......
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  • Quote
    A man charged with recording students changing while he was a teacher in Nashville pleaded not guilty to his charges Wednesday.

    Jarrett Jones, 30, was arraigned in the case by Criminal Court Judge Steve Dozier. Jones, who is in custody, appeared via video feed before the judge Wednesday morning.

    Jones was a full-time music teacher at Napier Elementary from the fall of 2011 to 2015. Metro police say he secretly recorded 40 girls as they changed clothes in a closet in the school's music room.

    He was indicted last month on 35 counts, for incidents from February 2011 through September 2016. Jones worked part-time as a music teacher at Mt. View Elementary school during the 2015-16 school year while also working part-time at Antioch High School.
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    Prosecutors say a man who initially suggested to police his brakes were to blame for a six-car, deadly crash last year in Nashville actually had drugs in his system.

    Austin Hullett III, 32, this week plead guilty and was sentenced on a slate of charges for the April 2016 crash in Antioch that killed John Kurtz, 66. Hullett, driving a van with a woman and four children ages 2 to 6 inside, sped down Bell Road and through a red light, police said.

    In the intersection at Blue Hole Road, Hullett's minivan collided with five other vehicles. Kurtz was thrown from his SUV and died. Seven people were injured, including Hullet, the others in the van and another driver, Tommy Huff.

    Hullett initially told an officer to check the van's brakes, suggesting there had been a problem, according to prior court testimony. But that didn't come out in the investigation.

    "We checked out that claim he made," Assistant District Attorney General Kyle Anderson said. "We had the brakes inspected by a mechanic and saw no defects."

    Instead, testing showed Hullett was on drugs when he was behind the wheel.

    "His blood test indicated THC, the active ingredient of marijuana, a metabolite of cocaine, and morphine, which is a derivative of heroin," Anderson said. "And he admitted to using heroin sometime prior to the crash."

    Hullet on Wednesday plead guilty to leaving the scene of a crash, vehicular homicide by intoxication, vehicular assault, driving with a revoked license, failure to provide proof of insurance and three counts of recklessly aggravated assault. Five other charges were dismissed as part of the plea agreement.

    He was sentenced to a year in jail and an additional nine years on probation. Counting credit for time served since the crash, Hullett is expected to be released from jail next month. ...
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  • Quote
    This is the story of a modern-day "Caddyshack" at a municipal course once made famous by the most influential Southern golfer the game ever produced, Bobby Jones. It's a story of man versus nature, nature versus nature, government versus government.

    But, above all, it's a story about one of the most peculiar golf courses in the eccentric South.

    Bill Murray's Carl Spackler never got the gopher at mythical Bushwood Country Club. In Birmingham's modern-day adaptation, it didn't end well for the furry animals, but they died, say scientists, to preserve another, more favored animal, the endangered and federally protected fish known as the watercress darter.

    The beavers also died, it must be written, to preserve the gently sloping fairway of Roebuck's No. 8 par 4, which doglegs to the right and over a stream, a stream that beavers were using to turn the abutting fairway into a beaver pond.

    According to golf course employees, the prolific and resourceful beavers were rounded up in January with "pitchforks" and "by government employees." The largest of all, weighing in at 38 pounds, was frozen by one of the maintenance staffers for future consumption. This all happened after Birmingham City Council President Johnathan Austin visited the course, and produced a Facebook Live video demanding coverage by television news stations, and implicating negligence by, well, somebody.

    "This is real news," Austin said during his video. "This is coming to you live from Rogusta, where something needs to be done about this. This is beautiful city property. We are trying to preserve the property that we have, take care of the property we already have."

    Austin plays regularly at Roebuck...