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  • All-Decade Teams per School for what has been a lackluster SEC decade: The 2010's to-date


    Anthony Davis  C  '12 National Player of the Year; 1st Draft pick; SEC POY

    John Wall  PG  '10 Consensus 1st Team All-American; 1st Draft pick; SEC POY

    Willie Cauley-Stein PF  '15 Consensus 1st Team All-American, 1st to avg. <10 ppg since '40's

    Malik Monk  SG  '17 SEC AP POY, Coaches FOY; 1st Team All-SEC; First Freshman to lead SEC in scoring since '89

    Michael Kidd-Gilchrist  SF  '12 Consensus 2nd Team All-American, 2nd draft pick

    Karl Anthony-Towns  C  '15 Consensus 2nd Team All-American, 1st draft pick

    Demarcus Cousins  C  '15 Consensus 2nd Team All-American; 5th NBA pick; Olympian

    Tyler Ulis  PG '15-16  SEC POY and DPOY

    De'Aaron Fox  PG '17  1st Team All-SEC

    Julius Randle  PF '14 averaged a double double in 30 mpg. 7th NBA pick.

    Brandon Knight  '11 All-SEC, led team to improbable final four run, 8th NBA pick, original player to forego signing a NLI

    Eric Bledsoe '10 SEC All-Freshman team, 18th NBA pick, former homeless student survived N.Y. Times investigation of grade high school grade inflation and improper benefits (a place to stay)

    Devin Booker '15 reserve guard; NBA lottery pick. He won SEC freshman of the week, four consecutive weeks in January.  Son of Mizzou star Melvin Booker and Veronica Gutierrez

    Terrence Jones '10-12  SEC FOY, 1st Team All-SEC, 18th NBA pick
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  • All-Decade Teams per School for what has been a lackluster SEC decade: The 2010's to-date


    Arnett Moultrie '11-12  1st Team All-SEC, 16.4 ppg, 10.5 rpg, 27th NBA pick

    Rodney Hood '11-12  Avg. 10 ppg and was All-SEC freshman, star at Duke (All-ACC 2nd Team) transferring after the Stansbury firing and Sidney mess

    D Bost '08-12  State's 6th all-time scorer lost games due to NBA draft declaration "mix-up", 1st Team and 2x 2nd Team All-SEC

    Ravern Johnson '07-11  260 career 3-pointers in mostly 3 seasons, 2nd most ever for State with 4th highest 3P% at 39.8%.

    Quinndary Weatherspoon  '17 2nd Team All-SEC, '16 SEC All-Freshman team over Malik Newman

    Craig Sword  '15 Coaches All-SEC 2nd Team

    Gavin Ware '16 AP All-American Honorable Mention

    Lamar Peters  '17 All-SEC Freshman Team

    Jarvis Vanardo '10 SEC 1st Team and Defensive Team, 2x SEC Player of the Week, 2nd round of NBA draft, 3x SEC Defensive Player of the Year ending with the '10 season

    Renardo Sidney, Jr. '10-12  Avg. 11.5 ppg for career and most likely cost Rick Stansbury his job.
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  •  ESPN Stats & Info‏Verified account @ESPNStatsInfo 9h9 hours ago

    Sindarius Thornwell: 1st South Carolina player with 20 points and 10 rebounds in an NCAA Tournament game since Alex English, 1973
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  • Helped South Carolina to their first Sweet 16 appearance under the modern format.
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  •  Elias Sports Bureau‏Verified account @EliasSports 14h14 hours ago

    Most games w/ 20+ points & 10+ rebounds at 21 or younger: Shaq 91, Anthony Davis & Karl-Anthony Towns 64.
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  • From immortal to quite mortal, Kentucky's Unforgettables face midlife challenges 25 years after their greatest moment

    North Carolina and Villanova came up with a reasonable facsimile of the endgame shot-making with the national championship on the line. But even that classic carried less sustained offensive artistry, less emotional cargo and less karmic context than Duke 104, Kentucky 103.

    Especially for the losing side. In particular, for the Kentucky senior class known as The Unforgettables: John Pelphrey, Sean Woods, Deron Feldhaus and Richie Farmer.

    A quarter century later, that quartet of overachieving Wildcats is as ennobled in defeat as the Blue Devils were celebrated in victory.

    Richie Farmer returned the phone call quickly, friendly as ever, sounding happy to renew an old acquaintance. The call was an invitation to relive some of his glory days, one 25-year-old basketball game in particular. For Farmer, talking about the past is much easier than discussing the present.

    When he heard the standard small-talk question How you doing? he laughed mirthlessly.

    Oh, he said, in his familiar Appalachian twang, Im hangin in there.

    One of the most adored athletes to ever shoot an orange ball through a hoop in basketball-obsessed Kentucky is, in fact, struggling to hang in there. He filed for bankruptcy last year, several months after being released from federal prison, and the details of his filing were grim: Farmer stated that he was getting by on $194 a month in food stamps, plus assistance from his parents. He was more than $360,000 in debt.

    His No. 32 jersey hangs in the rafters of Rupp Arena, but for 20 months Farmer was No. 16226-032 in the federal penal system in West Virginia after pleading guilty to misappropriating public funds while the Kentucky state agriculture commissioner...

    College basketball coaches are permanently busy, but Alabama assistant John Pelphrey always returns the calls. Even this time of year. Even when he knows what topic is coming to thump him upside his redheaded noggin yet again.

    I have a hard time appreciating it, Pelphrey said. I appreciate playing at Kentucky, being in the NCAA tournament and being coached by that guy. I appreciate the relationship with the team and the fans. But the game is a moment in time where we never get to put the jersey on again. And it wasnt just any jersey; it was a special, special piece of cloth.

    Its risky to identify anyone as the quintessential in-state Kentucky basketball player, but Pelphrey would make a good choice. All he ever wanted to do was be a Wildcat.

    Reared in Paintsville, another mountain town in the eastern part of the state, the annual family vacation was to the state tournament. When he became good enough to be a standout at Paintsville High, he could dare to dream of actually getting the attention of the Kentucky coaches. The possibility drove him every day.

    My senior year I was up at 5:30, running through town at 6, challenging myself that if you get a chance, youve got to be ready for it, Pelphrey said. I went to Senior Day [in 1986], and when you experience that you become consumed by it. Just give me a chance.

    Eddie Sutton gave Pelphrey a chance, but not much of one. He was redshirted his first season and barely played his second. By the time Pitino got him, Pelphrey was a 21-year-old who had scored 38 career points.

    By the time Pitino was finished with him, Pelphrey had scored 1,257 points and been part of 65 victories in three seasons. This at a time when many thought the depleted Wildcats would be lucky to win 10 a year.

    If any Unforgettable was destined for coaching, Pelphrey was it. He often spent time his senior year going over film in the office of a young assistant coach a guy named Billy Donovan. After a brief stint with Eddie Sutton, Pelphrey went to work for Donovan and eventually became the head coach at South Alabama in 2002.

    That was a rebuilding job, but Pelphrey got it done he won 20 games in his fifth and sixth seasons, advancing to the NCAA tournament in year five. That led him to Arkansas in 2007-08 to replace Stan Heath...
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  •  ESPN Stats & Info‏Verified account @ESPNStatsInfo 6h6 hours ago

    Not only did @Suns have youngest starting 5 in NBA history (@EliasSports), it was younger than 7 of 8 teams that played in Sweet 16 Thursday
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  •  David Cloninger‏ @DCTheState 6m6 minutes ago

    Sindarius Thornwell checks out with 24 points. He is two away from passing Devan Downey for fourth on the all-time chart.
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  •  ESPN Stats & Info‏Verified account @ESPNStatsInfo 54s54 seconds ago

    52 points and counting for Devin Booker.

    Last Suns player with at least that many in a game- Tony Delk, 2001 against the Kings (53)
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  •  Adam Himmelsbach‏Verified account @AdamHimmelsbach 46s46 seconds ago

    Cs 130, Suns 120. Final.
    Devin Booker with 70 points on 21 for 40 shooting, 24-26 from the line.
    The Cs find ways to make boring games fun.
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    Joe Johnson's 17 points @ the Clippers today moved him to 19,918 career #NBA points. 82 from 20,000 with 9 games left in the regular season.
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  • Quote
    Heres how a 2017 all-tourney team made up of SEC players looks:

    G: Sindarius Thornwell, South Carolina
    Stats: 25.8 PPG, 7.5 RPG, 2.5 APG

    G: DeAaron Fox, Kentucky
    Stats: 21.3 PPG, 2.8 RPG, 2.8 APG

    G: PJ Dozier, South Carolina
    Stats: 15.3 PPG, 3.8 RPG, 2.5 APG

    F Justin Leon, Florida
    Stats: 10.5 PPG, 7.0 RPG, 51.7 percent FG, 44.4 percent 3-point FG

    F Moses Kingsley, Arkansas
    Stats: 16.0 PPG, 5.5 RPG, 3.0 BPG
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  • 2017 Consensus All-Americans

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  •  ESPN Stats & Info‏Verified account @ESPNStatsInfo 4h4 hours ago

    Anthony Davis: 30 pts, 13 rebounds in his last 3 gms. Last player with 30/13 in 4 straight gms? Shaquille ONeal (April 2000)
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  •  Trent Shadid‏ @Shadid13 6h6 hours ago

    Little Rock native and former Razorback Joe Johnson with a team-high 21 points and the game-winning buzzer beater for the Utah Jazz.
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  • Quote
    Portis never lost confidence, never doubted. And as a result, the Bulls suddenly are in position with a 1-0 series lead to shock the Boston Celtics in their first round playoff series.

    Sure, Jimmy Butler was clutch with 15 fourth quarter points and the clinching free throws and Robin Lopez was dominant with 11 rebounds, eight offensive in the Bulls 53-36 rebounding advantage. But it was a Bulls 35-22 bench edge led by Portis eight for 10 shooting and 19 points that proved decisive.

    "Ive always been confident. It helps at the same time I knew the circumstances of what my team needed from me. I went out there and played my basketball game; I took the shots that came to me tonight.

    Bobby Portis
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  •  Ole Miss Basketball‏Verified account @OleMissMBB 2h2 hours ago

    RELEASE | Ole Miss All-American Rahim Lockhart Named Assistant Coach

    📰 >>
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  • Only loss of short, 39 game college career saw Harrison take three consecutive 30 second shot violations to set up twin rather than get big man the ball on the block.  Now he's messing with this guy:

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  •  Jeff Goodman‏Verified account @GoodmanESPN 22h22 hours ago

    Al Horford, who chose the Celtics over Washington this past offseason in free agency, has taken over in last few...

    Tito Horford's son is an all-time Florida Gator great
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  • BIG3 league allows former LSU star Chris Jackson to return to scene of the sublime

    Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf has not been in Rupp Arena since he scored 41 points against Kentucky on Feb. 15, 1990. Then he was known as Chris Jackson, a phenomenally talented guard for LSU.

    Abdul-Rauf returns to Rupp Arena on Aug. 6 as part of a touring three-on-three league.

    He has faint memories of a game that was 27 years, a conversion to Islam and a name change ago. By contrast, the game Kentucky won 100-95 is a lasting memory for those UK fans who saw it. It signaled that Rick Pitinos embryonic rebuilding effort could achieve great things. After all, a shorthanded and under-sized UK team defeated an LSU team featuring not only Abdul-Rauf (an all-SEC player), but freshman giants Shaquille ONeal (14 points, 21 rebounds against UK that game) and Stanley Roberts (13 points, 13 rebounds).

    And Kentucky did not catch LSU unaware. To borrow from current UK Coach John Calipari, Abdul-Rauf said LSU approached the game with a Super Bowl-like anticipation.

    Granted, youre trying to come at everybody you play against, he said last week. But its even more special, and its hard not to get up for a game with that many daggone people yelling and screaming.

    In four career games against Kentucky, Abdul-Rauf averaged 32.5 points.
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  •  Jeff Goodman‏Verified account @GoodmanESPN

    All-NBA First Team: Harden, Westbrook, LeBron, Kawhi and Anthony Davis.

    All-NBA Second Team: Steph Curry, Isaiah Thomas, Kevin Durant, Giannis and Rudy Gobert.

    NBA All-Third Team: John Wall, DeRozan, Jimmy Butler, Draymond Green and DeAndre Jordan.
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  • Quote
    Thornwell became the first SEC player of the year in program history in 2016-17. The Lancaster, S.C., native scored 21.4 points and grabbed 7.4 rebounds per game as a senior, helping lead the Gamecocks to the first Final Four in school history.
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  •  Not Jerry Tipton‏ @NotJerryTipton 2h2 hours ago

    From the 2010-11 season through the 2013-14 season, Louisville went four years without winning a game.

    This is an NCAA record.