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  • Tennessee (updated)

    The Vols have had six coaches spanning the original 12-Team SEC Expansion Era ('91-92 to '12-'13).

    Cuonzo Martin, 41 took the Vol head coaching job after leading the Missouri State Bears for three seasons. He is the fifth D1 coach from the Gene Keady coaching tree. The Vols went 10-6 in the '12 SEC regular season and earned second place via the SEC tie-breaker. Tennessee lost to Middle Tennessee State in the second round of the NIT. The '13 team went 11-7 in SEC play but lost in the opening round of the NIT to Mercer. Martin is 21-13 (61.8%) in SEC play after two seasons.

    Bruce Pearl, 50 was coach for six seasons at UT.  In SEC regular season play, Pearl is 65-31 (including his 8-game suspension in '11), a 68% winning percentage. This prorates to a 10.8-5.2 SEC average season.

    Pearl took UT to the NCAA-T each season. 2010 was the Vols first Elite Eight appearance in program history. Pearl has also made the Sweet Sixteen twice. Tennessee won the SEC regular season crown in '08 and finished with an overall 31-5 record. The Vols earned a first round SEC bye in Pearl's first four seasons, failing last season in the Elite Eight year. Out of conference road wins were enough to propel UT into the tourney this season.

    AD Mike Hamilton made remarks on a radio program that seemed to distract the Vols and after a good start they lost by 30 in their first round game against Michigan in '11.

    Pearl was preceded by Buzz Peterson who was Michael Jordan's college roommate. Buzz coached four years at UT. His regular season conference record was 29-35 (45%). This prorates to a 7.25-8.75 average season. Buzz failed to make the NCAA-T and his team was eliminated in the NIT in the first round in two tries.

    Jerry Green coached UT for four seasons from '97-98 to '00-01. His regular season conference record was 41-23 (63%) going 12-4 twice. This prorates to a 10-6 average. Green took the Vols to the NCAA-T each season with the Sweet Sixteen being their crowning achievement. At the time it was UT's second Sweet Sixteen appearance ever and first in 19 seasons. Tennessee shared the SEC Regular Season championship in 2000.
    Current USC Coach Kevin O'Neill coached UT for three seasons and could not get a rebuilding job accomplished. O'Neill was hired after his Marquette team defeated UK in the NCAA-T second round in '94.

    O'Neill was 14-24 in SEC regular season play. He made the post season once, a first round elimination in the NIT.

    Wade Houston coached at UT for five seasons. He was the first black head coach in a major sport in SEC history. Houston was Denny Crum's long time assistant at UofL and he brought his son Allan who became UT's all-time leading scorer.

    Coach Houston's teams failed to make the NCAA-T. They did qualify for the NIT twice. He twice lost 22 games overall and his last season, '93-94 saw a 5-22 record, UT's worst in history.
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  • A&M

    Billy Kennedy, 49, took over for Mark Turgeon in 2011 the latter left for Maryland. Kennedy was an A&M assistant in '90-91. He coached the Murray State Mafia to a 31-5 record and NCAA second round appearance in 2009.

    After a rebuilding season in the Big 12, Kennedy's A&M team went 7-11 in his first SEC season including a big win in Rupp Arena. Kennedy was diagnosed with early stages of Parkinson's in the fall of 2011 and briefly turned the team over to Coach Cyp.
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  • Vanderbilt (updated)

    52-year old Kevin Stallings completed his 14th season at Vandy by withstanding a year in which he lost his top six players, five seniors and a key junior, with an 8-10 confernce record. Stallings is 111-115 in regular season SEC games for a 49.1% winning percentage. Home v. Road win percentage is not readily available.

    After failing to have a winning conference record in his first four seasons, Stallings has dipped below .500 only twice, the losing record prior to '12-13 was 7-9. Vandy has made the NCAA six times counting '12, twice to the Sweet Sixteen. This represents two of six times Vandy has made the Sweet Sixteen ever. Roy Skinner took Vandy to the Elite Eight during Kentucky's off season in '65 and in a 16-team tournament field. Vandy has won neither the SEC regular season but did win their first SEC-T under Stallings in '12. They have finished second in the SEC-E twice, including a 12-4 run last season. Vandy has been in post season play 10 of 13 seasons. Vandy lost to 4-seed Wisconsin in their 2nd NCAA-T game in '12.

    Stallings was a teammate of Arkansas native JB Carroll during his playing days at Purdue.

    Jan van Breda Kolff preceded Stallings at Vandy and coached for six seasons. Jan was the SEC Player of the Year in 1974 and helped Vandy gain a share of the Conference regular season title and a Sweet 16 run in the NCAA-T.

    Jan was 43-53 for a prorated average of 7-9. van Breda Kolff took Vandy to the NCAA first round once in his six seasons. Vandy was in the NIT three times, runners up in '94.

    Eddie Fogler was Vandy's coach for four seasons. His last two seasons were the first two of the SEC expansion era. Fogler went 38-30 in conference regular season play prorating to a 9-7 mark. He took Vandy to the NCAA twice and to the NIT the other two seasons.

    For Fogler, Vandy was the NIT Champ in '90. In '93, Vandy won the SEC regular season championship with a 14-2 mark. Vandy made the Sweet 16 and finished with an overall 28-6 record.

    Fogler left Vandy to take on a rebuilding task at South Carolina.
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  • Number of Teams the SEC placed in the NCAA-T from 1999 Tourney to present with seeds in parentheses:

    2013 [3]: Florida (3), Mizzou (9), Ole Miss (12)

    2012 [4]: UK (1-overall), VU (5), UF (7), Bama (9)

    2011 [5]: UF (2), UK (4), VU (5), UT (9), UG (10)

    2010 [4]: UK (1), Vandy (4), UT (6), UF (10)

    2009 [3]: LSU (Eight), UT (9), MSSt (13)

    2008 [6]: UT(2),VU(4),Hogs(8,MSt(8,UK(11),UGa(14)

    2007 [5]: UF(1), UT(5), VU(6), UK (8, Hogs (12)

    2006 [6]: UT(2),UF(3),LSU(4),Hogs(8 ,UK(8 ,Bama(10)

    2005 [5]: UK(2), UF(4), Bama (5), LSU (6), MSt (9)

    2004 [6]: UK(1),MSt(2),UF(5),VU(6),Bama(8 ,SC(10)

    2003 [6]: UK(1-overall),UF(2),MSt(5),LSU(8 ,Bama(10),AU(10)

    2002 [6]: Bama(2), UG(3), MSt(3), UK(4), UF(5), OM(9)

    2001 [6]: UK(2), OM(3), UF(3), Hogs(7), UG(8 , UT(8

    2000 [6]: LSU(4),UT(4),UF(5),UK(5),AU(7), Hogs(11)
    1999 [6]: AU(1), UK(3), Hogs(4), UT(4), UF(6), OM(9)

    1998 [5]: UK (2), SC (3), OM (4), Hogs (6), Vols (8

    1997 [5]: UK (1), SC (2), UGa (3), OM (8, VU (10)

    1996 [4]: UK (1), State (5), UGa (8, Hogs (12)

    1995 [5]: UK (1), Hogs (2), State (5), Bama (5), UF (10)

    1994 [4]: Hogs (1), UK (3), UF (3), Bama (9)

    1993 [4]: UK (1), Vandy (3), Hogs (4), LSU (11)

    1992 [4]: UK (2), Hogs (3), Bama (5), LSU (7)

    2009 is still the worst year but 2013 came close. Ole Miss was an upset winner of the conference tourney. It's not certain they took Kentucky's spot as they may have already secured a spot by making the SEC-T championship game.  Idle speculation for an otherwise poor year conference-wide with better performance in the tourney by Florida and Ole Miss.
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  • SEC Coaches NCAA Tournament seeding and accomplishment from most recent:

    Andy Kennedy; 2013: 12 seed, won opening game
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  • SEC Coaches NCAA Tournament seeding and accomplishment from most recent:

    Frank Haith; 2013: 9 seed, lost opening game
                      2012: 2 seed, lost opening game
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  • SEC Coaches NCAA Tournament seeding and accomplishment from most recent:

    Donovan ('97-present)
                 2013: 3 seed, Elite 8
                 2012: 7 seed, Elite 8 (1st 7 seed since '84 to make Elite Eight)
                 2011: 2 seed, Elite 8
                 2010: 10 seed, 1st round exit
                 2007: 1 seed, National Champion
                 2006: 3 seed, National Champion
                 2005: 4 seed, 2nd round
                 2004: 5 seed, 1st round exit
                 2003: 2 seed, 2nd round
                 2002: 5 seed, 1st round exit
                 2001: 3 seed, 2nd round
                 2000: 5 seed, National Finals game
                 1999: 6 seed, Sweet 16   
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  • SEC Coaches total number of Regular Season Conference wins from '91-92 to Present. This balances on-the-court success with ability to sustain a career and a desire to stay with the SEC School over other options.

    Coach                 Wins  Avg. Season Seasons
    Billy Donovan        174      10.2-5.8   17
    Tubby Smith         139      11.6-4.4   12
    Rick Stansbury      122        8.7-7.3   14
    Kevin Stallings      111        7.9-8.1   14
    Nolan Richardson   109        9.9-6.1   11
    Mark Gottfried        84        8.0-8.0   10.5
    Rick Pitino             80       13.3-2.7    6
    Eddie Fogler          77         7.7-8.3   10
    John Brady            74         7.1-8.9   10.5
    Cliff Ellis               73         7.3-8.7   10
    Andy Kennedy        66         8.1-7.9    7
    Bruce Pearl            65        10.8-5.2   6
    Richard Williams     53         7.6-8.4    7
    John Calipari          52        12.6-3.4   4
    Rod Barnes            50         6.2-9.8    8
    David Hobbs          50         8.3-7.7    6
    Lon Kruger             44        8.8-7.2    5
    Jan van Breda Kolff 43        7.2-8.8    6
    Rob Evans              43        7.2-8.8    6
    Jerry Green            41       10.2-5.8    4
    Dave Odom            41        5.9-10.1   7

    Nolan Richardson won a significant number of SWC games for Arkansas prior to '91-92.

    Richard Williams, Rick Pitino, Eddie Fogler, and Lon Kruger all had SEC victories in seasons prior to '91-92.

    Tubby Smith's total reflects wins at UGa and UK.
    Eddie Fogler's total reflects '91-'02 wins at Vandy and USC.

    Billy Donovan, Kevin Stallings, Andy Kennedy, and John Calipari are active SEC coaches.
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  • Looks like when the '13-14 season begins with practice in late September, there will be no head coaching changes from last season.
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  • Given Brad Stevens' move to the Celtics, how have SEC and former SEC head and assistant coaches fared with a move to the NBA

    Leonard Hamilton: Hamilton turned three straight tournaments at Miami into the Washington Wizards job, but he quit the day after his first season, 2000-2001, ended and went back to college.

    Lon Kruger: Kruger was the head coach at four different college programs before taking over the Hawks in 2000. He won 58 games his first two seasons and was fired midway through the 2002-2003 season.

    Rick Pitino: Pitino bounced around between the NBA and college. He started at BU, went to the NBA as an assistant with the Knicks, returned to Providence, took over the Knicks head coaching job, returned to college to coach Kentucky in 1989, took over the Celtics in 1997 and, after a less-than-stellar tenure, has been at Louisville for the last dozen years.

    John Calipari: After making the Final Four in 1996, Cal took over the Nets. He actually made the Playoffs in his second season, but was fired after a 3-17 start in 1998-1999. After a year as an assistant in Philly, he returned to take over Memphis.

    One wag at KentuckySportsRadio noted that Stevens is following the model to become Kentucky's next head coach.
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  • With no turnover from '12-13 to '13-14, here is a look at the tenure of the current SEC Mens Basketball coaches from longest to shortest serving.

    Billy Donovan

    In 1989, Rick Pitino pulled Billy Donovan from Wall Street to be the "Shot Dr." on his probation-era UK teams. One who truly benefitted was former red shirt bench warmer John Pelphrey who was first team All-SEC in 1991.

    After a couple of seasons as head coach at Marshall, Donovan took over the Florida Gators for the 1996-97 season.

    Donovan took the Gators to the Sweet Sixteen in his third season. It's was Florida's third ever Sweet Sixteen appearance and only their second time in the season end top 25 in school history.

    His team was NCAA runner up in 2000. After coaching a cast of characters, Donovan found a winning formula. With three sons of former pro athletes and the benefit of pre-existing relationships funding legally funding a college experience fit for kings, Florida won back-to-back championships.

    Donovan even took a short cut to check off another proven model of success. Rather than toil in the NBA and return to big success, Donovan, upon learning his sons of pro athletes would not return for a senior season, left for Orlando for a day and then returned.

    After rebuilding, Donovan has used a mix of one-n-done and four year players to make the Elite Eight the last three seasons.  When you look at total Elite Eight finishes for all SEC teams, all time, that's a significant achievement.

    Donovan has averaged just over 10 SEC regular season wins per year in 17 seasons.
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  • Kevin Stallings

    In fourteen seasons at Vandy, his SEC regular season conference record is 111-115.

    Vandy beat UK to win the SEC Tournament in 2012.  He has been to the NCAA-T six times, advancing to the Sweet Sixteen twice (last time in 2007).

    He's had six NBA draft picks during his tenure and has had even better luck getting his players voted as SEC Player of the Year.

    He is the master of the whistle in the court configuration that is Memorial Gym.
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  • With no turnover from '12-13 to '13-14, here is a look at the tenure of the current SEC Mens Basketball coaches from longest to shortest serving.

    Andy Kennedy

    He survived an NCAA Tournament appearance drought and a self-described international incident on the mean streets of Cincinnati to be the current third longest tenured head coach in the SEC.

    After last season's 12-6 conference run, Kennedy is now 66-64 in SEC regular season conference games spanning seven seasons. Ole Miss made what the NCAA now calls the "third round" after winning the SEC Tournament.

    Kennedy's teams had never been more than plus or minus one game away from .500 in SEC games. He had made the NIT with 20 or more wins every season except '09 when the Rebels went 16-15 overall. Kennedy took a chance on Henderson and with more than loss of consortium at stake he finished with 27 wins.

    Ole Meal Ticke Marshall is currently suspended and having lost Murphy and Reginald, Kennedy has some tough choices to make. Here's guessing it won't be that tough for the former assistant to Bob Huggins.
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  • With no turnover from '12-13 to '13-14, here is a look at the tenure of the current SEC Mens Basketball coaches from longest to shortest serving.

    Anthony Grant

    Grant just completed his fourth season in the SEC. His conference regular season record is 39-27. His (21-12, 9-7) '12 team got an NCAA bid and exited after their first game. His 12-4 team was first in the SEC-W and runner-up in the NIT tourney.

    Grant suspended and then dismissed key players in '11-12.

    He is considered to be on the hot seat in '13-14.
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  • With no turnover from '12-13 to '13-14, here is a look at the tenure of the current SEC Mens Basketball coaches from longest to shortest serving.

    Calipari just completed his fourth season at UK with an opening round NIT loss in his home township to Robert Morris. He is 52-14 in SEC regular season games with the majority of losses accumulated in the '10-11 and '12-13 seasons.

    His clothing line was introduced earlier today.

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  • With no turnover from '12-13 to '13-14, here is a look at the tenure of the current SEC Mens Basketball coaches from longest to shortest serving.

    Mark Fox

    With one winning season and an '11 NCAA bid in four seasons, Fox is thought to be on the hot seat in Athens, especially after Caldwell-Pope became an NBA Draft Lottery Pick. He is good friends with Mark Richt.

    Fox is 28-38 in SEC Conference regular season games after going 66-16 in WAC games at Nevada. He inherited a rebuilding job at UGa.
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  • Tony Barbee

    Barbee is 12-38 (.240) in conference games over three seasons at Auburn and has had a point shaving scandal. Auburn finished last in the SEC last season with a plus-300 RPI. 
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  • With no turnover from '12-13 to '13-14, here is a look at the tenure of the current SEC Mens Basketball coaches from longest to shortest serving.

    Mike Anderson, March 24, 2011

    On the rebuild Anderson's teams improved from 6-10 to 10-8 from his first to second season. Anderson became the second SEC coach to have joined the SEC having had a 30-plus win season at a prior stop in D1.

    The importance of a hire can also be measured in the either the rectum soreness or "don't let the door hit ya" response from the prior employer.  Here is an on-line resume' from a MU grad still looking for journalism work two and a half years later:

    "I showed up too and got booed by 5,000 Razorbacks..."
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  • Cuonzo Martin, March 27, 2011

    Two NIT appearances after replacing Bruce Pearl for Martin who is 21-13 in SEC regular season games. Predicted to finish as high as number three for '13-14 in some preseason projections.
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  • With no turnover from '12-13 to '13-14, here is a look at the tenure of the current SEC Mens Basketball coaches from longest to shortest serving.

    Frank Haith, April 5, 2011

    There were premature reports that Mizzou had hired Matt Painter to replace Mike Anderson. Despite having a sub-.400 winning percentage in ACC conference games, Miami's Frank Haith was tapped.

    Haith's team was 11-7 in first SEC conference season. His team won 30 games in his first season playing in the Big 12 before losing their NCAA opener to Norfolk St. Haith has been noted for his reliance on transfers. Last season, he added Alex Oriakhi (UConn), Keion Bell (Pepperdine), Earnest Ross (Auburn) and Jabari Brown (Oregon).

    Ross and Brown return this season and Tulsa transfer Jordan Clarkson will be eligible. Haith also picked up Baylor transfer Deuce Bello and UofL transfer Zach Price, who will have to sit out next season.
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  • Billy Kennedy, May 16, 2011

    Replaced Mark Turgeon and came from a baby cradle of coaches for the SEC, Murray State. Prior to his first game at A&M, Kennedy was diagnosed with an early stage of Parkinson's Disease and Glynn Cyprien coached the team's debut. Kennedy is 7-11 in SEC games after going 4-14 in his first season in the Big 12. He got a big win in Rupp last season but lost to Southern U., UGa, and others at home.

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  • Current and former Georgia basketball coaches were spotted at football games yesterday.

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  • Auburn's Tony Barbee: SEC is 'best basketball league in the country'

    Why does Barbee believe the SEC is the strongest conference in the country?

    "Look at the national titles we've won since, I think, you talk the modern game since, I think, (19)97 we've won the most national titles as a league over any league," he said. "I think that speaks for itself. You look at the pros this league puts out, so I think all those things speak for itself."

    [I wouldn't choose '97 as the cut off if I was making that case.]

    Auburn is coming off one of its worst seasons in recent memory after losing 16 of its final 17 games. Barbee rebuilt the roster with eight newcomers and believes he has his most talented roster yet on the Plains. The Tigers were picked by the media Wednesday to finish last in the SEC this season.

    Auburn opens the regular season Nov. 8 against Nicholls State.

    Barbee, entering his fourth season, also mentioned that the "hot seat" doesn't mean a thing to him and he doesn't care what anybody thinks.
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  • At SEC Basketball Media Days, Florida coach Billy Donovan was surprised to learn he’d passed Kentucky legend Adolph Rupp for most NCAA tournament victories in the conference. …

    The field expanded from eight teams to as many as 25 teams during Rupp's tenure. The first tournament was held in 1939.  Rupp's teams usually always received a bye reducing the number of opportunities to beat 12-16 seeded type teams we know and love today. There were consolation games to allow chances for more wins.
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  • Can Tubby save TTech?

    Tubby Smith isn’t in the business of being interesting.

    That’s part of what made him an ill fit at Kentucky, where the slowed-down style dubbed “Tubbyball” helped him win the 1998 national title that is still his calling card in coaching circles. It also got him on the bad side of Big Blue Nation, who howled with frustration watching prize recruit Rajon Rondo walking the ball up the court between 2005-2006. A couple of 12+ loss seasons put the writing on the wall, so Smith jumped to Minnesota before he could be pushed out.

    Billy Gillispie followed Smith at Kentucky and preceded him at his current posting at Texas Tech. Gillispie’s antics in Lexington and Lubbock served very well to show fans that they could do worse than Orlando Smith… a lot worse.

    Smith actually adjusted to the talent and style available to win it in 1998.

    Columnist predicts Tubby will have TTech back in the NCAA-T in the future.
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  • I'm hoping that Ole Miss can hang onto Kennedy after this year.  This looks to be another NIT season, and some Rebel fans were getting antsy last year.  When you consider what Barnes left Kennedy, the utter lack of history and a terrible facility, it's really a wonder that Kennedy has done what he has.

    Hopefully, he'll get a chance to coach and recruit with the new Tad Pad, scheduled to open in January 2016.  He may not make it, though.
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  • Jeff Lockridge ‏@jefflockridge 2m
    FINAL: #Vandy 80, Lipscomb 69. Dores (2-0) pull away late, Kevin Stallings becomes winningest coach in @VandyMBB history (279 wins)

    Jeff Lockridge ‏@jefflockridge 1m
    #Vandy honors memory and career of Roy Skinner after the game at Stallings' request. Classy move.

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  • It was Stallings’ 279thvictory at Vanderbilt, where he arrived for the 1999-2000 season. He passed Roy Skinner, who collected 278 wins after coaching the Commodores in 1959 and then from 1962-76.

    “Coach Skinner is a legendary guy around here for us, and I wish somehow I could continue to win a lot of games and just tie his record and not break it,” Stallings said. “But I’ve been very fortunate. I’ve had great coaches and great players and great support from our administration. You don’t see somebody these days very often make it 15 years at the same place.

    “I’ve been fortunate to have really good support and really good people around me.”

    Stallings is now 279-175 in all games at Vandy.

    His emotional highlight was his veteran's team win over Kentucky's eventual national champions to win the SEC Tournament championship in 2012.
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  • VandyMBB ‏@VandyMBB 9h
    Standing ovation for Coach Stallings for becoming Vandy's all-time wins leader at the @VandyFootball game

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  • Dave Matter ‏@Dave_Matter 16 Nov
    Missouri interim coach Tim Fuller on KC: This is Mizzou West.

    Tim Fuller is the interim coach for Mizzou during Coach Haith's five game suspension.  His comment came after the Tigers beat Hawaii before 13,000+ in the Sprint Center.
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  • From humble beginnings, Fuller's time arrives at Mizzou

    “I was always alone,” Fuller said. “But that’s why basketball became the sport of choice for me. In football, you need two people. In basketball, you’ve got the rim, the backboard, the basket and you’ve got yourself. I did so much on my own that basketball became my escape.”

    Fuller, now 35 and into his five-game experience as Missouri’s interim head coach, hardly is alone these days.

    While some might view Fuller’s five-game stint as an audition for his first head-coaching opportunity, Fuller sees it differently.

    “I want to help the team be at the same level or better in any given area so when Coach comes back it’s like, ‘Hey, you left the house in good hands and when you returned it’s not in shambles,’” Fuller recently said. “My loyalty and obligation is to Frank. Then whatever comes out of this for me is secondary — almost third. You’ve got Frank, the players and then myself.”

    Fuller's Mizzou record was 5-0.
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  • Jimmy Hyams ‏@JimmyHyams 20 Dec
    Bruce Pearl told me today that fans wishing for his return is counterproductive to UT's program and unfair to players and Cuonzo Martin

    Pearl said UT fans need to support the program, the players and Martin. He said distractions hurt his last team at Tennessee.

    Pearl also told me he hasn't appealed to the NCAA to end his show-cause sooner than August 2014, but he and his attorney have considered it

    Pearl said he's unsure if he should appeal now or wait to see if he gets hired, then appeal to have his show-cause reduced
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  • Gregg G. Ellis ‏@MSUsportsGregg 18 Dec
    Richard Williams and .@RickRay1 talking basketball. Always good having coach back on campus.

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  • Mark Fox may be feeling the heat

    For starters, how did a team with the SEC Player of the Year in Kentavious Caldwell-Pope manage to finish with a sub-.500 record?

    Or, why is it that Georgia has had just one winning season in Fox’s four years as head coach?

    Under Fox, the Dawgs have reached the NCAA tournament once, though arguably that might have happened with or without him considering the talent he inherited in Trey Thompkins and Travis Leslie.

    While I may have resisted to mention Fox’s vulnerability in regards to remaining the Dawgs’ skipper, other media outlets did not shy away from putting CMF on their preseason “Coaches on the Hot Seat” lists:

    NBC Sports, Athlon Sports and Yahoo Sports all listed Fox as a candidate that could potentially be ushered out the door at season’s end.

    After 11 games this year already it appears that Fox is going to need a major turnaround in conference play to salvage his job. Though Georgia is 6-5 on the season, the Dawgs have yet to beat a team from a power conference, losing games to Georgia Tech, Temple, Nebraska and Colorado – this does not bode well for SEC play...
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  • Number of Teams the SEC placed in the NCAA-T from 1992 Tourney to present with seeds in parentheses:

    2013 [3]: Florida (3), Mizzou (9), Ole Miss (12)

    2012 [4]: UK (1-overall), VU (5), UF (7), Bama (9)

    2011 [5]: UF (2), UK (4), VU (5), UT (9), UG (10)

    2010 [4]: UK (1), Vandy (4), UT (6), UF (10)

    2009 [3]: LSU (Eight), UT (9), MSSt (13)

    2008 [6]: UT(2),VU(4),Hogs(8,MSt(8,UK(11),UGa(14)

    2007 [5]: UF(1), UT(5), VU(6), UK (8, Hogs (12)

    2006 [6]: UT(2),UF(3),LSU(4),Hogs(8 ,UK(8 ,Bama(10)

    2005 [5]: UK(2), UF(4), Bama (5), LSU (6), MSt (9)

    2004 [6]: UK(1),MSt(2),UF(5),VU(6),Bama(8 ,SC(10)

    2003 [6]: UK(1-overall),UF(2),MSt(5),LSU(8 ,Bama(10),AU(10)

    2002 [6]: Bama(2), UG(3), MSt(3), UK(4), UF(5), OM(9)

    2001 [6]: UK(2), OM(3), UF(3), Hogs(7), UG(8 , UT(8

    2000 [6]: LSU(4),UT(4),UF(5),UK(5),AU(7), Hogs(11)
    1999 [6]: AU(1), UK(3), Hogs(4), UT(4), UF(6), OM(9)

    1998 [5]: UK (2), SC (3), OM (4), Hogs (6), Vols (8

    1997 [5]: UK (1), SC (2), UGa (3), OM (8, VU (10)

    1996 [4]: UK (1), State (5), UGa (8, Hogs (12)

    1995 [5]: UK (1), Hogs (2), State (5), Bama (5), UF (10)

    1994 [4]: Hogs (1), UK (3), UF (3), Bama (9)

    1993 [4]: UK (1), Vandy (3), Hogs (4), LSU (11)

    1992 [4]: UK (2), Hogs (3), Bama (5), LSU (7)

    2009 is still the worst year but 2013 came close. Ole Miss was an upset winner of the conference tourney. It's not certain they took Kentucky's spot as they may have already secured a spot by making the SEC-T championship game.  Idle speculation for an otherwise poor year conference-wide with better performance in the tourney by Florida and Ole Miss.

    Total number of SEC teams to make the NCAA-T in '13/14?

    Over/Under 4.5?
  • #141 by jbcarol on 27 Jan 2014
  • I wonder if Cuonzo Martin is starting to feel the influence of the Dooley Effect. Remember, Derek Dooley was Tennessee’s football coach for only three seasons before it was determined that mediocrity was unacceptable and he was fired. For those keeping score, Martin is in his third season as Vols basketball coach, and his team simply is not playing up to expectations.

    Claims AD Dave Hart does not have a problem making "tough calls".

    Bruce Pearl's show cause penalty ends later in 2014.
  • #142 by jbcarol on 29 Jan 2014
  • Rick Pitino was “shocked and surprised,” and then he was over it. The University of Louisville’s Hall of Fame basketball coach was blindsided by the return of Bobby Petrino, left out of the loop on a decision that deserved his attention...

    “I don’t think you can write a book and Chapter One is based on humility and then have problems like this,” Pitino said Wednesday afternoon. “I really don’t believe you can be that way. I think you’d be a total fraud.

    “Now, was I shocked and surprised? Yes, I was. Did I find out after everybody else found out? Yes. (But) that’s where humility comes in. A humble person, if he is truly that, would not think he should be in the loop. A basketball coach who’s here 12 years, maybe should think that.”

    He had to know that there would be some moral outrage and mean-spirited humor as a result of the messy extramarital scandals of his two highest-profile employees, and he should have braced Pitino for that backlash before the coach was told Twitter was “going crazy with Petrino/Pitino jokes.”

    Jurich probably should have been more sensitive to how his hire might play in the Pitino household and the painful memories it would revive. He should not have let the coach of the defending NCAA champions learn the news from his daughter, Jacqueline.

    “I was not upset about it and neither was my wife,” Pitino said Wednesday, seated behind the desk of his office at the KFC Yum! Center...

    “If I have a problem with Bobby Petrino, it has nothing to do with any transgressions he may have had in life because I’d be the last person to cast any stone in that area,” Pitino said. “If I have a problem, it’s when he was here at the university — if there is a problem. It’s nothing that he’s done wrong at Arkansas or any other place. I don’t even get involved in that.”

    Pitino claimed the only time he met Petrino before was when he was requested to intercede after the Auburn Jetgate incident.
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  • #144 by jbcarol on 31 Jan 2014
  • Scarblog: The last time Alabama started the month of February with a losing overall record and a losing record in the Southeastern Conference, David Hobbs was the head coach.

    But not for long.

    That's not a prediction of where this season will end for Anthony Grant, whose Alabama team fell to 9-11 overall and 3-4 in the SEC after Thursday night's embarrassing and dispiriting 74-55 loss at Auburn.

    It's simply a sad parallel between one coach who did some good things in Tuscaloosa but not enough of them and another coach who may be heading down that same path.

    The 2014 Alabama basketball team isn't as bad as its 1998 ancestor, which is about the best thing you can say about this edition of the Crimson Tide. Hobbs' last team finished January 9-12 overall and 1-7 in the SEC. That team suffered an even more lopsided and unforgivable January loss at Auburn to the tune of 94-40.

    But that Auburn team was building toward an SEC championship the following year. This Auburn team was going nowhere fast, at least until Alabama got to town.

    This Auburn team hadn't won in its first six conference starts this season, in its last 16 games in the league dating to last year. This Auburn team had people questioning the future of fourth-year coach Tony Barbee.

    How did Alabama respond?

    By never taking the lead a single time.

    Notes that there is still time for Grant and Barbee but the clock is ticking.
  • #145 by jbcarol on 31 Jan 2014
  • Pat Dooley ‏@pat_dooley  4h
    Tracking UF’s best hoops starts: Florida’s 18-2 record through its first 20 games ties the best mark all-time ...


    Started 18-2. SEC finish: First in the East. NCAA Tournament: National champions.


    Started: 18-2. SEC finish: Second in the East. NCAA Tournament: National champions.


    Started 18-2. SEC finish: First. NCAA Tournament: Lost in Elite Eight to Michigan.


    Started: 18-2. SEC finish: Second in East. NCAA Tournament: Lost in second round to Michigan State.


    Started 17-4. SEC Finish: Tied for first in East. NCAA Tournament: Lost in Final Four to Duke.


    Started: 17-3. SEC finish: Fourth in East. NCAA Tournament: Did not make field. [SOS]
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  • Knoxville-based Mr.SEC on whether there is a race to hire Bruce Pearl

    So why the hot seat in Year Three for a coach [Cuonzo Martin] who’s gone 51-35 (59.3%) overall and 25-16 (60.9%) in league play?  Because he replaced Bruce Pearl.  Pearl went to the NCAA Tournament six times in six years, took the Vols briefly to the top of the polls for the first time in school history, and also led UT to the Elite Eight for the first time ever.  Though Pearl’s own NCAA missteps cost him his job, many Vol fans simply do not care.  For that reason, no one was going to replace Pearl’s record or his personality in many folks’ eyes.

    Martin’s squad is still in the running for a much-needed NCAA bid (after two straight NIT flame-outs).  But win or lose, there will be a lot of Volunteer fans urging the school’s administration to “Bring Back Bruce” at year’s end.

    And that brings us to the third part of this hoops report — Pearl.  Coaches do not come off of show-cause penalties and return to coaching immediately.  It simply hasn’t happened.  Not in a major sport.

    Pearl’s show-cause penalty will end in August meaning that unless the NCAA hears his appeal and agrees to let him off early, the coach would not be allowed to recruit for any new employer until the eighth month of the year.  He could, however, still be hired in March or April, with his staff having to beat the recruiting trail until Pearl’s time in the NCAA pokey is up.

    Any school looking at Pearl — and that could mean Auburn, Alabama or Georgia — would likely hear some bad things from Tennessee officials who felt forced to fire him once he violated their “don’t do anything else wrong” instructions.  The NCAA probably wouldn’t have great things to say.  And SEC commissioner Mike Slive might not want an SEC school hiring a man straight out of the NCAA hoosegow, either.

    Make no mistake, Pearl is a high-risk/high-reward guy.  He’s a fantastic coach and he would win wherever he lands.  Counting his Division II years at Southern Indiana, he trailed only Roy Williams as the fastest to reach 400 NCAA wins.  He’s also a Grade A carnival barker.  Want to pump life into a glum fanbase?  Hire Pearl.  He’s a marketing machine.

    But he has a track record of not being upfront with his bosses.  He also made a small violation worse by lying about it and — apparently — trying to get a player’s father to do likewise.  Why lie about something so small?  Was there some other reason Pearl didn’t want the NCAA snooping around?

    And if he drew the NCAA’s ire at a new school, that school would likely get one heckuva spanking for bringing in a guy so soon after his show-cause penalty ended.

    Would Georgia go for Pearl?  Unlikely.  Alabama?  That rumor is out there, but here’s guessing Bama’s [AD Bill] Battle  — who has ties to Tennessee — wouldn’t take that kind of a chance unless he received good reports from his contacts in Knoxville (and that’s not going to happen).  Tennessee?  Not likely.

    And all of that brings us to Auburn...

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  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports  2h
    Anthony Grant: Challenge with Alabama involves pride, competitive nature as losses pile up
  • #148 by jbcarol on 03 Feb 2014
  • Paul Finebaum ‏@finebaum Feb 2
    Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow today. But he predicted six more weeks of desperate SEC hoops fans chanting, ``We want Bruce.''
  • #149 by jbcarol on 08 Feb 2014
  • Clay Travis ‏@ClayTravisBGID  20h
    Bruce Pearl starts today's @3HL1045 interview by saying, "You know me, I've never provided false or misleading information." Love this guy.
  • #150 by jbcarol on 08 Feb 2014
  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports  3h
    Alabama AD Bill Battle headed for tough call on Anthony Grant. (Kevin Scarbinsky)

    From The Battle Plan:

    Battle's latest message came Tuesday, and it's more relevant than many similar offerings because it contains what appears to be a call for patience with the Alabama basketball program.

    Some of you already have lost patience with Anthony Grant. You expect more than good efforts that end in defeat, like Saturday's 78-69 loss at No. 3 Florida, especially since Grant is in his fifth year as head coach.

    You expect better than a four-game losing streak, which matches the longest of Grant's tenure, and six losses in seven games, one loss shy of the program's worst stretch since dropping seven of eight in Grant's first year.

    You expect far better than a 9-14 overall record and a 3-7 SEC record.

    And, of course, you should.

    What does Battle expect? It's hard to know because he hasn't been on the job very long since taking over for the late Mal Moore. At the moment, we have to look for clues like Tuesday's blog.

    It's important to note that Battle doesn't mention the word "basketball" in the blog, but it's hard to reach a different conclusion. Remember, too, that this blog appeared after the embarrassing losses to Auburn and Tennessee, before the more respectable defeats at Arkansas and Florida.

    "While we strive for excellence in everything we do, there are also times where thoughtful patience is required," Battle's blog said. "I evaluate every sports team after the season and try to make the best decisions in my power as to what I believe is best for the University over the long run. There are many factors to consider in making that best decision. It is my hope that our fans and supporters will also take that same view. All of our teams need - and I believe deserve - OUR FANS to be there in support, regardless of their record.

    "I hope that your allegiance and your presence will continue through thick and thin. I have seen firsthand where the passion of loyal fans can lead to negativity, which makes recruiting for the future much more difficult. Such negativity can make a bad situation worse, ironically coming from those who love the University the most."

    It will be interesting to see if Alabama basketball fans heed those words Tuesday night when Ole Miss, which still has postseason possibilities, comes to Coleman Coliseum for an 8 p.m. tipoff.