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  • Ole Miss (updated)

    Billy Brewer took over at Ole Miss beginning with the 1983 and succeeding Steve Sloan. Brewer was the first Ole Miss insider hired since Coach Vaught's comeback ended in mid-70s. Brewer was 33-41 in SEC games over 11 seasons.

    Brewer led Ole Miss to their first New Year's Day bowl game in over twenty years. In '91, after losing to Kentucky 35-6, a group of students, SABB or "Students Against Billy Brewer", purchased an ad calling for his firing.

    Brewer's teams were banned from live television in '87. Following the '93 season another NCAA report led to a lack of institutional control. The AD and Brewer were fired in July 1994.

    DC Joe Lee Dunn was named interim for the 1994 season. After going 2-6 in the SEC in '94, Dunn was named DC at Arkansas.

    Tommy Tuberville coached Ole Miss from '95-98. Tuberville was SEC Coach of the Year in '97 after going 4-4 and landing in the Motor City Bowl. Tuberville was 12-20 in SEC games at Ole Miss. Two days after stating, "They'll have to carry me out of here in a pine box," Tuberville was hired at Auburn.

    David Cutcliffe was the OC for Tennessee during the Manning years and the NC regular season with T Martin at QB. Cutcliffe coached Ole Miss from '98 thru '04. He had a 25-23 SEC record. He had winning records his first five years including a 10-3, '03 season with a Cotton Bowl victory and 7-1 SEC run.

    After going 3-5 in the SEC in '04, AD Boone gave him an ultimatum to choose assistant coaches to fire. He refused and was fired where he landed as associate head coach and QB coach at Notre Dame.

    Ed Orgeron was '04 National Recruiter of the Year as Asst. Head Coach at USC. Orgeron proved to be a successful recruiter at Ole Miss but could not translate the USC system into on-the-field success. After three seasons and a 3-21 SEC record, Orgeron was let go. After a season as the Saint's DL coach, Coach "O" allied with Lane Kiffin, first at Tennesse and now at USC.

    Around the 2007 Thanksgiving season, Houston Nutt was hired as the Ole Miss coach. Nutt coached four seasons. It is perhaps not well known that Nutt led Ole Miss to their first consecutive New Year's Day bowl games in fifty years. After Nutt's team went 1-15 in SEC play his last two seasons as Coach Orgeron failed to continue to retain the players he recruited after no longer being on the Ole Miss payroll, Nutt was let go. A 2010 season opening loss to Jack Crowe's Jacksonville State team the morning after getting Oregon transfer QB Jeremiah Masoli eligible to play caused Nutt to lose staunch supporters.

    Nutt's SEC record was 10-22 in four seasons.

    Hugh Freeze was a former staff member for Ed Orgeron at Ole Miss. He was briefly interim coach between the firing of Orgeron and hiring of Nutt. He was nicknamed "Snake" by his high school prodigy Michael Oher for trying to leverage his ties to land a job on Phillip Fulmer's staff at Tennessee. After Oher decided to attend his family's school, Freeze came along for the ride to Ole Miss. Freeze enjoyed a heavy reliance on gadget plays. During Oher's senior season, Freeze was convinced by Leigh Ann Tuohy to utilize a running game behind Oher. Freeze was instrumental in getting Oher out of trouble when he assaulted a teammate who insulted Leigh Ann and Collins Tuohy.  During the assault in the study lounge a small child was also seriously injured.

    On his own, Freeze led Arkansas State to a 10-2 regular season mark in 2011 and was hired in early December to replace Nutt.

    Freeze teams went 19-21 in five seasons of SEC play including a dream run in 2015 that included Katy Perry, of all people, coming to Oxford to celebrate College Game Day. Freeze was the only coach to defeat Nick Saban twice and as recent as June 2016, was named on multiple sites as the number two coach in the SEC. Freeze recruited a cast of characters that included the Nkemdiche brothers and Laremy Tunsil.  His skills in keeping Oher out of trouble would be put to the test. His boldness in challening anyone who had info that Ole Miss was cheating in recruiting was also put to the test. Ole Miss received an NCAA Notice of Allegations and after going 5-7, 2-6 SEC in 2016 would choose to take itself out of postseason contention in 2017.  After Ole Miss put the majority of the blame for their troubles on the Houston Nutt error [sic], Nutt threatened to sue and had his legal team conduct an FOI request on Freeze's phone records (something for which Nutt was familiar). The records, after media scruting, ultimately revealed a pattern of conduct that Ole Miss found disturbing and after confession Freeze was forced to resign.

    Matt Luke, 40 and an Ole Miss legacy, was named the interim coach. Luke's dream job is not a dream situation. Luke will be paid $500,000 over the next five months to be head coach. That's in addition to his yearly $660,000 salary as the co-offensive coordinator.

    While Luke could keep the job in 2018 and beyond, Bjork offered no promises other than to say Luke is "going to be a great candidate for our job. We're going to watch him up close and personal. He and I will interact on a daily basis."

    Even though he was with Freeze in all five of his seasons, Luke is mentioned in just one of the NCAA's 21 allegations, and he is not the focus of the allegation.
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    Twenty years ago this fall, Kirby Smart was a junior safety on Georgia’s football team, Nick Chubb wasn’t yet two years old, Jacob Eason wasn’t born yet … and an offense coached by Jim Chaney was the toast of college football.

    Chaney, now 55 years old, has a long track record.

    “I would not say that he was predictable at Tennessee,” Jimmy Hyams said. “But he didn’t line up and run it out of the I either.”

    Chaney was out of a job after Butch Jones was named Tennessee’s new head coach. Arkansas, which had just hired Bret Bielema, had an opening, and Chaney was hired. Seemingly, it was a clash of styles –

    “It didn’t seem that he and Bielema were on the same page,” said Nate Allen...

    Jerry DiPaola, Pittsburgh beat writer at the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: “Chaney had all season to adjust to the loss of the reigning ACC Player of the Year — he was hurt in the second quarter of the opener — and the offense never found a true identity.”

    Chaney’s first press conference at Georgia, last August, saw him loose yet witty. The tone of his second presser, as a disappointing season was wrapping up, was more somber, as he took responsibility and vowed to look at fixing things.

    Georgia had a freshman quarterback in Eason, and a line that struggled, and could have had more stars at receiver. The result was an offense that struggled scoring passing (97th nationally) but also overall (87th) and with its identity. Often, the play-calling seemed geared to a more physical line, when it didn’t have that.

    “You’d love to be a downhill team, but you do have a young quarterback that has played in the gun more,” Chaney said last December.
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    Miles said he auditioned for an analyst spot at FOX Sports, but called it a struggle.

    "It's a struggle when you haven't had a censor button on the sidelines," he told The Advertiser. "You quickly find out I gave it the old college try, but it's not going to happen."

    He continues to want to coach and holds no ill-will for the people in Baton Rouge.

    "I miss the people who were so great to us," Miles said. "I'm still a Tiger, whether they want me or not."

    In September, LSU fired Miles and offensive coordinator Cam Cameron in the wake of the Tigers' 18-13 loss to Auburn that came down to the final second.

    Miles finished 114-34 in 11 seasons at LSU.
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  •  Michael Carvell‏ @Michael_Carvell 10m10 minutes ago

    Fox Sports analyst Joel Klatt: ‘Nick Saban is the best coach in our sport’s history. Period’

    Klatt, appearing on FS1’s Undisputed, mentioned that due to the rigors of the modern game and the constant cycling out of players, his run of 4 national championships in the past 9 seasons at Alabama is even more impressive than the 5 Super bowls Belichick has won.
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  •  Gene Chizik‏ @CoachGeneChizik Aug 8

    Having fun with my boys on SEC Now crew. Love this job! #blessed #collegefootball #goodpeople

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  •  Les Miles‏Verified account @CoachLesMiles

    Les Miles here. Looking forward to being back on Twitter. I'll be covering some of my favorite teams this fall. Gotta love college football🏈
    3:38 PM - 9 Aug 2017
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  • Bruce Feldman: My favorite part of the @SInow Top 25 CFB preview are the rival coaches (scouting) quotes about each team:

    Re: Petrino: "when adversity hits, he hurts that team. He’ll add to the problem bc he’ll scream at the kids, and their heads will go down."
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  • One rumored to be an SEC coach:

     Brett McMurphy‏Verified account @Brett_McMurphy 22h22 hours ago

    He’s a (AARP) man! He’s 50! Happy birthday today to @CoachGundy. Before his epic rant, Gundy was 13-15 at Oklahoma State. Since, he’s 91-35
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  •  TheCatsPause247‏ @TheCatsPause247

    Joker Phillips says he didn't have enough time to field a winner at Kentucky

     Not Jerry Tipton‏ @NotJerryTipton 16h16 hours ago

    Not Jerry Tipton Retweeted TheCatsPause247

    He was on the staff for 10 years.

    One of the original coaches-in-waiting
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  • @BradPowers7

    # of Coaches in Each Conference With Major Bowl Wins (Sugar, Rose, Fiesta, Orange, NY6) in Career:
    Big Ten-5
    Big 12-5
    7:52 AM - 17 Aug 2017
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  • Alabama AD Greg Byrne gave the update on Saturday evening:

    Greg Byrne‏Verified account @Greg_Byrne

    Spoke with Coach Stallings and he sounded great. 

    Told me to let everyone know he's doing good.  #RollTide

    Stallings, 82, has had a run of bad health this summer. He was hospitalized in May following a spike in blood pressure less than a week after he suffered a “mild” stroke.

    Stallings was a very successful coach for the Crimson Tide and remains an important figure in Tuscaloosa. He was a two-time SEC Coach of the Year and finished his 7-year run with Alabama with a 70-16-1 record.
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  • Michael Carvell‏ @Michael_Carvell

    Former Tennessee coach Johnny Majors reflects on relationship with Arkansas legend Frank Broyles

    FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Johnny Majors climbed out of the passenger side of an all-black SUV dressed like the person he’d come to celebrate.

    Courtesy: Trent Shadid

    “Here he comes, the man who looks like Frank Broyles himself,” Majors’ wife, Mary Lynn, said as the couple approached Bud Walton Arena.

    “I had a great relationship with Coach Frank Broyles,” Majors told SEC Country. “Frank was imaginative, creative, and he was a very wonderful man. He had great character. He didn’t smoke or drink. We assistant coaches did that for him.

    “We loved working for him. He paid us well and he treated us well. He had a temper and could get mad at you, but he didn’t let it linger. If he got it out of his system, he was always ready to go back to the positive.”

    Majors, who coached Tennessee for 16 years (1977-1992), was an assistant under Broyles at Arkansas for four years (1964-1967). The Razorbacks went unbeaten during Majors’ first 21 games as part of the staff. He was one of four assistants on Broyles’ staff in 1964 — when Arkansas won its first and only national title — who went on to lead a college program.

    Majors first heard of Broyles when he was 11 years old. His father, Shirley, a well-known longtime high school and college coach in Tennessee, had attended the 1946 season opener between Tennessee and Georgia Tech in Knoxville, Tenn. It was a game that featured Robert Neyland vs. Bobby Dodd, two legendary coaches. The Volunteers won 13-9, but when Shirley Majors returned home he reported he’d been most fascinated with the Yellow Jackets senior quarterback — Frank Broyles.

    “Daddy came back and he said, ‘It was really interesting to see Frank Broyles and Georgia Tech with their razzle-dazzle offense,'” Majors said.

    Saw Coach Broyles touring Thompson Bowling Arena on the day Arkansas upset Tennessee.  It was one of Coach Majors' last games before being replaced by Phil Fulmer.
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  • Orgeron details wild days before he was named LSU coach: ‘We knew we were in second place’

    Steven Godfrey reports that “as ESPN showed LSU thumping A&M 54-39, ESPN reported LSU had offered the job to Houston head coach Tom Herman. The game became a subplot to its own Bottom Line graphic.”

    Orgeron met with LSU AD Joe Alleva the next day.

    ‘Me, Derek, and Austin [Thomas, LSU’s player personnel director], we thought we were gonna get offered the job that day,’ Orgeron told SB Nation. ‘We had our plan, we go in, we sat at that table, and we’re ready to go. We walk in there, and … within a minute, we knew we were in second place. We just knew it.’

    “We walked out the door,” he said. “We were white as ghosts, man. So you know what we did? Started competing! [He snaps his fingers again, loudly.] Kept on competing. Got calls going into Joe. Pete [Carrol] called him, Lane [Kiffin] called him, bang bang bang.”
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  • Michael Carvell‏ @Michael_Carvell

    It’s been a wonderful decade, but what if Nick Saban had never coached Alabama?

    Similar to the movie, It’s a Wonderful Life, in which Jimmy Stewart’s character is shown by an angel what would have happened had he never been born, the repercussions would have been extensive and wide-ranging.

    “I believe there would be success, but certainly not at the level we’ve seen,” Tuscaloosa mayor Walter Maddox summarized. “Saban is a once-in-a-generation coach who’s not only been able to sustain success, but sustain excellence in a system that doesn’t promote it.”

    It’s more remarkable when considering the things that had to fall into place for former athletic director Mal Moore to hire Saban. They include Dennis Franchione sneaking out of town, Mike Price blowing his opportunity, Tim Tebow opting for Florida over Alabama, Mike Shula losing to Mississippi State and Rich Rodriguez turning down an offer to stay at West Virginia.

    What if Miss Terry had never let Moore in the front door before Nick called to say he’d decided not to meet with him? Or Dolphins owner Wayne Huizenga had persuaded Saban to stay and fulfill his contract?

    “I think it would have been a tremendous letdown if he hadn’t gotten Saban, there’s no question about that,” said Steve Townsend, Moore’s former special assistant and author of the 2014 book Crimson Heart: Let Me Tell You My Story. “As for Plan B, there were some people who probably would have been considered and done a good job, but I don’t think there was any doubt that Saban was his guy.”

    The most popular alternate-reality theories center around the Sabans sticking with the NFL for at least another season. Had Miami signed free agent Drew Brees, whom Saban wanted to add only to be overruled by the team’s medical staff due to the quarterback coming off reconstructive shoulder surgery, he might not have been coming off his only losing season as a head coach.


    “It’s a totally different world,” said Ken Gaddy, director of the Paul W. Bryant Museum, who used a football analogy to express what it would have been like with nearly any other coach.

    “Everyone would have thought 8-4, 9-3 was a great year.”
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  • Belhaven

    Coach: Hal Mumme (4th season at Belhaven, 141-144-1 overall record)

    What happened last year?

    Seven defensive starters went down in the first three games of the 2016 season, and the Blazers failed to recover. Despite an offense that averaged over 500 yards per game, Belhaven finished 2-8, opening and ending the season with single-score victories against Millsaps and Howard Payne, respectively.

    Three questions for coach Hal Mumme

    What do you see as the strength of the team?

    “The best thing we’ve got going for us is we’ve got a good nucleus of seniors. We’ve got about 17 or 18 of them. This is our fourth year, and they’re all guys that we recruited.”

    What do you expect from the defense that struggled last season?

    “This year we’re optimistic because we’ve got most of the starters back from injury and we’ve got the freshmen who had to play last season, so we’re gonna be stouter on defense.”

    How will having the newly renovated Belhaven Bowl Stadium help?

    “This is the first year that’s lined up where we’ll be able to play in our stadium for every practice and every game. Last year at this time, we were still fighting the rain and the mud over trying to get this thing fixed and we ended up moving the first game over to Millsaps.”

    Don’t Miss

    Mumme said it’s easy to decide the biggest game — the season opener against rival Millsaps on Aug. 31 at Belhaven Athletic Bowl. Before the injuries took a toll on the Blazers’ season, they edged out Millsaps 28-25 in last year’s season opener.
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  • Razorbacks coaches (1992-present)

    Coach                                    Record     SEC          Bowls
    Bret Bielema (2013-present)    25-26    10-22    2-1
    John L. Smith (2012)                 4-8    2-6     —
    Bobby Petrino (2008-11)          34-17    17-15    2-1
    Reggie Herring (2007)               0-1     —    0-1
    Houston Nutt (1998-2007)      75-48    42-38    2-5
    Danny Ford (1993-97)          25-31-1    15-24-1    0-1
    Joe Kines (1992)                     3-6-1    3-4-1     —
    Jack Crowe (1992)                   0-1     —     —
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  •  Richard Deitsch‏Verified account @richarddeitsch

    Fox Sports officially announces it has hired Mark Helfrich, Les Miles and Danny Kanell.
    11:10 AM - 29 Aug 2017
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  •  Todd Politz‏ @tpolitz 19h19 hours ago

    .@LSUfootball averaged 40.3 ppg. in @Coach_EdOrgeron's first 3 games away from home, an #LSU record for a head coach.

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  • Michael Carvell‏ @Michael_Carvell

    Happy 85th Vince Dooley – you don’t act it

    Dooley hardly will be spending his birthday week on the front porch, wrapped in a shawl. Before accompanying the Bulldogs to South Bend for their game Saturday against Notre Dame, he has a speaking engagement in Chicago on Thursday, then a commitment at Wrigley Field the next day. The venerable coach is scheduled to throw out the first pitch before a Cubs-Brewers game.

    At 85, mindful of the time he bounced one to the catcher before a Braves game many years ago, Dooley has been throwing to one of his former football managers to ready for the moment.

    “I’ll be a little bit better prepared than when I threw out the first pitch over in Atlanta after I retired,” he said. “I hope I can get it there, let’s put it that way.”

    You know, he was told, you probably have the option of throwing from in front of the mound to cut down the distance to the catcher. Age should come with some concessions.

    “I think you ought to throw from the mound. Regardless of what happens, I’ll throw from the mound,” he declared.
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  • Michael Carvell‏ @Michael_Carvell

    What Kevin Sumlin said after Texas A&M’s embarrassing 45-44 loss to UCLA

    It's frustrating. I have to watch the tape. You have two choices. But tomorrow, the sun comes up. We have to go back to work.

     Ben Baby‏Verified account @Ben_Baby 8h8 hours ago

    Sumlin is delivering some filibusters worthy of SEC media days.
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  • SEC Network‏Verified account @SECNetwork 3h3 hours ago


    Streak ended last night
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  • Tommy Tuberville can relate to Kevin Sumlin when it comes to Texas A&M board of regents comments

    Former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville blasted Tony Buzbee, one of the school's regents, who took to social media to call for Sumlin to be fired after Texas A&M gave up 35 unanswered points in a 45-44 loss to UCLA.

    "He just opened up a can of worms is what he did," Tuberville told ESPNU Radio on Tuesday. "A lot of times the Board of Regents or the Board of Trustees get way to involved than what they should be."

    Perhaps if any coach would know, it would be Tuberville.

    The year was 2003, the fifth of the Tuberville era, and Auburn entered the year ranked No. 6 in the polls. Back-to-back losses to USC and Georgia Tech started the season, then three straight losses to nationally ranked SEC teams put Auburn in a tailspin.

    After a 27-6 loss to Georgia, Auburn University president William Walker - along with trustee and booster Bobby Lowder, trustees Byron Franklin and Earlon McWhorter, and athletics director David Housel - went out searching for a new coach.

    They flew to meet with then-Louisville coach Bobby Petrino in what is now known as "JetGate."

    Of course, social media wasn't a major player...

    An yet, while Tuberville didn't talk specifically about his experience at Auburn, it's hard to imagine the former coach didn't pull from those memories when formulating his opinion about what is happening at Texas A&M this week.

    "You had one person turn into a fan overnight," Tuberville said of Buzbee. "When you are on the board of regents or an administrator, you can't be a fan. You have to be an administrator. You have to be someone in a leadership role. You have to be able to step back and look at all things added to the situation, not add to it yourself. ...

    "At the end of the day, you don't have a board of regent come out and say this guy needs to step down or we have to make a change. We have 11 more games to go. He just ripped the heart out of a football team and coaching staff. Now all of a sudden, they have to look in the rear-view mirror at everything they do. It puts that much more pressure on them."

    Of course, the pressure surrounding Tuberville back in 2003 didn't seem to bother him. His Tigers just went out and beat Alabama.

    Meanwhile, Buzbee's comments are just the latest in what appears to be a lack of support for the Aggies head coach.

    Texas A&M athletics director Scott Woodward made headlines in the offseason when he told SEC Network host Paul Finebaum, "Coach knows he has to win. And he has to win this year. And we have to do better than we've done in the past."
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  • How many SEC schools would keep a head coach with an overall record of 25-27, SEC record of 10-22 and lost 3 of his last 4 games??
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  • LSU coach Ed Orgeron ‘thanks the good Lord’ for Egg Bowl call that cost him his job at Ole Miss

    The last time Orgeron visited Mississippi State’s Davis Wade Stadium, he got himself fired. Exactly a decade later, he couldn’t be more grateful.

    The 2007 Egg Bowl was the crucial blow that ended Orgeron’s three-year tenure at Ole Miss. Specifically, an ill-fated decision he made late in that game against the Bulldogs pushed the snowball down the mountain.

    With the Rebels holding a 14-0 lead early in the fourth quarter, Orgeron eagerly saw a chance to put the game away for good. Facing fourth-and-1 from midfield, he called for a handoff to running back BenJarvus Green-Ellis rather than punting.

    Green-Ellis never had a chance, getting stuffed three yards behind the line of scrimmage by what seemed to be the entire Mississippi State defense. The Bulldogs took advantage of the short field position and proceeded to rally for 17 points in the final 10:05 of the game.

    Dealt with the indignity of finishing winless in the SEC, Orgeron was promptly pink-slipped. Had the outcome turned out differently, Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone would have brought him back for one more season to try righting the ship.

    “I should have punted the ball,” Orgeron said. “It was an emotional decision.”

    But it turned out to be the mistake that made Orgeron realize he was not yet a competent head coach. In order to succeed, he knew he would have to do less commanding and more listening.

    “That’s why I have mentors nowadays,” Orgeron said. “Especially when I get emotional and I ask them ‘What do you think?’ I ask Matt [Canada] ‘What do you think?’ I ask Pete [Jenkins] ‘What do you think?’ I ask Dave [Aranda] ‘What do you think?'”

    No college football time-traveler from that November day 10 years ago would have imagined Orgeron ending up at LSU, which was then on its way to a national championship. But his successful 6-2 interim tenure at USC in the place of Lane Kiffin allowed LSU AD Joe Alleva to entrust him with the same job when Les Miles was fired last fall. The same 6-2 record as LSU’s interim coach last fall landed Orgeron the full-time job.
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  • Ralph D. Russo‏Verified account @ralphDrussoAP

    I order to make the SEC West more competitive Dan Mullen will now coach all SEC West teams other than Alabama.

     Ralph D. Russo‏Verified account @ralphDrussoAP 15h15 hours ago

    Ralph D. Russo Retweeted Ralph D. Russo

    Seriously, I'm not sure if Mullen's stock has ever been higher than today.
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  • Herbstreit names two SEC coaches among our nation’s best for Week 3

    Coming in at No. 2 is Vanderbilt coach Derek Mason while Kentucky coach Mark Stoops landed at No. 4. Both coaches scored upsets over Kansas State and South Carolina, respectively, on Saturday.

    One SEC school was also on the bad side of this list: Ole Miss. The Rebels were handled by Justin Wilcox and Cal over the weekend.

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  •  Brent Zwerneman‏ @BrentZwerneman 15h15 hours ago

    The three overtime games against Arkansas (and 3 in the last 4 years mind you) are the most of any program vs. Texas A&M in history.
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  • Gene Stallings update: Good news on recovery

    Coach was in a Dallas hospital after suffering a heart attack
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  • Mike Price returns to UTEP as interim coach after Miners fire Sean Kugler

    Price is best known for his short stint as coach at Alabama. He was fired in 2003 before even coaching a game after he was found visiting a strip club and having $1,000 charged to his hotel room by an unknown woman while playing in a golf tournament. Price had been hired from Washington State, where he spent 14 seasons and coached the Cougars to a 83-78 record.

    After the Alabama scandal, Price made his first stop in El Paso as UTEP’s coach, spending nine years and recording a 48-61 record.
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  • A&M unveils field design honoring Gene Stallings, 1967 SWC champions

    67 A&M Aggies are one of the most revered teams in school history. Then a member of the Southwest Conference, the 1967 Aggies season is best told in two parts.

    First, is how the team opened up the season: 0-4, with losses to SMU, Purdue, LSU, and Florida State, none by more than 11 points. But then something clicked in Gene Stallings’ squad, as they ripped off seven consecutive wins to end the season, winning the SWC title, and defeating Stallings’ future employer, the Alabama Crimson Tide, 20-16 in the Cotton Bowl.

    17 Aggies will be facing off against the Crimson Tide. Though Stallings will not be in attendance after suffering from a major heart attack, he is sure to receive a large ovation at some point during the game.

    After having a stent placed in his heart, Stallings’ doctors are reportedly optimistic about his recovery.

     Texas A&M Football‏Verified account @AggieFootball

    First coat of paint is on, as Kyle Field honors the great Gene Stallings and his ‘67 SWC Champions--who are reuniting this weekend #12thman
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  • Michael Carvell‏ @Michael_Carvell

    Nick Saban has a ridiculously strong record against next 6 SEC coaches on Alabama’s schedule

    Paul Finebaum✔

    Nick Saban is 25-2 vs. the next 6 SEC coaches on Alabama's schedule #CFB
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  • Big Ten columnist rips SEC decision-making: ‘The best coaches are settling in the north’

    Big Ten is laughing at the SEC right now.

    Week 5 display from Tennessee coach Butch Jones (41-0 loss to Georgia) and LSU coach Ed Orgeron (embarrassing home loss to Troy) opened the door.

    Columbus Dispatch columnist Rob Oller: Southeastern Conference is having more than a bad hair day. The entire season is looking bed-head messy.

    Louisiana State football coach Ed Orgeron resembled a baggie floating in the ocean while explaining how the Tigers lost to Troy on Saturday. Tennessee coach Butch Jones was similarly deflated after the Vols lost to Georgia by 41 points.

    These are tough times in wide swaths of the South, where “SEC Speed” is offset by coaching slippage.

    And the Big Ten loves it.

    Yahoo! Sports columnist Dan Wetzel: The B1G has been getting most of its coaching hires right lately, and the SEC has been doing it all wrong.

    The proposed cause? Nick Saban’s dominance.

    The alleged turning point? Urban Meyer’s decision to leave Florida and later coach at Ohio State.

    James Franklin won nine games with the Commodores in back-to-back seasons in 2012 and 2013. He has a conference title and Rose Bowl appearance under his belt at Penn State, with eyes on the College Football Playoff...
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  • sports‏Verified account @aldotcomSports

    Gene Stallings heart attack update with encouraging sign

    Former Alabama coach Gene Stallings got quite a scare last weekend.

    A heart attack described as "massive" had the 82-year old on a ventilator in a Texas hospital, previously reported. Things are improving, though. Both Nick Saban and broadcaster Eli Gold had updates on the situation live on the coach's radio show Thursday evening.

    Saban said he unsuccessfully tried calling Stallings a few times this week, but his assistant Cedric Burns got through Thursday. Saban said Stallings was "doing well."

    This was supposed to be a big weekend in College Station for Stallings, a former Aggie coach as well.

    "He was actually going to go to the game with us because he was going to be in Birmingham," Saban said. "He was going to fly to the game with us but that got cancelled."

    Texas A&M on Saturday night is honoring the 50th anniversary of the 1967 Southwestern Conference championship team coached by Stallings.

    Gold, the host of Saban's radio show, said he had more luck than that coach in getting Stallings on the phone.

    "He was more ticked off about not being able to drive," Gold said. "He likes his independence. He said 'I've got to get out of here.' So, he was typical Gene Stallings and that was good to hear."

    It has been a challenging year for Stallings after suffering two strokes since May.
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  • sports‏Verified account @aldotcomSports 5h5 hours ago

    "I'm trying to get our players to listen to me instead of listening to you guys." ☠

    Nick Saban rails on media's 'rat poison' getting to his Alabama team

    Coach on how the common enemy, the media, is his toughest obstacle heading into the second half...
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  •  Joe Mussatto‏Verified account @joe_mussatto 5h5 hours ago

    From game notes: Kentucky has won six of its last 10 SEC games for the first time since 2006-07.

    UK stoops to new levels to raise the bar of mediocrity
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  • Arkansas coach Bret Bielema on verge of total failure for first time

    Bielema is approaching a systematic failure that ultimately could cost him his job. He never faced such circumstances while going 68-24 in seven seasons at Wisconsin. Or previously in 12 seasons as an assistant at Iowa, Kansas State and with the Badgers.
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  • Ross Dellenger‏Verified account @RossDellenger

    Les Miles has accepted #LSU's invite

    A year after firing, he'll be in Tiger Stadium to be honored w/ 07 title team

    Les Miles is returning to Tiger Stadium.

    He will be on the field — at halftime — Saturday when LSU hosts Auburn.

    The former LSU coach will be part of the program’s celebration of the 10-year anniversary of the 2007 national championship team. Miles is scheduled to join players from that ’07 team during a reunion on the field at halftime of the Tigers’ game against Auburn, he confirmed in a message Monday night.

    Miles, 63, still lives in Baton Rouge and remains an avid supporter of the program he led for nearly 12 years. His return to Tiger Stadium comes less than 13 months after school administrators fired the coach following a loss to this week’s opponent: Auburn.

    He’s since worked as a college football television analyst for ESPN and FOX. He’s scheduled to work more games this season, he said, and serve as a studio analyst for CBS on the weekend that LSU meets Alabama, Nov. 4. He hopes to land a head coaching job after this season.
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  • Gene Stallings on Nick Saban vs. Bear Bryant: ‘It’s hard to compare different eras’

    Gene Stallings just doesn’t quit. He’s currently on the radio and talk show circuit after the 1967 Texas A&M team was honored during the Alabama game last weekend.

    Tuesday he went on the Paul Finebaum Show to discuss a number of topics including the often discussed topic of comparing Nick Saban and Bear Bryant. While he stopped short of calling Bryant better, it’s somewhat clear he thinks Saban has some advantages.

    I loved coach Bryant, there is no question about that. There is only one coach Bryant…its hard to compare different eras. It’s like comparing the old yankees to the present day games. Coach Saban has more coaches on his staff. They may have a handful of analysts, I didn’t even know what that word was when I was coaching. It’s an advantage when you can do that.
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  • Michael Carvell‏ @Michael_Carvell

    Mark Richt says he’s ‘happy’ to see success Georgia is having this season

    Even though Mark Richt’s tenure at Georgia ended on a sour note, he’ll always hold a special place in Bulldogs fans’ hearts, and they’ll pretty much always root for him. (Especially in weeks such as this one, when his 4-0 Miami Hurricanes face Georgia Tech.) Based on comments Richt made Wednesday, that feeling is mutual.

    When asked about Georgia’s sudden rise to the top of the college football world in Year 2 under Kirby Smart, Richt had only good things to say about the school where he served as a coach for more than a decade.

    “It’s exciting to see that,” Richt said on the ACC teleconference. “I’m happy for Georgia. I’m happy for all the kids I recruited and I’m happy for all the guys I didn’t recruit. Georgia is a great place. It has a special place in the hearts of myself and my wife, and I’m all for them having a lot of success.”

    Richt went on to say that while he hasn’t been able to watch any Georgia games this season — he’s too busy coaching his Canes to an undefeated record in his second year of a new gig —
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  •  Todd Politz‏ @tpolitz 10h10 hours ago

    Starting in 2001, @LSUfootball has beaten an AP Top 10 team every calendar year except 2009 (0-2) and 2016 (0-1). #LSU
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  • Michael Carvell‏ @Michael_Carvell

    Yahoo’s Pete Thamel gives stinging opinion about Gus Malzahn after LSU tops Auburn

    By blowing a 20-point lead at LSU, Gus Malzahn confirmed what’s been strongly suspected the past three seasons – he has little chance to lead the Tigers back into an SEC contender. Auburn (5-2) has two home games left in which they’ll definitely be underdogs, Alabama and Georgia. Those programs have emerged as the class of the SEC, an echelon that the Tigers don’t look capable of returning to under Malzahn.

    Thamel was also on top of the Manti T'eo situation and the love and devotion he had for his late girl friend.
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  • Ex-Ole Miss coach Ed Orgeron says he never really wanted to be at Ole Miss

    Orgeron will stand on the sideline at Vaught-Hemingway Stadium as a head coach Saturday for the first time since he was fired by the Rebels following the 2007 season. In an interview with ESPN's Chris Low:

    Chris Low


    LSU’s Ed Orgeron told me the Ole Miss game is just another game “because the truth is the whole time I was there I was wishing I were here.”
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  • The SEC's new coaches for the 2013 season now in their fifth season:

    Mark Stoops, UK: Has UK at 5-1 (2-1 SEC) after achieving his first bowl game and a road win over UofL in 2016. 10-25 in SEC games.

    Gus Malzahn, AU: Auburn is 5-2 (3-1 SEC) after a 20-point come-from-ahead loss at LSU. Went to BCS-NC in '13 and hit low point at 2-6 in '15. 21-15 in SEC games.

    Butch Jones, UT: Vols 3-3 (0-3 SEC) peaked in '15 with a 5-3 SEC mark and Outback Bowl appearance. Jones is 14-21 in SEC games.

    Bret Bielema, Arkansas: Hogs 2-4 (0-3 SEC) beat Texas in the '14 Texas Bowl after a 2-6 SEC mark. '15 Hogs were 5-3 in the SEC with a Liberty Bowl win. After second half collapses against Mizzou and VPI in the Park Belk Bowl, Arkansas has been on a downward spiral. Bielema is 10-25 in SEC games including 0-8 following the John L. Smith error.
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  • Scarblog: Gus Malzahn's 10 worst losses at Auburn

    No. 3: (Oct. 14, 2017) LSU 27, No. 10 Auburn 23

    The Tigers lost after leading 20-0, the biggest collapse of the Malzahn era. They lost a prime chance to move up in the polls with three higher-ranked teams getting upset on the same weekend. Auburn let the program's Death Valley losing streak extend to nine games. The offense gained just 6 passing yards and 54 total yards in the second half as the Tigers were shut out after halftime. They actually made LSU coach Ed Orgeron look good.

    No. 2: (Nov. 8, 2014) Texas A&M 41, No. 3 Auburn 38

    The Tigers were still in the playoff hunt despite losing a month earlier to Mississippi State. They lost this game as a 23-point favorite to a true freshman QB in his second career start. It looked like football karma when the Auburn offense fumbled the ball away twice late in the fourth quarter with a chance to win. The program hasn't been ranked as high since. You could argue it hasn't been the same since.

    No. 1: (Jan. 6, 2014) No. 1 Florida State 34, No. 2 Auburn 31

    The Tigers, after winning a Malzahn era-high of nine straight games and the SEC title, blew a 21-3 lead in the BCS Championship Game. They retook the lead with a minute and change left but let Heisman winner Jameis Winston drive the Seminoles to the winning touchdown.