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  • Mark Fox got his 200th career win with home victory over A&M.
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  • Clay Travis ‏@ClayTravisBGID ·13 hrs
    Gators opened -1. Vegas gift. Vols can't make plays in crunch time. Cuonzo edges closer to gonzo.
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  • Deadspin        ✔ @Deadspin
    Follow John Chaney threatened to kill John Calipari 20 years ago today. He is, perhaps, still biding his time.
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  • Seth Emerson ‏@SethEmerson ·Feb 13
    That said, team is 7-4 in conf. play and tied for third place, yet today some complaining about Fox. How miserable are some of you people?

    It's Georgia basketball. The good times have been rare. Enjoy the moment, especially since it may end Saturday.
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  • "Fans can be very abusive today," said U of L head coach Rick Pitino. "Each year I've been in this business, it gets worse and worse."

    Pitino has been coaching for nearly four decades. He was lambasted in Lexington in 2001 in his first game there as head coach of the Cardinals. In 2010, fans at West Virginia chanted "Karen Sypher" at least 10 different times (according to an AP count) when the Cardinals visited shortly after the gory details of that situation was made public. The chants were so loud, WVU coach Bob Huggins motioned for the students to keep it down.

    Coaches hear it. Players hear it. The key is how to deal with it.

    Asked if he's developed a thick skin over the years of hearing the chants and jeers, Pitino claimed, "What I've been through in the past four of five years (and heard) what's been yelled at me…I'm a rhinoceros."

    The discussion on the subject emerged from a reporter asking Pitino about the recent Marcus Smart incident. Pitino says he doesn't worry about U of L fans verbally attacking a player to the point the player lashes out.

    "The greatest thing about Louisville? It's a visiting team's dream," says Pitino. "When they announce the coach (at the KFC Yum! Center), everybody claps. Our fans aren't worried about the other team's coach or the starting lineup, they're worried about their next Maker's Mark," he joked.

    The tough road crowds, like those at Rupp Arena (which Pitino calls one of the most dominant home court advantage in all of college basketball), will benefit the Cardinals when they face a different geography of enemy territory when Louisville moves into the ACC.

    "We've heard every student body chant imaginable, so I don't think it's going to be any worse (than what we've already heard)," he says.

    No doubt the fans at Duke, UNC and others are already orchestrating a welcome to U of L later this year.

    Maker's Mark put up a billboard in Louisville after the Cardinals hired Pitino. It read, "Rick, you always looked better in red," with a prominent bottle displaying their signature hand dipped red wax.
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  • Kevin Brockway ‏@gatorhoops  2m
    Told that John Pelphrey missed last game for Gators (at Tenn) due to family situation. Back on bench for #Gators tonight.
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  • Seth Emerson ‏@SethEmerson ·Feb 13
    That said, team is 7-4 in conf. play and tied for third place, yet today some complaining about Fox. How miserable are some of you people?

    It's Georgia basketball. The good times have been rare. Enjoy the moment, especially since it may end Saturday.

    “We’re a better team than we were last year, yes. But that’s not because we lost Kentavious,” Fox said Monday. “We’d have been terrific if he stayed. But we’re better because we have Marcus (Thornton, who took a medical redshirt last year) back, because Nemi (Djurisic) has improved, Kenny Gaines has improved, Charles (Mann) has improved, Brandon Morris has improved. And that’s why we’re better.”

    A four-game winning streak put Georgia (14-10 overall, 8-4 SEC) alone in third place in the SEC with an RPI rank of 88 on Monday...

    Nobody has attempted more free throws than Georgia in SEC play this season, and it’s not close. Georgia has gone to the line 385 times, 60 more than Missouri. Getting there so much has masked many of the team’s other deficiencies, including 3-point shooting. Georgia is 13th in the SEC in made 3-pointers.

    In conference play, Georgia leads the SEC in rebounds (40.2 per game), and is second in rebounding margin (an average of 7.9 more than opponents per game.)

    From hot seat to SEC COY candidate.
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  • Wes Rucker ‏@wesrucker247  46m
    Never thought I'd see a guy finish top-5 in the SEC for three consecutive years and get fired. Might really happen.

    Martin at Tennessee
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  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports  Feb 22
    Alabama shouldn't decide Anthony Grant's future on his buyout. (Kevin Scarbinsky)
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  • SEC Regular Season Wins    
      397   Adolph Rupp (UK)       
      238     Dale Brown (LSU)    
      195     CM Newton (ALA, VU)    
      182     Ray Mears (UT)    
      178     Billy Donovan (UF)    
      178     Harry Rabenhorst (LSU)    
      172     Joe B. Hall (UK)    
      171     Roy Skinner (VU)    
      141     Hugh Durham (UGA)    
      139     Tubby Smith (UGA, UK)    
      132     Wimp Sanderson (ALA)    
      126     Norm Sloan (UF)    
      124     Joel Eaves (AUB)    
      122     Rick Stansbury (MSU)    
      112     Hank Crisp (ALA)    
      110     Don DeVoe (UT, UF)    
      109     Nolan Richardson (ARK)    
      107     Bob Polk (VU)    
      104     Rick Pitino (UK)    
      103     John Mauer (UT, UF)   
     “We’re all instant gratification, we all want the hurry-up fix.  If we leave this guy alone, Anthony Grant, leave him along for a couple of years, he’ll get it right.  He’s a damn good coach.  He knows what it takes to win.  If I were his AD, I would leave him alone simply because I can put my head on my pillow each night and go to sleep knowing he isn’t going to cheat and he’ll have good discipline in his program.”

    -- CM Newton
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  • Keith Niebuhr ‏@Niebuhr247 ·Feb 25
    Interesting that Billy Donovan now has 6 #SEC titles at Florida. That's the exact number Steve Spurrier won in Hogtown.
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  • Marc Weiszer ‏@marcweiszer  9h
    While Georgia's basketball season goes on upswing, Fox's future as coach still left unsettled  #UGA
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  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports  54m
    Auburn basketball coach Tony Barbee says he's not worried about job security after loss to Alabama
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  • Matt Jones ‏@KySportsRadio  11m
    Tubby low point: Tyrone Nash picking prep school over UK...Billy Clyde low point: Georgia loss on Senior night...Calipari low point: tonight

    Ejected in Columbia
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  • Cecil Hurt ‏@CecilHurt  Feb 28
    Hmmm RT @ClayTravisBGID: Bruce Pearl on the six best basketball jobs in the SEC: 1. UK 2. Vols 3. Gators 4. Arkansas 5. Vandy 6. Mizzou
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  • D-Day is coming for Jay Jacobs. The Auburn athletics director is a week away from having to make the kind of decision about his basketball coach that he's made in the last two years about his football, baseball, softball and women's basketball coaches.

    A year ago, Jacobs laid down a simple goal for Tony Barbee for this season.

    "Significant improvement."

    Jacobs put no numbers on it, using instead the "we'll know it when we see it" approach.

    With one game left in the regular season and a date already secured in the SEC Tournament's First Four next week in Atlanta, there's only one conclusion to draw: This may be improvement compared to last year's debacle, the way a rainstorm is preferable to a hailstorm, but there's nothing significant about it.

    Jeff Lebo was 10-6 in SEC games and won a couple of NIT games in his next-to-last season.
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  • Does Grant keep his job? If not who are some candidates outside of everyone screaming Pearl...

    Andrew Gribble | 1 Hour Ago
    A couple up-and-comers who I think have done well are Ron Hunter at Georgia State and Michael White at Louisiana Tech.

    Questions the notion that Tennessee will be searching for a coach and competing with Bama.
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  • Matthew Harris ‏@MHarrisAdvocate  4m
    In former #LSU coach news: Trent Johnson and TCU went 0-18 in Big 12 play.
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  • When asked to name the SEC's best team, former Vanderbilt and South Carolina Coach Eddie Fogler went with Kentucky's 1995-96 national champions.

    Fogler noted how UK was so good that Derek Anderson and Ron Mercer split time at small forward.

    "Holy (Toledo)," Fogler said. "... And a pretty good coach coaching that team (Rick Pitino)."

    Fogler noted how Pitino's 1995-96 team identified and exploited the opposition's weak link.

    "You couldn't hide," he said. "Put it that way."

    Fogler won SEC regular season championships at Vandy in '93 and South Carolina in '97.
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  • Coastal Carolina head coach Cliff Ellis, who won his first conference tournament title, becomes just the 10th coach in NCAA Division I history to lead four different programs to the NCAA Tournament.

    Ellis will be leading a team to the "Big Dance" for the ninth time after taking South Alabama twice (1979 and 1980), Clemson three times (1987, 1989 and 1990) and Auburn three times (1999, 2000 and 2003).
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  • Mark Fox may be feeling the heat

    ■Georgia coach Mark Fox is drawing praise from peers during Bullodgs’ historic run, writes Chip Towers of the AJC. “Only longtime observers of Georgia basketball can probably fully appreciate what his team managed to accomplish this season,” writes Towers.
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  • Hugh Kellenberger ‏@HKellenbergerCL ·49 mins
    Andy Kennedy giving some love to Georgia right now, says "they are in a great position" to make a run.

    Hugh Kellenberger ‏@HKellenbergerCL ·46 mins
    There is no better coach in the league, regardless of sport, at handling the "Hey Andy, can you talk about the team I cover?" question.
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  • Matt Jones ‏@KySportsRadio ·9 hrs
    New York newspaper says Calipari on short list of Knicks GM for the head coaching job:
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  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports ·22m
    ... Kevin Scarbinsky: Should Tony Barbee and Anthony Grant get another year? Let's chat.

    On the clock

    If you're Jacobs, do you bring Tony Barbee back for a fifth season? If you're Battle, do you give Anthony Grant a sixth season?

    If you look at what's possible at both programs, at the glory days of Sonny Smith and Cliff Ellis at Auburn or C.M. Newton and Wimp Sanderson at Alabama, both Barbee and Grant have underachieved at a time when the SEC is at one of its lower points as a league in its distinguished history.

    Barbee had more success at his last head coaching job at UTEP, as did Grant at VCU.

    Battle hasn't said much about Grant's future, but the AD has offered encouraging words in his weekly Battle Plan blog about the way the team has fought through this year's adversity.

    Jacobs has said even less about Barbee's future, and his call after last season for "significant improvement" has everyone wondering if this season is what he had in mind.
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  • Matt Jones ‏@KySportsRadio ·9 hrs
    New York newspaper says Calipari on short list of Knicks GM for the head coaching job:

    Jeff Borzello ‏@jeffborzello ·11 hrs
    According to the New York Post, Phil Jackson and the Knicks have an agreement in principle:
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  • Brandon Marcello ‏@bmarcello  17m
    Charles Barkley wants Auburn's Tony Barbee to return, but understands it's a 'results-oriented business'
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  • Brandon Marcello ‏@bmarcello ·7h
    Nine potential candidates to replace Tony Barbee as Auburn's basketball coach

    Brandon Marcello ‏@bmarcello ·7 hrs
    RT @KevinScarbinsky: Don't be surprised if Auburn makes a hard run at Bruce Pearl.

    Brandon Marcello ‏@bmarcello ·4 hrs
    Folks close to Rick Stansbury started showing interest in Auburn in 2013. That's not new. Question is whether he is legit candidate.
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  • Brandon Marcello ‏@bmarcello ·4h
    Charles Barkley says six coaches texted him last night saying they want the Auburn job. He laughs because, well, he's not the AD.
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  • Brent Zwerneman ‏@BrentZwerneman ·8 mins
    I wrote in preseason that I was told by a knowledgeable source Billy Kennedy needed to make a postseason to keep his gig. #JustReiterating
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  • Cecil Hurt ‏@CecilHurt ·49 mins
    Anthony Grant said he "has not talked with" AD Bill Battle about the season, but expects to meet w/him "after we get back (to Tuscaloosa).

    Cecil Hurt ‏@CecilHurt ·1 hr
    For all who asked, no, I do not expect a similar scenario as the one that transpired with Auburn last night.
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  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports ·10 hrs
    Anthony Grant may have used up his mulligan with this lost season. (Kevin Scarbinsky)
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  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports ·1 hr
    Auburn's Jay Jacobs heading search for new basketball coach alone Link
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  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports ·9 hrs
    Bruce Pearl willing to listen if Auburn, other schools are interested
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  • Number of Teams the SEC placed in the NCAA-T from 1992 Tourney to present with seeds in parentheses:

    2014 [3]: Florida (1-overall), UK (Eight), UT (11)

    2013 [3]: Florida (3), Mizzou (9), Ole Miss (12)

    2012 [4]: UK (1-overall), VU (5), UF (7), Bama (9)

    2011 [5]: UF (2), UK (4), VU (5), UT (9), UG (10)

    2010 [4]: UK (1), Vandy (4), UT (6), UF (10)

    2009 [3]: LSU (Eight), UT (9), MSSt (13)

    2008 [6]: UT(2),VU(4),Hogs(8,MSt(8,UK(11),UGa(14)

    2007 [5]: UF(1), UT(5), VU(6), UK (8, Hogs (12)

    2006 [6]: UT(2),UF(3),LSU(4),Hogs(8 ,UK(8 ,Bama(10)

    2005 [5]: UK(2), UF(4), Bama (5), LSU (6), MSt (9)

    2004 [6]: UK(1),MSt(2),UF(5),VU(6),Bama(8 ,SC(10)

    2003 [6]: UK(1-overall),UF(2),MSt(5),LSU(8 ,Bama(10),AU(10)

    2002 [6]: Bama(2), UG(3), MSt(3), UK(4), UF(5), OM(9)

    2001 [6]: UK(2), OM(3), UF(3), Hogs(7), UG(8 , UT(8

    2000 [6]: LSU(4),UT(4),UF(5),UK(5),AU(7), Hogs(11)
    1999 [6]: AU(1), UK(3), Hogs(4), UT(4), UF(6), OM(9)

    1998 [5]: UK (2), SC (3), OM (4), Hogs (6), Vols (8

    1997 [5]: UK (1), SC (2), UGa (3), OM (8, VU (10)

    1996 [4]: UK (1), State (5), UGa (8, Hogs (12)

    1995 [5]: UK (1), Hogs (2), State (5), Bama (5), UF (10)

    1994 [4]: Hogs (1), UK (3), UF (3), Bama (9)

    1993 [4]: UK (1), Vandy (3), Hogs (4), LSU (11)

    1992 [4]: UK (2), Hogs (3), Bama (5), LSU (7)
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  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports ·11 hrs
    Nice to know Cliff Ellis, Mike Davis and Mark Gottfried still know how to dance. (Kevin Scarbinsky)

    Gottfried's NC State team's inclusion surprised the bracketologists.

    Cliff Ellis coaches Coastal Carolina.

    Jon Solomon ‏@jonsol ·15 hrs
    Mike Davis must be enjoying himself tonight. Texas Southern in NCAAs; entire states of Alabama and Indiana are out.
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  • MrSEC: Over the weekend, Auburn sports information director Kirk Sampson decided to follow Bruce Pearl’s Twitter feed.

    The internet then exploded.

    A quick Twitter check yesterday revealed in one quick five-minute burst that fans of Auburn, Missouri, Ole Miss, and Tennessee were calling for Pearl to be hired by their favorite school.  To heck with Frank Haith, Andy Kennedy and Cuonzo Martin.  And more than a few Alabama fans were still grousing about Anthony Grant getting another year when Pearl is just sitting out there waiting for a phone call(!).
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  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports ·12 hrs
    Common sense says pick Billy Donovan and Florida to win their third national title. (Kevin Scarbinsky)

    Did you know that the Florida coach is one win away from matching LSU legend Dale Brown for second on the career list for victories at an SEC school?

    Donovan will equal Brown with his 448th victory at Florida on Thursday against the Albany-Mount St. Mary's winner. He'll pass Brown on Saturday against the Colorado-Pitt winner.

    Then Donovan will be only 426 victories away from catching Kentucky legend Adolph Rupp's record of 875 wins. Don't laugh. Donovan is still only 48 years old.

    Did you know that Donovan is only one national championship away from moving into truly elite company in that category? If the Gators live up to their No. 1 overall seed in the NCAA Tournament, they'll give their coach his third national title. That would equal Bob Knight and Jim Calhoun and put Donovan just one behind Rupp and Mike Krzyzewski, who each have four big rings.

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  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports ·19m
    Auburn hires Bruce Pearl as men's basketball coach
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  • Brandon Marcello ‏@bmarcello ·39 mins
    Word is Auburn will introduce Bruce Pearl at 7 p.m. inside Auburn Arena. We will pass along more info asap.

    Brandon Marcello ‏@bmarcello ·37 mins
    RT @KtHarrell1: Shoutout to our new family member Bruce Pearl #WDE

    Brandon Marcello ‏@bmarcello ·18 mins
    Bruce Pearl will land at 1 p.m. at Auburn University Regional Airport.

    Small consideration.  Pearl cannot "legally" recruit until his show cause penalty expires later this summer.
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  • “I’m humbled and blessed to back in the game that I love,” Pearl said. “I don’t know how long it will take, but it’s time to rebuild the Auburn basketball program, and bring it to a level of excellence so many of the other teams on campus enjoy.”

    Pearl replaces Tony Barbee, who was fired last week during the SEC Tournament. Pearl’s three-year show cause penalty expires in August, which means he can’t have contact with recruits this summer, but will be allowed to evaluate them during the July recruiting period.
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  • Michael DeCourcy ‏@tsnmike ·49 mins
    How many coaches better than Auburn's Bruce Pearl? "Let’s just say they could all probably fit in one clown car."
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  • Joel A. Erickson ‏@JoelAEricksonAU ·55m
    Crazy scene here at the Auburn Airport. Pearl jumps into the fans, does a mosh pit, then says he wants same reception for SEC title
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  • Ben Roberts ‏@NextCats ·3 hrs
    Tennessee had only been to the round of 16 three times (ever) before Bruce Pearl. He went three times in 6 seasons. Auburn has been 4 times.
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  • Matt Norlander ‏@MattNorlander ·60 mins
    Full video of Pearl embracing the crowd, then playfully scolding a fan for having a cellphone ring. Guy's a natural
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  • Mike Szvetitz ‏@Szvetitz  Mar 18
    Bruce Pearl said he loves teaching. Told Jay Jacobs he wanted to teach an ethics class. Said Jay didn't know if he could make that happen
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  • Ben Frederickson ‏@Ben_Fred ·6 hrs
    #Vols coach Cuonzo Martin on "The Criticism"

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  • Jimmy Hyams ‏@JimmyHyams ·Mar 18
    SEC Commissioner Mike Slive said of Auburn hiring Bruce Pearl `I trust Auburn has done its due diligence' in hiring process. I was disappointed in the actions of Coach Pearl that led to his suspension and ultimate dismissal (at UT) but he will soon complete the requirements of his NCAA penalties. I have every expectation that he has learned his lesson and will run Auburn's basketball program in accordance with these expectations.'
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  • sports ‏@aldotcomSports ·6 hrs
    #NCState's #markgottfried: 'Players are heartbroken;' Twitter blames former Alabama coach #NCAATournament