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 on: Today at 04:44:00 am 
Started by psycHOGlogist - Last post by rolyat_2008
Barnum now a Hog commit joining Doumbia in the 2018 class

 on: Today at 04:35:57 am 
Started by 010HogFan - Last post by Al Boarland
SEVERAL of our assistants woke up everyday looking at an 18 hour work day, while working for a man who wasnt going to turn in more than 8-10 hours that same day , while making 8 times more money (or more) AND while being a drunk with a lower IQ than them. While they mostly have a bunch of kids, too, and Bert didnt even have that to deal with. As soon as he added one kid to his list he folded up like a junior high school love note circa 1988.

 That must have been hard on them.

That’s interesting info considering so many here were talking about how last season would be CBB’s best year because he dug his heels in for a contract year. The spring and fall camp reports were all positive (like now) and a stellar season was upon us.

Rinse and repeat.

 on: Today at 03:23:50 am 
Started by luke hawg - Last post by rolyat_2008
PG in this system is about not becoming stagnant (the motionless motion offense) and passing to get people involved.  Having guards that can defend the dribble, stay in front of average to above average guards by moving their feet instead of hands would be a start.  Stop the incessant disadvantage predetermined switching / trapping that results in leaving shooters that we are slow to rotate.

The bigger issue for Mike is PF.  It’s the most vital position in Mike’s system yet outside of Portis, Coty Clarke is the only athletic but skilled one that played of any quality and once again he was a JUCO.   We’ve had holes all throughout the roster not addressed and a bench full of mid level role players taking up scholarships.  He can play 9, 10 or 11 guys whatever but when the quality play drops off so far that’s not the depth he loves to boast.  He loves talking up the depth and fast pace but doesn’t trust it enough to really press defensively so we get this half hearted hope the shooters get tired and miss nonsense.

 on: Today at 02:31:45 am 
Started by luke hawg - Last post by Pumbaa
Then what was your point in showing that? You showed that to try and paint an image that he was some how better than his stats indicated.

The first quote says it all but it was to show his athleticism and that he was only a freshman at that point. Again, read the post. I clearly said I don’t think he will be a world beater but he’s not a scrub either...........

 on: Today at 02:26:22 am 
Started by forrest city joe - Last post by texas tush hog
He won't be our coach in two years

I woudn't make book on that. The people who are filling up the Bud beg to differ.

 on: Today at 02:18:17 am 
Started by lynbug - Last post by Mo_Better_Hogs
Watching these other teams now, and seeing some good basketball, it's almost like we were never there.

 on: Today at 02:17:48 am 
Started by RedSkiesAtNightHog - Last post by HogFoo
Ya know the show i miss is Sportsrap before Chuck got all proper and quit wearing trucker hats.  I liked hearing him and Henry talk about stuff. Some didnt like it, but i thought it was funny. 

Of course i used to like jimmy kimmel when he and adam carola had "the man show"  but then jimmy went to mainstream and turned into a commie pinko liberal and ive never watched him since. 

Anyways, Nick mason can still suck it! So can the Monks.

 on: Today at 02:01:36 am 
Started by The real Hogules - Last post by Großer Kriegschwein
Well, drug tests are unconstitutional ANYWAY; I'll be surprised all these libertarians dont agree with me on that. The 5th amendment and all that.

Not as part of an employment agreement. I'm sure you meant 4th Amendment though (Unreasonable searches and seizures).  5th Amendment pertains to indictment and due process.

Unfortunately for college athletes, the NCAA isn't the government The 4th Amendment only applies to government infringement of rights. 5th Amendment applies even less.

Mandatory ones, maybe.  His wasn’t mandatory. That said, the NCAA is a joke and 2 years is stupid.  I’d still take the kid. He’s a stud.

Weren't you the "character has to mean something" guy?

 on: Today at 01:58:33 am 
Started by yraciv - Last post by AflacHawg
Bert gave them a pregame pep talk.

 on: Today at 01:50:57 am 
Started by WizardofhOgZ - Last post by welchog
Not sure why UK was ranked so high.  Series win v TT and a win over UH is all their schedule shows.  I hope we beat the crap out of a good team, but maybe just unveiled all the kinks in their armor.

Anyway, we should slide up a few points in the rankings next week.  😁

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