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 on: Today at 07:22:20 pm 
Started by jgphillips3 - Last post by TheRazorback500
He's become a top target:


 on: Today at 07:17:56 pm 
Started by HognitiveDissonance - Last post by 26.2Hog

Just my opinion, but to say a season is a good season, need to finish in the top 25.

 on: Today at 07:17:52 pm 
Started by twistitup - Last post by ricepig
Last time I checked the brick to cover the West side wouldn't generate any income, probably the #1 reason it isn't happening. That, and there isn't the necessary room to do it as it presently exists.

 on: Today at 07:15:37 pm 
Started by twistitup - Last post by twistitup
Id be willing to wager if you asked him if hed rather have $4 million or $11 million and nationwide humiliation, hed go with the former.

Tito disagrees

 on: Today at 07:12:18 pm 
Started by sir-pigs-a-lot - Last post by sir-pigs-a-lot
Maybe you didn't know, maybe you forgot, or maybe you just thought it would be ok to make knee jerk comments around here. We've been pretty relaxed about it so far and find it easier just to remove the crap from the threads and keep the chatter about baseball.

But, as SEC play starts up and the others realize we have a baseball team, no doubt we will get our share of ridiculous nonsense from the gallery. So, let's just remind everyone right now that this forum is pure of the vile crap that goes on in jump ball. Too many people put too much into this to let it turn into a cess pool. So, here is how things will go from now on....

If you're active in a discussion throughout the game.....I'll tolerate some emotion. But if you show up here after the game and post "what an embarrassment"......it's gone.

Get a post removed, consider it a warning. Next step is a PM. After that, Wilson will make you read only for however long he sees fit.

We love discussion......just make it about logic and not emotion. JCVH made a post several weeks ago that was about as negative as you can be, but he used facts and logic. If there is a negative, talk about it. Everyone around here loves talking about the game if baseball....we will talk all night about it. Even if it's not happy and positive. But what we will not tolerate here is that jump ball mentality where you think it's cool to post "we suck" or "as usual" or other stuff.

We understand there are lots of expectations here. With the football and basketball team being a rough year, baseball is out for a big year. We look forward to a good season. Don't mess up the spirit of this board with your emotional vomit.

 on: Today at 07:07:02 pm 
Started by TeufelHog - Last post by TeufelHog
. . . Assistant Coach (Pitching Staff), and former Springdale High School graduate and baseball Head Coach, Shohn Doty. 

 on: Today at 07:06:20 pm 
Started by Porked Tongue - Last post by cram224
CMA needs to win something, regular season or SECT. I would nearly bet that had Nolan not won the SECT in 2000 he would have been out quicker. After the 95 season we were in a decline. If you look at the last few years of Nolan he had the same type of team that we are seeing now. Outside of Gafford, no post presence and a roster full of 6'4" to 6'7" wing players that needs a coach to teach fundamentals.

 on: Today at 07:06:20 pm 
Started by twistitup - Last post by twistitup
How long will it be steel? It seems like finishing the home side of the stadium would have taken priority over the North Side Expansion - please explain.

 on: Today at 07:03:03 pm 
Started by Razorbacks#1 - Last post by jry04
To the poster asking if other teams lose games like this, yes.

The rest of the SEC is 63-17 in midweek games this year. The Hogs are now 5-1, so slightly above average percentage-wise. Three of the 5 were against quality teams in Arizona and Texas, but losing to RPI 180 Charlotte is certainly not ideal. Hopefully we win enough games against the RPI monster that is the SEC so that it won't matter.

Edit: Charlotte's RPI jumped all the way to 147 with this win. Hogs down from 11 to 18.
Vandy lost to Eastern Kentucky last week. They are 200+ in the RPI. A&M lost to UT Arlington. Miss State lost to SELA who is around 150 RPI. All were midweek games.

Heck, Florida just lost a game to 143 RPI South Carolina. I know it is a conference game, but SC is not very good this year. Charlotte is around the same quality as far as a loss goes. These losses happen, and it probably will not be the last. We need 20 SEC wins we will likely end up a national seed.

 on: Today at 07:00:08 pm 
Started by checkraiser88 - Last post by rude1
I've said it for years...switching man D is 90% of the reason we get down early by double digits before Mike changes D. If we only switched during special circumstances we would be a better team.
Nothing says "we got them where we want them" better than watching Trey Thompson 25' from the basket guarding a ball handler, while Beard takes on their big in the paint, you just know that defensive trip will end well for us......................

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