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    Following the much-hyped class of 2016, NBA scouts expected that it would be tough for the class of 2o17 to match their predecessors. That being said, the NBA was hoping for a little more than they've seen out of 2017 over the past three weeks.

    "It's not like it was last year obviously," one scout told "This round of All-Star games hasn't been the best setting for a lot of these guys and there aren't as many no-brainers as we have seen in other classes."

    However, one player did stand out the most to NBA scouts. The only player to receive votes in our polling of NBA scouts as the best overall prospect was 2017's No. 1 ranked player, Missouri-bound small forward Michael Porter Jr.

    "Porter sometimes leaves you wanting a little more, but he's pretty clearly the best player in the class," said one Eastern Conference scout. "He has terrific size, he's athletic, he has great skill and he is the one guy that could give all of the 2016 kids a run for their money."


    After Porter Jr., NBA scouts seemed to be the most enamored with's No. 2 and No. 3 ranked players Mohamed Bamba and DeAndre Ayton. It was a pretty even split between the two with the Arizona-bound Ayton making a comeback and having the NBA guys warm up to him at the Jordan Brand Classic...

    Those who like the undecided Bamba more point to his length and ability to be a game changer on the defensive end.

    "His arms are so long that I wonder if it is even possible for him to shoot a normal jump shot but I don't really care," said one scout at the McDonald's All-American Game. "In our league we'll be drafting him to protect the rim and rebound. His length is a game-changer and he's also pretty coordinated. He looks like a kid that would be fun to work with."