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  •  Kevin Brockway‏ @gatorhoops 19h19 hours ago

    FYI, last Florida player to be taken in NBA draft was Erik Murphy in 2013, though Finney-Smith made Mavs this season as undrafted FA.
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  •  Liz Mullen‏Verified account @SBJLizMullen Apr 14

    . @excelsm signed Kentucky G Malik Monk & Duke F Harry Giles for NBA Draft. Agent Jeff Schwartz repping them. SBD:
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  • Quote
    Draft Express
    5     DeAaron Fox     Magic     Kentucky    
    6     Malik Monk     Timberwolves     Kentucky

    31    Bam Adebayo     Hawks     Kentucky
    48     Sindarius Thornwell     Bucks     South Carolina
    59     Luke Kornet     Spurs     Vanderbilt

    Land of 10
    4    *Philadelphia    DeAaron Fox    Kentucky
    8    *Sacramento    Malik Monk    Kentucky
    19    Atlanta    Bam Adebayo    Kentucky

    32    Phoenix    Sindarius Thornwell    South Carolina
    45    *Philadelphia    Isaac Humphries    Kentucky
    51    *Denver    Isaiah Briscoe    Kentucky
    52    Washington    Moses Kingsley    Arkansas
    4    *Philadelphia    DeAaron Fox    Kentucky
    8    *Sacramento    Malik Monk    Kentucky
    19    Atlanta    Bam Adebayo    Kentucky

    32    Phoenix    Sindarius Thornwell    South Carolina
    45    *Philadelphia    Isaac Humphries    Kentucky
    52    Washington    Moses Kingsley    Arkansas
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  •  Fran Fraschilla‏Verified account @franfraschilla 3h3 hours ago

    Not moralizing on guys leaving early for NBA. It's a dream. But so many guys going to D-League. Will need a D-League for D-League.
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  • Marcus Monk misses out on another
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  • "Fluid" 2017 NBA Draft Early Entry List

    Players with SEC ties

    Isaiah Briscoe, 6-3, Sophomore, Kentucky

    P.J. Dozier, 6-6, Sophomore, South Carolina

    DeAaron Fox, 6-3, Freshman, Kentucky

    Malik Monk, 6-3, Freshman, Kentucky


    Bam Adebayo, 6-10, Freshman, Kentucky

    Jaylen Barford, 6-3, Junior, Arkansas

    Darryl Macon, 6-3, Junior, Arkansas

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  •  Brian Hamilton‏Verified account @BrianHamiltonSI Apr 24

    This is out there, but can confirm Kentucky's Bam Adebayo will remain in NBA Draft. He's signing with Octagon's Alex Saratkis.

    Marcus misses out on Bam
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    Kingsley -> Boston

    Land o' 10

    Kingsley -> Washington
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  •  Jon Rothstein‏Verified account @JonRothstein Apr 29

    Jon Rothstein Retweeted Jonathan Givony

    All underclassmen NOT on this list should withdraw from the NBA Draft and head back to school immediately.
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  • Matt L. Stephens


    This number illustrates the unfortunate stupidity of so many college basketball players. 60 possible picks, 30 in the first round. Math.
    6:36 PM - 25 Apr 2017

    I get it if you're a fan of a specific team that might be about to lose multiple players early who could reasonably return to college. You love your school. So if you're anxious or upset about an on-the-fence prospect, that makes some sense on some level. But what doesn't make any sense on any level is to be baffled or outraged by the sheer number of underclassmen declaring. Or to call anybody stupid for taking advantage of a system that allows underclassmen to do exactly this with little to no downside.

    You all realize that, right?

    Literally any underclassmen who hasn't already declared early for the NBA Draft twice can declare early for this NBA Draft and still return to school provided he doesn't retain representation and formally withdraws by the May 24 deadline. Given that reality, you shouldn't be shocked that the number of underclassmen exercising this option is 137. You should be shocked it's not higher. You shouldn't be shocked when even a moderately talented underclassmen declares for the NBA Draft. You should be mildly surprised when even a moderately talented underclassmen doesn't.
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  • Quote
    G DeAaron Fox

    Height: 6-foot-3 in shoes

    Weight: 169.6 pounds

    Wing span: 6-6

    Standing reach: 8-4

    Body fat: 4.5%

    G Hamidou Diallo

    Height: 6-foot-5 in shoes

    Weight: 197.4 pounds

    Wing span: 6-11

    Standing reach: 8-5

    Body fat: 5.2%

    Max vertical: 44 1/2 inches (highest by 3.5 inches)

    3/4 court sprint: 3.11 seconds (second-fastest of the day)

    Lane agility: 10.88 seconds (fifth-fastest of the day)

    G Isaiah Briscoe

    Height: 6-foot-2 in shoes

    Weight: 222.4%

    Wing span: 6-9

    Standing reach: 8-3

    Body fat: 11%

    Shuttle run: 2.85 seconds (fastest of the day)

    Lane agility: 10.95 seconds (sixth-fastest of the day)

    3/4 court sprint: 3.38 seconds (17th-fastest of the day)

    Max vertical: 33 1/2 inches (17th-highest of the day)

    5-on-5 scrimmage stats: 27 minutes, 6-10 FG, 1-2 3s, 2-2 FT, 15 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds, 5 turnovers

    F Bam Adebayo

    Height: 6-foot-9

    Weight: 242.6 pounds

    Wing span: 7-2

    Standing reach: 9-0

    Body fat: 5.2%
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  •  Jerry Tipton‏Verified account @JerryTipton May 12

    No disrespect intended, but Isaiah Briscoe welcomed the idea of wiping Ky off the slate and getting a fresh start.
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  • Land o' 10

     4 DeAaron Fox    Kentucky
     9 Malik Monk    Kentucky
    19 Bam Adebayo    Kentucky

    32 Sindarius Thornwell    South Carolina
    45 Isaac Humphries    Kentucky
    51 Devin Robinson    Florida
    53 Moses Kingsley    Arkansas

     3 DeAaron Fox    Kentucky
     9 Malik Monk    Kentucky
    18 Bam Adebayo    Kentucky

    38 Sindarius Thornwell    South Carolina
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  •  5 DeAaron Fox    Kentucky
     7 Malik Monk    Kentucky

    32 Bam Adebayo    Kentucky
    35 Hamidou Diallo  Kentucky
    45 PJ Dozier           South Carolina
    46 Devin Robinson    Florida
    55 Sindarius Thornwell    South Carolina

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  •  5 DeAaron Fox    Kentucky
     6 Malik Monk    Kentucky

    32 Bam Adebayo    Kentucky
    35 Hamidou Diallo  Kentucky
    47 PJ Dozier           South Carolina
    51 Devin Robinson    Florida
    57 Sindarius Thornwell    South Carolina
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  • Real Jerry Tipton: Hamidou Diallo recorded the second-highest vertical leap ever measured at an NBA Combine: 44.5 inches. What did that mean? Two former pro basketball figures suggested we should not jump to any grandiose conclusions.

    Ive seen a lot of players come through and test really well, said Bobby Marks, a former assistant general manager of the Nets. Then you put them on the court, and it doesnt correlate.

    Thats not to say Diallo, who only practiced in his so-far one semester career at Kentucky, will not be a standout NBA player someday. Its just that a vertical leap can be incidental to assessing a players potential.

    The initial excitement about Diallos leap brought to mind a facetious thought: Dick Fosbury, who invented the backward style of high jumping known as the Fosbury flop, won the 1968 Olympic gold medal with a leap of 7-foot, 4 inches. Thats a vertical leap of 88 inches!!! Yet no one thought of him as a basketball phenomenon.

    Del Harris, a longtime NBA coach, offered more serious perspective on the vertical leap.

    Guys like Larry Bird and Magic Johnson wouldnt show up very big on some of those particular factors, he said. There are so many other things to take into consideration.

    The vertical leap, shuttle run and other examples of what the NBA calls its anthropometric testing serves a purpose, Harris and Marks said. It gives the pros a sense of a players quickness and whether he has quick-twitch muscles. The quicker the twitch, the better lateral movement, the greater possibility of a better defender.

    Earlier this spring, perennial all-star Kevin Durant scoffed at the strength testing at the NBA Combine. He recalled Combine strength coaches laughing at him because he could not bench press 185 pounds.

    I was embarrassed at that point, he said, But Im like, Give me a basketball, please. Give me a ball.

    Diallo did not handle the ball at UK
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  •  Jeff Goodman‏Verified account @GoodmanESPN May 18

    N.C. States Ted Kapita likely to sign with an agent and play professionally, source told ESPN.