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  • Wes Rucker

    Dan Mullen has wanted that Georgia job pretty badly for a while. I bet the Dawgs aim higher at first, though.
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  • Jason Butt ‏@JasonHButt 19h19 hours ago

    Five coaches Georgia could consider now that Mark Richt has been fired:

    Kirby Smart, Alabama defensive coordinator
    ...Smart’s also a Georgia graduate, having played for the Bulldogs from 1995-98, and understands the culture in Athens extremely well.

    Tom Herman, Houston head coach
    ...Only 40 years old, Herman could bring plenty of energy to a program that certainly needs it. But he would have to re-tool the offense to work with his spread attack.

    Dan Mullen, Mississippi State head coach
    Mullen has ties to McGarity as the two worked together in Florida before moving elsewhere. Mullen was former Florida head coach Urban Meyer’s offensive coordinator, and McGarity worked under Florida athletics director Jeremy Foley. The two reportedly still have a strong relationship and would be on the same page within Georgia’s athletics department. The risk Georgia would run into with a Mullen hire would be re-tooling the offense...

    David Shaw, Stanford head coach
    ...Shaw’s offense would suit Georgia’s current personnel...

    Mike Bobo, Colorado State head coach
    This likely wouldn’t happen unless Georgia strikes out on other potential candidates. But Bobo knows the program as a former player and as a former assistant coach...
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  • Jason Butt ‏@JasonHButt 19h19 hours ago

    Five coaches Georgia could consider now that Mark Richt has been fired:

    Shaw would be an excellent hire for Georgia, IMO. I think he would consider that job to since the recruiting base and style of play already fits what he likes to do.
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  • Michael Carvell ‏@Carvell_AJC 1h1 hour ago

    Five things every Georgia fan needs to know today

    Georgia players, especially on defense, are making a major push for defensive coordinator Jeremy Pruitt to be retained. The Bulldogs currently stand first in the nation in pass defense – and Pruitt is the secondary coach as well. A Georgia freshman safety, unsolicited, walked by reporters Sunday night and said: “If the media wants to know anything tell them keep Pruitt.” While Pruitt is popular among players and the fans his relationship with others in the Butts-Mehre building is more strained. McGarity didn’t like when Pruitt went public about the lack of an indoor practice facility last year, and by all accounts their working relationship is not exactly close.

    As for the next head coach, numerous sources say Alabama defensive coordinator Kirby Smart and Mississippi State head coach Dan Mullen are the candidates to watch. There is sentiment from powerful boosters and others in the administration for Smart, a former Georgia player and a Bulldogs assistant coach in the mid-2000s. But McGarity was at Florida when Mullen was the offensive coordinator there. That doesn’t mean the choice will definitely be either of those two – Houston head coach Tom Herman has also been heavily mentioned – but Smart and Mullen are easily the two most prominently mentioned.

    Richt plans to coach Georgia in its bowl game. He has no plans to pursue any other head coaching vacancy this offseason, per numerous people close to him, and has been invited to stay on at UGA in some capacity...
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  • DawgNation ‏@dawgnation  55m55 minutes ago
    Kirby Smart will be named Georgia’s new football coach
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  • John Talty ‏@JTalty  34m34 minutes ago
    Scott Cochran is expected to join Kirby Smart in Athens once the deal is official:
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  • Mark Bradley ‏@MarkBradleyAJC Dec 1

    With Kirby Smart, UGA has a chance to win really big.

    Smart isn’t Ray Goff, who was hired as Georgia’s coach only because he was an alum. Smart would be a good hire if he held a degree from, oh, the Georgia Institute of Technology. He has done great work at the highest level of college football. He’s a smart (pun intended) guy who has been on many school’s want lists. He’s about to come coach Georgia.

    Does it bother me that Smart hasn’t been a head coach? A little, but only a little. Vince Dooley was a career assistant and became the best coach in Georgia annals. Mark Richt was a career assistant and became the second-best coach in Georgia annals.

    Does it bother me that Smart has coached defense? Not even a little. The four best coaches, college or pro, are Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, Pete Carroll and Bill Belichick. Three were defensive guys.

    And here we must — or at least we should — give credit to Greg McGarity. The athletic director has become everyone’s punching bag, but say this for the man: Knowing he’d become a punching bag, he made a difficult call on Richt, and clearly he had Step 2 in mind all along. He wanted Kirby Smart, and it appears he’s going to get him...
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  • Jon Solomon ‏@JonSolomonCBS 2h2 hours ago

    Saban gets a little emotional talking about Kirby Smart and says he's as good and loyal an assistant as he has ever had.
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  • Chris Kirschner ‏@ChrisK_AJC 12h12 hours ago

    I asked Kirby Smart if he was the next #UGA coach. He looked at me and gave me a death stare.
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  • Michael Carvell ‏@Carvell_AJC  30m30 minutes ago
    Kirby Smart officially becomes UGA’s coach at 12:30 p.m.

    THENS — The deal is done.

    Kirby Smart will officially become Georgia’s head coach early Sunday afternoon. The University announced that it will hold a telephonic meeting with the executive committee of the UGA Athletic Association board of directors at 12:30 p.m. for the purpose of “discussion and deliberation of the hiring and compensation of a public employee.”
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  • Jason Butt ‏@JasonHButt  5h5 hours ago Fort Lauderdale, FL
    Greg McGarity: “Am I involved in assistant coaching hires? No. I never have been. You can ask any of our coaches."
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  • Michael Carvell ‏@Carvell_AJC 5h5 hours ago

    Recruiting Rewind: Will UGA have any Kirb appeal on offense next year?

    “I’ll be back.”

    That’s what UGA running backs coach Thomas Brown shared this week with a parent of a top recruit. Brown said he would definitely be back next year and that’s a plus for continuity at running back.

    That keeps UGA in good graces with 4-star commitment Elijah Holyfield for starters. It also means Brown’s relationship with 4-star de-commitment Devwah Whaley is intact to try and bring him back to UGA. It keeps UGA in a great spot with mega-recruits like 5-star junior Anthony McFarland and 5-star sophomore Zamir White. Both of those elite athletes had UGA on their mind leader (sic) before Mark Richt was fired.
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  • Michael Carvell ‏@Carvell_AJC 1h1 hour ago

    Analysis: Pruitt’s departure from Georgia

    The news that Jeremy Pruitt will end up back at Alabama and guiding its defense and recruiting against, not for, Georgia, might have been inevitable. When Kirby Smart replaced Mark Richt, thus creating the opening in Tuscaloosa, the only question was whether Nick Saban would invite the prodigal son home.

    A comment by Saban back in June a the SEC meetings, should’ve been the clue that he would.

    “I think Jeremy Pruitt is one of the best coaches we’ve ever had on our staff,” said Saban, who had Pruitt as his secondary coach from 2010-12 and for three years before that in a player development role.

    So Georgia and Alabama, once this news is confirmed, have now essentially traded defensive coordinators. Georgia just needs to hope it goes better than the unofficial trade with the St. Louis Rams: Todd Gurley for Brian Schottenheimer...
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  • Michael Carvell ‏@Carvell_AJC  1m1 minute ago
    UGA to name Jim Chaney as offensive coordinator

    Ex-Tennesse OC

    Smart snares an elite offensive line coach
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  • Michael Carvell ‏@Carvell_AJC  3m3 minutes ago
    New Georgia assistant coach’s role still undefined

    Georgia has finally announced the hiring of Glenn Schumann, but it still hasn’t said what position he will coach.

    In conjunction with two other hires, head coach Kirby Smart said Saturday that Schumann, who has been with the team for nearly a week, will be in a “defensive staff position.”

    That indicates still some flux on the defensive staff, where no other hires have been made official, nor have any current assistants been announced as retained or dismissed.

    Schumann had been with Smart the past six years in an off-field role. He has been recruiting for the Bulldogs practically since last Sunday.

    “Glen did an outstanding job in several areas during his eight years at Alabama and he’ll be a great addition to our staff,” Smart said in a statement.

    Schumann was born in Valdosta, where his father Eric was an assistant coach at the time. Eric Schumann spent 20 years as a defensive coordinator, and was a safety at Alabama in the 1970s.
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  • Michael Carvell ‏@Carvell_AJC  3h3 hours ago
    Jonathan Crompton on Jim Chaney: UGA will be “a high-powered offense because of him”

    Strong resume or strong surroundings?
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  • Wes Rucker ‏@wesrucker247  3h3 hours ago
    Aye Georgia fans, I think you’re gonna love Jim Chaney and Sam Pittman. Great coaches, better guys.
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  • Chris Low ‏@ClowESPN Dec 12 Farragut, TN

    Now that Kirby Smart is making headway on his staff at Georgia, look for Shane Beamer to be somewhere in the mix. Super coach and recruiter
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  • Jason Butt ‏@JasonHButt 2m2 minutes ago Fort Lauderdale, FL

    Kirby Smart remains in no rush to complete staff, but hopes to keep Thomas Brown + other coaching nuggets:

    See what Brown can do for him.
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  • Michael Carvell ‏@Carvell_AJC 9m9 minutes ago

    Smart on what he likes about the ‘tandem’ of Chaney and Pittman

    ATHENS — When it came to building his new Georgia staff, Kirby Smart targeted two jobs very quickly: Offensive coordinator and offensive line coach. So it was no accident the men who got those jobs knew each other well and were announced at the same time.

    “That first piece was to get that offensive coordinator and offensive line coach together, that tandem,” Smart said on Monday, two days after Jim Chaney was announced as offensive coordinator, and Sam Pittman as offensive line coach.

    Smart had a one-word answer Monday when asked what he liked most about Chaney, who had been at Pittsburgh this year, after two years at Arkansas and four at Tennessee.

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  • Jason Butt ‏@JasonHButt 6h6 hours ago Fort Lauderdale, FL

    UGA coaching staff for the TaxSlayer Bowl:

    Director of player personnel Sam Petitto will coach the defensive backs, graduate assistant Courtney Coard will coach the outside linebackers, graduate assistant Olten Downs will assist with receivers, graduate assistant Steve Shimko will coach quarterbacks  and director of recruiting Todd Hartley will coach special teams.

    Bowl game defensive coordinator Kevin Sherrer will assist with both the inside and outside linebackers.

    Announced on Tuesday, tight ends coach John Lilly will call offensive plays. Defensive line coach Tracy Rocker and offensive line coach Rob Sale are still on staff...
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  • Chris Low ‏@ClowESPN Dec 18 Alabama, USA

    Jeremy Pruitt settling in at Alabama. Running joke is when Kirby Smart finishes talking to a recruit, he hands the phone over to Pruitt.
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  • Reported that UGa retained Tracy Rocker as D-Line coach.
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  • Barrett Sallee ‏@BarrettSallee 20h20 hours ago

    Losing Bryan McClendon is huge for UGA. Stars he's recruited: Nick Chubb, Keith Marshall, Lorenzo Carter, Isaiah Crowell and Todd Gurley
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  • ESPN SEC ‏@ESPN_SEC Dec 24

    Dinich: What Kirby Smart can learn from Dan Mullen, Tom Herman

    Almost exactly a year ago, Tom Herman was sitting in his office as the offensive coordinator at Ohio State, preparing to face Alabama in the inaugural College Football Playoff -- a game plan he worked on diligently -- until he put on his red Houston hat.


    It had the U of H logo on it, and whenever Herman wore it -- even at his desk in Columbus -- he was working as the new head coach of Houston. He usually played that role from 6-7 a.m., before heading into the Buckeyes' offensive staff room to break down film of Alabama and prepare for practice. He wore it at lunch, before staff meetings and practice. And he put it on again around 9 p.m., when it was time to make recruiting calls.

    "When I had the U of H hat on, I wasn't thinking about plays or beating Alabama or a game plan or anything," he said. "That's kind of why I put it on, to direct all my focus on what I was doing at that time and then take the hat off and it's OK, let's go beat the Tide."

    The Tide's defensive coordinator, Kirby Smart, is now the new head coach of Georgia and up next in the juggling act. He is splitting time between Athens and Tuscaloosa while trying to beat No. 3 Michigan State in the Goodyear Cotton Bowl...
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  • Chris Low ‏@ClowESPN 50m50 minutes ago Dallas, TX

    Kirby Smart on staying on as Alabama's DC through playoff: "At the end of the day, it was the right thing to do."

    Smart said he couldn't have looked his players in the eye at Bama and "couldn't have lived with himself" had he not stayed through playoff.
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  • Marc Weiszer ‏@marcweiszer 6h6 hours ago

    John Lilly will call offensive plays for UGA from press box level in TaxSlayer Bowl. OC Brian Schottenheimer was on field.
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  •  Jason Butt ‏@JasonHButt 11h11 hours ago

    Georgia's incoming coach will be coaching the Alabama defense in the national championship vs. Clemson. Gave up 0 vs. Michigan State.
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  • JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Kirby Smart did indeed come here on Friday to be with the Georgia football team, along with his new offensive coordinator, and someone else who might be joining the staff.

    Jim Chaney, who has been named Georgia’s new offensive coordinator, was with Smart at the hotel. The two entered a meeting room together around 3:15 p.m. on Friday.

    Shortly thereafter they were joined by another man, who appeared to be coaching candidate James Coley...

    Coley just finished a stint as Miami’s offensive coordinator, and is not being retained by new Hurricanes head coach Mark Richt. There is a connection between Coley and Smart: They worked together at LSU...
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  • Marc Weiszer ‏@marcweiszer 43m43 minutes ago

    Shane Beamer hired to coach special teams, tight ends for Georgia  #UGA

    Chris Low ‏@ClowESPN 2h2 hours ago Connecticut, USA

    Kirby Smart gets a good one in Shane Beamer, who will coach tight ends and oversee special teams on Georgia's staff.
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  • Point in time update from a static link for Football Scoop

    LOL! if football scoop is as accurate on everything as they are on Pittman's salary at Arkansas they aren't very reliable. ;D
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  • LOL! if football scoop is as accurate on everything as they are on Pittman's salary at Arkansas they aren't very reliable. ;D

    Looks like Football Scoop is no better than Pooper Scoop.
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  • Wes Rucker

    Dan Mullen has wanted that Georgia job pretty badly for a while. I bet the Dawgs aim higher at first, though.

    Looks like they aimed lower since they hired someone without any head coaching experience at the P5 level as Mullen has.
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  •  Jason Butt ‏@JasonHButt 54m54 minutes ago

    A recap of who's in and who's out with UGA's coaching staff:

    Tracy Rocker and Kevin Sherrer also signed new deals. Rocker is getting $525,000 per season and Sherrer is getting $375,000 per season.

    2015 offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Brian Schottenheimer: Schottenheimer lived up to his billing, in the sense that his lack of NFL success followed him to the college ranks. Georgia’s offense went from 30th in 2014 under Mike Bobo to 83rd in 2015 under Schottenheimer. After Richt was fired, Schottenheimer elected not to coach in the TaxSlayer bowl.

     2016 offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Jim Chaney: Chaney has a lot of experience at the college level, having coached at Wyoming, Purdue, Tennessee, Arkansas and Pittsburgh. He also had an NFL stint with the St. Louis Rams. He’s known for being a versatile coordinator who can run multiple and pro-style sets...

    2015 offensive line coach Rob Sale: Sale, like Schottenheimer, only spent one season at Georgia after replacing Will Friend. Despite inheriting four starters from a dominant offensive line in 2014, Sale’s group was inconsistent and needed a rearrangement following a 27-3 loss to Florida. Sale is heading to Louisiana-Monroe.

    2016 offensive line coach Sam Pittman...
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  • Jason Butt ‏@JasonHButt 54m54 minutes ago

    A recap of who's in and who's out with UGA's coaching staff:

    Tracy Rocker and Kevin Sherrer also signed new deals. Rocker is getting $525,000 per season and Sherrer is getting $375,000 per season.

    Georgia is paying Chaney $850k a year and a one time payment of $85k.

    Pittman is getting $650k and a one time payment of $250k (buyout for Arkansas).

    They are overpaying Chaney. Dramatically.
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  • Michael Carvell ‏@Carvell_AJC 11h11 hours ago

    Saban assigned Smart a secretary to help him with UGA work

    Alabama’s outgoing defensive coordinator and Georgia’s incoming head coach has a secretary at Bama who is helping him handle all his UGA business.

        In 1994, Alabama coach Nick Saban — then the Cleveland Browns’ defensive coordinator — was hired as Michigan State’s coach with several weeks still left in the NFL season.

        With Saban staying with the Browns through the end of the season, then-Cleveland coach Bill Belichick gave Saban a secretary to take any Michigan State-related calls during the day while Saban focused on the Browns. Later in the day, Saban could then return the calls and handle any other Michigan State-related matters.

        Saban said that helped during that process.

    Saban gave former Alabama offensive coordinator Jim McElwain a secretary back when he accepted the Colorado State head coaching job amid a national championship run in 2011. And so, Saban gave Smart one, too.

    Saban said at his news conference in Tuscaloosa this past Wednesday it’s all about making sure the Alabama players are getting every bit of commitment from Smart as they would had he not accepted the Georgia job.

    “I think we’re all doing this in honor of the team and the players,” Saban said.
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  • Cecil Hurt ‏@CecilHurt  Jan 9
    Alabama DB coach Mel Tucker on Georgia DC job: "My whole mindset is on this game and giving our players the best opportunity."
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  • Jason Butt ‏@JasonHButt 1h1 hour ago

    Some folks didn't like that Kirby Smart pulled double duty. But it worked perfectly for both Georgia and Alabama:

    Come Tuesday, Kirby Smart finally will devote his full attention to being the head coach of Georgia's football program.

    It wasn't necessarily a popular narrative, but it was one circulated by plenty -- whether by columnists, talk-show hosts, fans or casual football observers. It was that Smart, hired a week after Georgia fired Mark Richt, should drop everything he's doing at Alabama and focus his full attention on the Bulldogs.

    Never mind the fact Smart's team was in the College Football Playoff with a chance to play for a national championship. And never mind the fact Smart had developed close relationships with his mentor Nick Saban, other Alabama assistants and the players he helped recruit. Smart got the job he wanted but didn't want to burn any bridges during his exit. Kudos to Saban and Georgia athletics director Greg McGarity for allowing this to happen.

    With Smart pulling double duty, some perceived it would negatively affect recruiting. Instead, he has helped keep Jacob Eason committed to Georgia, landed five-star tight end Isaac Nauta and for the most part, has kept a mass exodus of those set to return in 2016 from transferring out.

    Landing Nauta on Saturday put Georgia back into the top-five of recruiting classes, according to, and much more could be in store before the first Wednesday of February rolls around.

    With the benefit of hindsight, Smart has played the situation he entered into with professionalism and grace. He even has helped put Georgia on the national stage while helping Alabama chase yet another championship as the dominant SEC team over the past decade...
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  • Michael Carvell ‏@Carvell_AJC 6h6 hours ago

    Kirby Smart will arrive in Athens happily exhausted

    “I don’t think anybody really understands what that is,” Smart said as he stood in an Alabama locker room choked with cigar smoke. “In a world where there is parity and you’ve got to change quarterbacks every other year and kids come and go. It’s just a different world in college football to be able to do that.”

    It was the last game Smart was coaching while wearing the crimson of the Tide. As of Tuesday, the only colors he’ll wear will be the red and black of his alma mater, the University of Georgia.

    While he was named the Bulldogs’ head coach 36 days ago, the Kirby Smart Era at UGA really begins on Tuesday when he finally sets foot for good in Athens. And he’ll be there bright and early Tuesday morning.

    Smart, along with his wife Mary Beth, their 7-year-old twins Westin and Julia, were scheduled to board the University of Georgia’s plane at 6 a.m. to fly back to Athens. Accompanying them on their trip will be Glenn Schumann and Mel Tucker, two members of the Alabama football staff who will be joining Smart and the Bulldogs.

    Schumann, a defensive quality control specialist, will be coming as an on-field assistant coach.

    Justin King ‏@JustinKing 7h7 hours ago

    Kirby Smart celebrates for the final time as Alabama's defensive coordinator.

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  • SportsTalk ‏@sportstalksc 9h9 hours ago Phoenix, AZ

    Georgia fans watching Kirby Smart call this Bama defense and thinking about next year. #NationalChampionship

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  • Michael Carvell ‏@Carvell_AJC 19h19 hours ago

    Q&A with Kirby: ‘At end of day, you’ve got to build your own’

    In the end, Smart felt strongly that he’d done exactly what he should have done by sticking with Alabama. And there was a lot of good from it he could utilize for the Bulldogs.

    “I think it helps (Georgia),” he said. “Kids see it. They identify with it. Me being on TV and being in the national championship did way more for me tonight than say somebody who wasn’t. So it helps, gives you a little momentum. But at the end of the day you’ve got to build your own. You’ve got to win yourself. You’ve got to get good players and build a good program over there. Otherwise it doesn’t matter what we did here.”

    Smart described the last 36 days where he worked as both Georgia’s head coach and Alabama’s defensive coordinator as physically and mentally exhausting. But having survived it, he believes it will only enhance his ability to do one job for the Bulldogs.

    “I don’t know how much time I devoted to either one; I just did what I had to do for Alabama and I did what I had to for Georgia and tried to maximize it,” Smart said. “My family sacrificed, my parents, my wife’s father, my kids. So now it’s time to focus on one job and be attentive to that.”
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  • Jason Butt ‏@JasonHButt 7m7 minutes ago

    Kirby Smart reveals roles for Kevin Sherrer and Glenn Schumann:

    Glenn Schumann will work with inside linebackers. Kevin Sherrer will be outside linebackers. Still a work in progress.

    Kirby Smart: "It's great to be home. It's great to have one job."

    Kirby said he can tell recruits following nat'l title win that he has a certain standard he's used to as a coach.

    Kirby Smart: "You can't win football games if you can't run the ball."
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  • The strategy behind Smart’s offensive staff

    There was never much doubt that Kirby Smart, when he got a head coaching job, was going to run a pro-style offense...

    But how exactly Smart put together his offensive staff at Georgia was insightful. It was not a hodge-podge approach of just hiring the best people he could at each spot, or even about just hiring an offensive coordinator and letting him pick his people.

    No, to hear Smart tell it the five men he ended up with on the offensive side was about bringing in different minds and backgrounds, with the ultimate aim of being a well-rounded system.

    “You’ve got to be able to have balance, which is why we hired the staff we hired,” Smart said on Wednesday.

    Chaney has also worked with new offensive line coach Sam Pittman, who was so respected in the industry that Georgia had to give him a three-year contract and $650,000 annual salary to lure him from Arkansas. (That’s more than Bobo ever earned while Georgia was setting offensive records.)

    Pittman has been in a number of offensive systems, but his trademark is recruiting and developing big, physical lineman.

    “We’ve got to improve the offensive line, we’ve got to get bigger people,” Smart said...

    Georgia’s offense finished the year ranked 83rd nationally in total offense. So it’s no surprise that none of its coaches are returning, though Smart did try to keep running backs coach Thomas Brown, who chose to follow Mark Richt to Miami.
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  • Jason Butt ‏@JasonHButt 17h17 hours ago

    Kirby Smart looking to bring his brand of culture to UGA's program:

    "I think culture is very important, any time you take on a new (job)," Smart said. "Not that anything was completely broken here before but this culture has to be created by Coach Smart and Coach Smart’s staff. We’re doing that right now. We’re doing that in the weight room, day one. We’re going to make sure every kid understands that. It’s a tough competitive culture. But it’s going to be done through our eyes, through our window. And that’s what we want to establish in the offseason.

    "That’s the whole point of the offseason, to create toughness, to make kids be comfortable being uncomfortable," Smart said. "I think that’s important for them to do. I had to do that as a coach. I think when you step outside that box, it makes you a better person. We’re going to challenge these kids to be comfortable being uncomfortable."
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  • FOI: Contract details for Smart’s coaches finally released

    Smart’s nine assistants will earn a combined $4,525,000. That’s around $225,000 less than the combined salaries of Richt’s staff last year. (Smart is also earning about $250,000 less than Richt did in his final year.)

    Three other assistants – offensive coordinator Jim Chaney, defensive coordinator Mel Tucker and offensive line coach Sam Pittman – are on three-year contracts. Three others – receivers coach James Coley, defensive line coach Tracy Rocker and outside linebackers coach Kevin Sherrer – are on two-year contracts.

    Here are the salaries for Smart’s nine assistant coaches:

    Jim Chaney — $850,000

    Mel Tucker — $850,000

    Sam Pittman — $650,000

    Tracy Rocker — $525,000

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  • Marc Weiszer ‏@marcweiszer Feb 19

    UGA taps new director of player personnel 

    Lukman Abdulai

    Abdulai is a native of Calumet City, Ill., with family originally from Nigeria. He worked as a football manager at Illinois in 2012-13 and was an intern in the summer of 2013 at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla.
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  • Michael Carvell ‏@Carvell_AJC 2h2 hours ago

    Kirby Smart’s best UGA blueprint may be following Jim Harbaugh’s lead

    Harbaugh led the Wolverines to a dramatic increase in offensive output in 2015. According to Football Insiders, Michigan jumped to 33rd in the country in offensive efficiency last year after having ranked 100th in that same metric in 2014 — the year before Harbaugh took the job.

    It won’t be easy to match that level of improvement in Smart’s first year at UGA, but there is certainly plenty of room for it. The Bulldogs were 64th in offensive efficiency last season.

    So how can UGA make a Michigan-like leap toward respectability on offense?

    It starts — as one would imagine — with the quarterback position. The Wolverines got solid play from Iowa transfer Jake Rudock last season, but his numbers were not spectacular. He threw for just 3,017 yards and only 20 touchdowns. Those numbers were better than what UGA’s own transfer quarterback — Greyson Lambert — produced last season, but it isn’t inconceivable that Lambert could equal those totals this season, nor is it impossible to believe one of the other quarterbacks competing for the UGA starting job — true freshman Jacob Eason or junior Brice Ramsey — could do the same. Likewise, Michigan’s rushing attack wasn’t all that special either; the Wolverines ran for 441 fewer yards than the Bulldogs in 2015.

    Where Michigan stands out in comparison to UGA, and provides a possible blueprint for the Bulldogs’ own offensive resurrection, is at the wide receiver position. Last year, Harbaugh oversaw an offense that spread the football among three different passing targets quite effectively. The Wolverines had three different receivers with over 600 yards receiving for the year. Seniors Jehu Chesson and Amara Darboh had 764 and 727 yards respectively, and tight end Jake Butt added 654.

    That level of balance among receivers has been decidedly absent from UGA’s offense.
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