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    Bob Bowlsby talking virtues of Big12 last yr: mentions 2-1 vs the SEC in bowls & that the Big12 was 1st among all leagues in scoring DEFENSE

    Bowlsby said that the avg FBS school makes 233 oral scholarship offers..very curious how he arrived at that # since it's so vague per school

    Big 12 commish Bob Bowlsby defending conference strength: "I know that top to bottom we're the best in the country in terms of balance."
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  • Quote
    Commissioner Bob Bowlsby made it a point to state his case for the Big 12 being the best conference in college football.

    His points:

        Two Heisman Trophy finalists
        4-2 Bowl record
        Oklahoma's 35-19 win over Auburn.
        2-1 against the SEC in the postseason.

    "What you may not remember is that the Big 12 was first in scoring defense in the postseason last year, first among all conferences in scoring defense," he said Monday. "For a league that is reported to be singularly interested in offense, that probably speaks volumes."

    He was then asked if the perception of the league differs from the quality of the Big 12.

    "Well, you know, I think our perception is somewhat a product of not being in the playoff two out of the three years. I mean, that's a really short window," Bowlsby said.

    "As most of you remember, the ACC was, I believe, 2-13 in the BCS era, and now they're on top of the heap. So I don't -- I really -- it gets a little tiresome..."

    It was like sending Goliath to take on David when it meant a lot to David's handler.
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    Baker Mayfield on if hed ever want to coach:"I dont know if I could coach somebody like me..There's a reason Coach Riley's starting to gray"

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  • He's a man
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    Chuck Carlton Retweeted FOX Sports Southwest

    Media days mascot awkward is the best awkward.
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    Tom Herman: "Is it my job to take care of the Big 12? No. It's none of our jobs to take care of the Big 12..."