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    Clearly, eight wins and a trip to a New Year’s Six bowl last year wasn’t enough. At this point, it would probably take beating Alabama or winning the SEC for Malzahn to fully remove himself from the hot seat. If the past decade has proven anything, it’s that Auburn coaches are one bad season from looking for a new job.

    To be fair, though, Malzahn’s seat isn’t nearly as warm now as it was this time a year ago. For a stretch in the middle of last season --

    Jarrett Stidham should help.

    Malzahn can’t survive another 6-6 season in 2017 --
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    “Let’s not give Georgia that much of a pass,” Dan Wolken said, via CBS Atlanta. “If Kirby Smart doesn’t win the East next year, he’s a clown. I’m sorry. Point blank. They are so far above the rest of that division in terms of talent right now with the players that they’ve got coming back. Give me a break. The expectation for Georgia next year should be winning the East, point blank… period. If they don’t get that done, then I have to seriously question whether Kirby can coach.”
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    Aaron Torres wrote an interesting piece in which he listed Texas A&M’s Kevin Sumlin, Tennessee’s Butch Jones and Auburn’s Gus Malzahn as coaches who could face “doom” because of their tough schedules in 2017.

    For what it’s worth, Sumlin is listed as No. 5 within the group. Jones is No. 2 and Malzahn No. 1.

    Sumlin has struggled to close out a season in a positive way of late. Jones’ struggles are well-documented, and Malzahn faces a big year with heightened expectations because of quarterback Jarrett Stidham’s arrival.

    It wouldn’t be a shock to see at least one of those coaches fired by the end of next season.
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    A&M athletic director Scott Woodward didn’t sugarcoat his expectations for the Aggies and head coach Kevin Sumlin while on with Paul Finebaum

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    Auburn Alumni Association pulled the plug on the event, which typically has one of the larger turnouts each year at the Marriott Shoals Hotel & Spa in Florence, because of "a very low number of registrations."

    Shoals Area Auburn club is planning a new event.

    Malzahn's spring speaking tour will now have just three stops with only one, June 8 in Alex City, in-state. He appeared in Tampa on May 4 and Dallas on May 11.

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  • Wow! That is strong!!  8)
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    Barry Odom, Missouri

    Everyone knew Barry Odom had a total rebuild ahead of him once he got on campus. The former Mizzou linebacker was a first-time head coach and had to reinvent a roster in turmoil after Gary Pinkel’s untimely pressured retirement.

    Verdict: 4 wins

    Butch Jones, Tennessee

    Last year was meant to be the culmination of years of recruiting and development. Between injuries and disappointing play, the Volunteers topped off at nine wins for the second straight year. Unfortunately, Tennessee proceeded to lose almost every one of its top play makers on both sides of the ball.

    Tennessee fans expected an SEC East championship last season, and really should have had it. Now, the expectations will be the same, only with a depleted roster. Jones needs whichever quarterback starts to be excellent right away, or he might be looking for work next January.

    Verdict: 9 wins

    Derek Mason, Vanderbilt

    James Franklin broke expectations at Vanderbilt. Bringing the Commodores back to a bowl game is a big deal. Before Franklin arrived, Vanderbilt earned just four bowl trips in program history. The success deservedly earned Mason a contract extension.

    However, getting back will be difficult. Vanderbilt lost Zach Cunningham...

    Verdict: 5 wins
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    Bret Bielema, Arkansas
    For good reason, Bret Bielema the person is highly thought of in Fayetteville. After taking over the mess left by John L. Smith, he has done a sensational job rebuilding the status of the program. But entering his fifth season at Arkansas, fans are starting to clamor for results.

    Verdict: 8 wins

    Gus Malzahn, Auburn
    Auburn heads into the season with conference championship hopes. The Tigers return 15 starters, including eight on offense. More importantly, Baylor transfer quarterback Jarrett Stidham is potentially the best passer on the Plains since Cam Newton.

    Gus Malzahn came dangerously close to losing his job last season. At one point, it seemed as if the loser of LSU-Auburn would be fired. [He was.]

    Verdict: 9 wins

    Ed Orgeron, LSU
    LSU fans expect championships. It has been six years since the Tigers last brought home the SEC crown, which played a major role in Les Miles’ dismissal. Now the expectation will be getting back to that level immediately.

    Hugh Freeze, Ole Miss
    This is a lost season for Hugh Freeze.
    Verdict: Beat Mississippi State

    Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M
    Perhaps no coach in the SEC West faces more pressure than Kevin Sumlin. Texas A&M’s athletic director already called him out, saying Sumlin knows he has to win this year. Unfortunately, the Aggies roster might not be ready.
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  • Coach Jones is getting a full endorsement
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    Tom Green: Malzahn has said multiple times that he has handed over full control of the offense to Chip Lindsey and will take a step back to more of a managerial role when it comes to the 2017 iteration of the Auburn football team.

    Much of Malzahn's impact on the success of this season will depend largely on whether he can stay true to that and leave the new-look offense in Lindsey's trusted hands. While Malzahn previously allowed Lashlee to take full control of the offense during spring practices in years past, the Tigers' head coach would resort to his old ways when the season came around. All indications are that Malzahn will remain hands off and let Lindsey handle the new-look offense, but only time will tell.

    If Malzahn can successfully transition more to a CEO role for the football program, overseeing the day-to-day of running the team as a head coach, and keep his clipboard retired while Lindsey figures things out offensively... If not, it could be another rocky season for Auburn -- and Malzahn...
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    I’m not talking about head coach Kirby Smart necessarily.

    And Smart’s just two years into this thing. He’s still in the honeymoon period. Unless the Bulldogs’ season deteriorates into some sort of unmitigated disaster or some unexpected scandal arises, he’s going continue to be Georgia’s coach and continue to bank big bucks.

    No, I’m really talking about UGA as a football program. It’s time for the Bulldogs to get it going. It’s time to achieve something. It’s time to be something more than a “strong” program that’s financially sound. It’s time to do something more than to continue its “winning tradition.”

    That’s not really me talking.
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    Dennis Dodd released his “Hot Seat Rankings” and included Sumlin as one of two coaches in college football most on the hot seat [with Brian Kelly].

    No SEC coach received a 4 rating (“Start improving now”) and only three of the conference’s coaches received a 3 (“Pressure is mounting”) [Gus, Stoops, and Barry Odom], so it’s evident that Dodd believes Sumlin has a much hotter seat than the other SEC coaches.

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    “If Tennessee is in contention for the East title in November, even if they don’t get it, I think that’s fine,” Staples said. “I think Butch Jones is doing fine at that point. … Considering how tough the job Butch Jones inherited was, yeah, if he can get close to the SEC East title this year, he’s still on track.”

    Tennessee wasn’t in good shape when Jones arrived.
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    Tennessee football players knew they were in hostile territory at SEC Media Days at the Winfrey Hotel on Monday when questions arose about their head coach being on the so-called “hot seat.”

    Offensive lineman Jashon Robertson, cornerback Emmanuel Moseley and defensive tackle Kendal Vickers — made it clear how they felt about the suggestion.

    “I think it’s a little disrespectful,” said Vickers...

    “He’s changed this program so much, and he’s done everything he’s possibly been able to do to change the culture at Tennessee,” Vickers said. “So, yeah, I think it’s a little bit disrespectful, but we don’t worry about that in the locker room.”
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    “I’m feeling the same pressure I feel all of the time,” Sumlin said Wednesday at SEC Media Days. “And so nobody puts more pressure on me than me. And my job is every year, I look at what we do and what we do well. We want to stay ahead of the curve. When we’re not doing well, it’s my job to analyze it and try to fix it.”

    Sumlin doesn’t have much room for error this season.
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    Rick Neuheisel — a former head coach at Colorado, Washington and UCLA —

    “I think obviously he’s on the hot seat. You’ve got a new AD (athletic director John Currie) who’s listening to all the noise and is going to be watching very carefully. … You’ve got a 100,000-seat stadium that needs to be rocking and rolling, and that first game against Georgia Tech will be huge.’’

    Of course, the athletic director he mentioned didn’t share that sentiment when sitting down for a Q&A with columnist Geoff Calkins of the Commercial Appeal...

    “When he says things like ‘champions of life’ and ‘five-star character (actually hearts)’ or whatever, when you say things like that, it can inflame the fan base,” Neuheisel said. “They don’t want to know about the pain, they just want to see the baby and the baby is a championship because the Tennessee fan base considers themselves the blue blood of college football.”

    Would know.

    AD says Jones is on ‘on right trajectory’ [aka full support]
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  • Launching during a period of peak demand:

    On Monday, July 24, Auburn Athletics will become the first program to have a fully-programmed, 24-hour TuneIn radio channel. Scheduling will include live football and basketball games as well as press conferences and classic Auburn games across several sports.

    “Above all, this channel is for the Auburn fans,” Director of Broadcast Operations and Voice of the Auburn Tigers Rod Bramblett said in a press release. “We believe the combination of live events, podcasts and archived content delivered in this manner is unprecedented in college athletics. No matter where you are or when you choose to listen, the Auburn Sports Network channel on TuneIn will be there as a source for fans to get comprehensive coverage of Auburn athletics past and present.

    “This will also be a wonderful tool for our vast network of radio stations,” Bramblett added in the release. “Our radio affiliates will be given access to this same programming to assist in their efforts promoting Auburn athletics.”

    You can get TuneIn through the Apple App store or through the Google Play store.
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    Q: “If UGA does not win the East this year it will not be a disappointment, it will be a disaster.” I say this not because Kirby will be fired if he doesn’t (although Greg McGarity might be), but because he has all the tools and the resources this year. No excuses. Win something meaningful.  Damnit! We can talk about performance in the SEC Championship, but first you must win the East. If Kirby does not win the East this year, it will put a pall over the whole football program and the clock will be ticking louder and louder each game thereafter.  He can recruit but…

    [This is what questions look like these days]

    A pall over the program if the division isn’t won … a disaster …

    Georgia fans are impatient in general, not necessarily with Smart, but just with things in general. But even speaking as someone who would pick Georgia to win the division, I’d offer this caution: Let the season play out before declaring any absolutes. Georgia could stumble along this season and still back into the division title, then get blown out in the SEC championship. Would the season be thus still considered a success? On the other hand, what if Georgia goes 11-1 or 10-2, and wins a lot of games convincingly, but the one or two critical losses cost it the division title. Wouldn’t the overall improvement still make the season a success?

    More than anything this year, I think the eye test is important for Georgia football. Whatever the final record, whatever titles are or aren’t won, how does this team look? Does it look well-coached? Does the offense look better and provide hope?

    Last year’s team wasn’t just 8-5, but its points differential was only plus-7. Yeah, it was three couple close losses away (Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech) from being 11-3. It was also four one-possession wins (Nicholls State, Missouri, Kentucky and Auburn) from being 4-9.
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  •     Freeze
        Butch Jones, Tennessee
        Gus Malzahn, Auburn
        Bret Bielema, Arkansas
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    Y sources: Explosive new information has put Ole Miss football coach Hugh Freeze's job in immediate jeopardy. A decision should come soon.

    Retroactive to 6:40 PM CDT
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  • It was Freeze
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    Many coaches — including Tennessee’s Butch Jones — have been candid about the feeling of isolation and loneliness that comes with being the big man on campus.

    Jones has it better than most, though, because he has four former college head coaches on his staff.

    Any time Jones comes across a problem he’s never had to handle in the past — and that happens more often than most think — there’s at least a decent chance that Brady Hoke, Bob Shoop, Larry Scott or Mike Canales has experienced it. Maybe they handled that situation well, and maybe they didn’t, but they’ve been there and done that, and they have insight. And Hoke [at Michigan] and Scott [at Miami] have been there and done that at two of the nation’s most prominent programs.

    One could argue that if any of those four men were such great head coaches, they’d still be head coaches. Perhaps that’s a bit jaded and unfair, but it’s nonetheless germane to the point at hand.

    Regardless, those four men have experienced the high highs and low lows that come with one of the world’s lonelier jobs.