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    Fulmer Cup is a parody award that tracks the criminal achievements of various college football programs during the offseason and declares a "winner". It is open to all Division 1 football programs (FBS & FCS), and points are awarded based on the level of crime. Winners are crowned in team, conference, and individual award categories.

    The Fulmer Cup season starts the minute the national title game is finished and ends the minute of the first kickoff of the first full Saturday of college football, this year September 2.

    Fulmer Cup goes to the D1 team whose cumulative team score pushes it to the top. A team must have two separate players arrested or cited to qualify for the team award.

    Ellis T. Jones III Award
    Given to the individual player who contributes the most points to his team during the season, OR has the most incredible incident that resulted in Fulmer Cup points. Named after Ellis T. Jones III, the first winner of the individual award and the reason the team award requires at least two players from a team to qualify.

    Coach Mike Haywood "Leading by Example" Award
    Given to the coach or administrator who earns the most points and/or gets fired in the most embarrassing fashion.

    Paul Dee Memorial Award for High Profile Compliance
    Awarded to the conference that, through the fortuitousness of group effort, has the highest point total. "High-profile athletes demand high-profile compliance."

    Switzer Sweep is a very rare award going to the team that manages to winning a National Championship [sic], pull in a top recruiting class, and win The Fulmer Cup all in one calendar year.
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  • Student-athlete driving in a drunken part of Appalachia
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    Arrest warrants for former La Vega High School and current University of Oklahoma cornerback Parrish Cobb have been issued, charging him with aggravated robbery in Waco and Bellmead, authorities and Cobbs lawyer confirmed Tuesday.

    Cobb, 19, was named in the warrant identifying him as a suspect in a Jan. 10 Bellmead armed robbery, Cobbs attorney, John Lewis, said.

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  • Ross Dellenger ‏@RossDellenger 19h19 hours ago

    - O isn't holding #LSU spring in Rome
    - Says it's 'closing time' in croot'n
    - Announces spring prax dates
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  • Bama assit strength & conditioning coach Josh Chapman arrested for DUI; qualifies for #FulmerCup coach award:

    The Fulmer Cup ‏@TheFulmerCup 17h17 hours ago

    As noted, the #FulmerCup Coach award category isn't scored but awarded to a notable arrest: DUIs are tragically common and never win.
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  • There was no point in that:

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  • There's a Life Champion, right there.
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  • No point in this:

     The Fulmer Cup ‏@TheFulmerCup 19h19 hours ago

    Louisville WR Traveon Samuel was also cited for speeding (100+ mph) in separate incident, but took place before #FulmerCup Season so no pts

    This too shall pass
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  • another 5 star heart in the Land of the Vols
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  • Bama assit strength & conditioning coach Josh Chapman arrested for DUI; qualifies for #FulmerCup coach award:

    The Fulmer Cup ‏@TheFulmerCup 17h17 hours ago

    As noted, the #FulmerCup Coach award category isn't scored but awarded to a notable arrest: DUIs are tragically common and never win.
    I believe anyone on staff from wherever should receive double points toward the cup. Heck, it's one thing to be a "jock" and screw up. However, to be a "leader of men" by actually being on a staff has to count for something special!  :D ;)
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  • There was no point in that
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    Saban released a statement Monday following the arrest of offensive lineman Lester Cotton.

    We are in the process of determining the facts in the situation with Lester Cotton, the statement from Alabama athletics read. We will discipline internally like we have done in the past.

    Cotton was arrested in Tuscaloosa on Friday. A police officer reportedly pulled him over around 11 p.m. and smelled marijuana in his car. The officer searched the vehicle and found marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

    He was charged with marijuana possession and possession of drug paraphernalia and later released on bond.

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  • Well then MSU is still holding out hope for major Fulmer Cup points.
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  • Well then MSU is still holding out hope for major Fulmer Cup points.

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    Although former Tennessee football coach Phillip Fulmer has emerged as the leading candidate for the athletic directors job, detractors might wonder: How can you hire someone with no administrative experience?

    Good question. However, not all experience fits neatly into a resume.

    In the summer of 1995, 27 players were involved in a phone fraud scandal that included 17,000 long-distance calls made on the stolen charge account of a university employee. Two players were suspended for the entire season and others received lesser punishment.

    Then-athletic director Doug Dickey and school President Joe Johnson both defended Fulmer at a news conference.

    There was more trouble the week of the Florida game. A player was suspended before the game for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Another player was suspended after the game for allegedly raping a teenage girl. A few months later, he was exonerated but never played for the Vols again.

    Despite the distractions, the Vols finished the season 11-1 and ranked third in the final Associated Press poll. Hows that for crisis management?

    In 1999, the year after Tennessee won a national championship in football, broke a story alleging widespread academic fraud involving football players. The alleged abuses included numerous grade changes for athletes who were in danger of losing their eligibility. There also were accusations of plagiarism involving athletes and tutors.

    UT English professor Linda Bensel-Meyers, who was outspoken about the academic abuses and the football program's undue influence over academics, said one tutor wrote a paper for a player who basically couldnt read or write.

    Four players were held out of a game while UT investigated plagiarism charges, but the program wasnt penalized by the NCAA. However, following the investigation, UT took away the athletic departments authority over academic-support services for athletes and put it under the university provost.

    In 2003, long before sexual assault became a hot-button issue on campus, Fulmer had to deal with such a case involving one of his players. A 16-year-old girl alleged she was raped in Gibbs Hall.

    A 17-year-old girl who accompanied the alleged victim to the dormitory alerted football players that they could face charges. After the players told Fulmer, he arranged a meeting with the 17-year-old girl. Fulmer and his attorney then met with the 17-year-old girl, her mother and an adult relative at Shoneys.

    Randy Nichols, who was then Knox County district attorney general, called the meeting disruptive.

    Police authorities are trained to conduct investigations and I dont think (Fulmer) is, Nichols said at the time. I would prefer to have a cleaner investigation.

    I dont know how such history would affect Fulmer's candidacy for athletic director, but new Chancellor Beverly Davenport said in her first week on the job that the sexual assault issue probably keeps me up at night more so than any other issue that I deal with.
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  • AP Top 25 ‏@AP_Top25 21s21 seconds ago

    Charlotte QB Kevin Olsen arrested on rape charges
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  • The Fulmer Cup‏@TheFulmerCup Feb 21

    Chattanooga OL Kennington Cadwell arrested on selling marijuana, DUI, driving on revoked license: #FulmerCup

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  • With all the "light" that's being shown on the OM football program and staff are we ready to consider a rival cup classification that deals strictly with recruiting ??? Obvious moniker could be the "I FREEZED out my SECW rivals when it comes to recruiting cup".
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  • Hey OM certainly will capture 2 awards for 2017. But can they get a 3rd for a player who signed somewhere else and still take down another program??!!
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    Report from Rhiannon Potkey: the misdemeanor charge for marijuana possession was dismissed on payment of court costs Monday.

    After driving the wrong way down the street at nearly 1 a.m. last month, Jennings was stopped by the Knoxville Police Department. The Vols wide receiver reportedly failed to produce proper identification and was temporarily detained after police detected the smell of marijuana.

    According to Potkeys report, Jennings admitted to police that he had marijuana in his vehicle and search dogs confirmed...
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  • But not for vandalism
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    Several Western Kentucky Univ. football players are under investigation for allegedly rolling to the Pike fraternity house and beating up two people in a violent masked attack ... TMZ Sports has learned.

    Law enforcement sources tell us at least 4 members of the team (the names have not been released) are involved in the investigation over a March 5 incident that left at least one man hospitalized.

    FYI, WKU was 11-3 last season and CBS Sports ranked them as the #23 team in the country.

    According to the police report, obtained by TMZ Sports, an alumni member of the Pike house was initially called to the scene by a current member who told him "several football players were outside" looking to fight.

    The alum says he confronted the men to get them to leave -- but instead, one of the guys tackled him into a fence and began beating him. A Pike member says he tried to break things up and was also attacked. The alum says he went to the E.R. for his injuries.

    Cops were then called ...

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  •  The Fulmer Cup‏ @TheFulmerCup 54m54 minutes ago

    Georgia WR Riley Ridley arrested on misdemeanor marijuana possession: #FulmerCup

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  • UPSET ALERT: I just heard a nasty rumor that the "Fulmer Cup" series just might be updated to the "Art Briles Bad Behavior Cup" or the "Hughy Freeze I'll Act Like A Saint Until I'm Ratted Out Award". Vigorous debate and arguments are being waged at this point. Stayed tuned for updates at 10:00 p.m.  ;) 8) :P
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