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  •  Nick Friedell‏Verified account @NickFriedell Jul 14

    Bulls announce they have signed Antonio Blakeney to a two way contract.

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  • Hawkins, Willis at crossroads? Overseas basketball an option to ponder

    Former Kentucky players like Dominique Hawkins and Derek Willis probably face what ESPN analyst Fran Fraschilla considers an annual basketball dilemma.

    “Do I play in the D League, making $25,000 for six months?” Fraschilla said of the NBA’s development league now known as the G League. “Or do I check my ego at the door, quite frankly, and go overseas and start a career over there where the starting salary could be $200,000? But, if you play well enough, you can work it up to seven figures.

    “And,” he added, “you get to see the world. And it’s good basketball.”

    More than a quarter of the players in the NBA last season were foreign born, Fraschilla said. As for making a living, former Kansas player Keith Langford has an annual salary of $2.3 million — tax free, Fraschilla said — playing in Russia.

    Heshimu Evans is among the many former UK players who’ve continued playing basketball in foreign countries. His post-college playing career included stops in France, Japan, Spain and Angola, plus, most significantly, two multi-year stints in Portugal.

    Evans now speaks Portuguese, and holds dual citizenship. He played on Portugal’s national team.

    Fraschilla saw Hawkins, Willis and before that Andrew and Aaron Harrison at this basketball crossroads. “You have to have a realistic expectation of where your career can go,” the ESPN analyst said.

    Fraschilla said Hawkins and Willis were “on the cusp of potentially making a (NBA) team.”

    Playing overseas, Willis could “fit in as a shooting big guy, and end up having a nice career,” Fraschilla said. “If you want to leave the comforts of home.”
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  • Quote
    Willis will bring a stretch-four skill set to the Motor City.

    He played summer league with Detroit and clearly the Pistons liked him enough to keep him on board.

    He was passed out in the road this time last year in Boone County.  Came a long way.
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