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  •  Chuck Dunlap ‏@SEC_Chuck 2h2 hours ago

    No. 1 Alabama will play No. 4 Washington in the College Football Playoff Semifinals in Atlanta on Dec. 31.
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    Start with an eight-team field, with each of the five major conferences earning an automatic bid for their champion, however each conference wants to determine such a thing. Then eliminate conference championship games.

    Ohio State getting in over Penn State in a year Penn State won the Big Ten championship, won the Big Ten East and defeated the Buckeyes head-to-head is proof the committee and the sport has evolved intellectually to the point where a title game is just another data point anyway.

    Big 12 and its pure round-robin system was the best before.

    Move the quarterfinals and semifinals to on-campus sites. The championship game can be played on a neutral field, just like the NFL. The benefits are numerous. Getting Western Michigan in Tuscaloosa would be a real advantage.
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  • Brett McMurphy ‏@McMurphyESPN 55m55 minutes ago

    Lane Kiffin will remain as Alabamas OC through @CFBPlayoff same as DC Kirby Smart did last season before moving on to Georgia
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    ESPN announces broadcast plans for College Football Playoff semifinals

     College Football Playoff semifinals on Dec. 31 Ohio State vs. Clemson and Alabama vs. Washington will be part of the networks Multicast

    The traditional broadcast will be shown on ESPN.
    There will be the command center telecast on ESPN2, which will air multiple camera views simultaneously.
    ESPN3 will air the hometown broadcasts
    Peach Bowl between Alabama and Washington will also have the Finebaum Film Room broadcast during the game on SEC Network
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  • Alabama-Washington at 3 p.m. ET, Ohio State-Clemson at 7 p.m. ET ESPN

    Weather: Dome

    Betting odds: Alabama -14, Ohio State -2.5

    Network will provide a multicast to give viewers six different ways to watch the game, including a command center program on ESPN2, each local teams radio broadcast with the regular game broadcast on WatchESPN and a sky cam.
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  • Tim Bourret ‏@TimBourret 12h12 hours ago

    If Clemson beats Alabama on Mon. Dabo Swinney would join Bud Wilkinson as only Associated Press National Champs as a player and head coach.
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  •  Stewart Mandel ‏@slmandel Jan 4

    Per TicketIQ, the average price for Clemson-Bama in Tampa is approaching $3,000 with a get-in of $1,100. Highest title game on record.
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  • Hancock said same in the past about BCS and "four-team playoff".
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  • 2017 National Championship Game betting:

    Betting odds: Alabama -6.5

    Moneyline: Alabama -230/Clemson +190

    Total: 51
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    Its a scary proposition for Clemson that Alabamas defensive line, the teams definitive strength, is matched up with Clemsons obvious soft spot.

    Said one assistant familiar with Clemson: The offensive line is a weak link for sure. Two years ago I thought they were not very good. This year at times theyve played a little better. They need Watson running on the perimeter to negate their offensive line.

    Said another: Their right tackle [Sean Pollard] is atrocious. I think Wayne Gallman is a special back, and hes proven that. But theyre not going to be able to go up and down the field and hand it off to move the chains.

    It will be interesting to see if Clemson is able to incorporate anything that Washington did to slow down Alabamas offense. An NFL scout pointed out an intriguing trend with Huskies opponents. After Washington clamped down on Washington State (4517), it left a blueprint for Minnesota to do the same (1712 in the Holiday Bowl). Same with Colorado, which Washington beat 4110 before Oklahoma State thumped 388 in the Alamo Bowl.

    The Huskies defense really only gave up 17 points in the Peach Bowl...

    Did a thorough job puffing Manti T'eo's relationship with his girl friend which also preferred to remain anonymous
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  • Kevin Scarbinsky ‏@KevinScarbinsky 1h1 hour ago

    Tonight's officials are from the Big 12. Adjust your outrage accordingly.
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    History doesn't come easy. Sometimes it doesn't come at all.

    Sometimes it's so close you can taste it but not drink it, touch it but somehow watch it slip away. You lay it all on the line and play like a champion for 59 minutes and 58 seconds and still come up one play short and one second shy.

    That's where Alabama found itself late Monday night, somewhere between absolute exhaustion and the ultimate frustration, one play short of the team's fifth national championship in the last eight years, one second shy of history.

    There's no shame in losing the ultimate game, but there is pain and plenty of it. It's the pain of knowing exactly how close you were to the ultimate victory.

    Clemson 35, Alabama 31 will go down as one of the best championship games in memory, if you don't wear or bleed crimson, because the sequel trumped the original in every conceivable way.
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    Florida State may be the best opponent Alabama has played in any season-opening game under Nick Saban.

    Theres a strong chance these teams are both ranked inside the top 5 or even the top 3 once preseason polls come out.

    At last check, had Alabama at 15/4 odds to win the 2017 national championship. Ohio State is next at 11/2 followed by Florida State and USC at 15/2.

    How would Alabama respond if it slipped in this game?

    At some point, all of those key losses on defense will catch up with Alabama, right?

    It hasnt.

    Saban said after spring practice, the Crimson Tide are not elite yet. There are three areas of concern the right side of the offensive line, kicker and left cornerback.
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    SEC West champion: Alabama
    Musburger: You have to look at Alabama because of the great job Nick Saban has done as a coach.

    SEC East champion: Winner of Georgia vs. Florida

    SEC champion: Alabama

    College Football Playoff teams: Alabama, Florida State, Ohio State, Washington

    National champion: Alabama
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  • A California school would have to qualify and be chosen by the selection committee.

    In '64, State's basketball team left under the cover of night to face Loyola in an NCAA-T opener.
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    Latest national title odds #Bama 3/1; #OhioState 4/1; #USC 7/1; #FSU 15/2; #Michigan 12/1; #OU 15/1; #UDub 20/1; #Auburn #LSU & #PennSt 22/1
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    If Brandos prediction comes true, it would match the Crimson Tide against Urban Meyer and Ohio State one more time.

    4- Oklahoma State
    3- Alabama
    2- Ohio State
    1- USC

    No other SEC team is in the Top 10 for Fox sake.
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  • thoughts from Paul Finebaum, Cole Cubelic, Laura Rutledge and more national media experts
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  •  Michael Carvell‏ @Michael_Carvell 2m2 minutes ago

    Big Ten officially allows teams to schedule FCS opponents in certain seasons

    B1G used to be "high and mighty" about this, oversigning, and snagging a conference peer's verbal commit.