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    A Tuscaloosa police officer stopped Wilder Wednesday afternoon in his Cadillac Escalade. Police spokeswoman Lt. Teen Richardson said Wilder was pulled over for a tint violation in the vicinity of Skyland Boulevard and McFarland Boulevard.

    When officers approached the vehicle, she said, they smelled marijuana coming from inside the SUV. Officers obtained verbal consent to search the vehicle and found a small amount of marijuana inside the console.

    Wilder received a traffic citation, and was charged with second-degree marijuana possession, a misdemeanor. He was released a short time later after posting $1,000 bond.

    Wilder's attorney, Paul Patterson: "Deontay has been out of state for several days," he told the newspaper Wednesday night. "He returned home today from Georgia driving his Rolls Royce and selected his Cadillac Escalade from his fleet of vehicles to run errands."
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  • UPDATE 6:30 pm: Police say reports of a hostage situation with a gun in south Columbia were a false alarm.

    A female caller apparently stated she was being held hostage at gunpoint by an intimate partner. Apparently the caller also provided an address that wasn't valid.

    Police say the scene is now all clear and say officers did not find any evidence of a hostage or a gun.

    The call came in around 11:45 this morning and for two and a half hours, police evacuated three apartment buildings on Apple Tree Court off Southampton Drive.

    A total of 33 sworn officers were on scene including the SWAT and Crisis Negotiation teams, detectives with the criminal investigations division and the K-9 unit.

    "We must take all reported incidents of this nature seriously," said Deputy Chief John Gordon. "We will use every resource feasible for precautionary measures and to ensure the safety of our citizens."
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    LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WDRB) -- A woman is suing Bullitt County over strip searches at the Bullitt County Jail.

    The lawsuit alleges people with minor offenses -- or no offenses at all -- are required to remove their clothing for a visual inspection when they are admitted to the detention center.

    Tabatha Shadburne and her attorney says these searches are illegal and violates the jail's own regulations.

    She was arrested on a bench warrant in Dec. 2016 for failing to provide proof she had a attended a domestic violence victim's class. She was the alleged victim in the case.

    Her attorney says she had enough money to make bond, and wouldn't be housed in the jail, but was strip searched anyway.

    They are seeking the case as a class action lawsuit saying hundreds of others were unfairly searched.

    "The Bullitt County Detention Center is a cyst on the [EXPLETIVE] of Bullitt County Government," said attorney Gregory Butrum, who represents Shadburne. "I intend to lance it."

    Stacey Blankenship, who is representing the county, said she's "confident" the case will be dismissed...
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  • 23-year-old man arrested Sunday for driving his Volkswagen Passat into Mizzou Arena at 4 am, crashed through gate -- got his car onto Mizzou Arena court, then drove out through press gate. Damage estimates at $100K -- an events assistant for SEC Network
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    OMAHA, Neb. — Dr. Jerry Poché and Jimmy Roy, whose sons are part of the LSU baseball program, revived an elderly Florida fan in the sixth inning of Monday’s game in the College World Series finals.

    Poché received confirmation from the lead paramedic at TD Ameritrade Park that the man to whom he and Roy provided CPR is in stable condition.

    “The man died,” Poché said. “He didn’t have a pulse; he didn’t have nothing. It looks like, luckily, we got him back.”

    Poché is the father of Jared Poché, who will start Game 2 of the best-of-three series Tuesday night against Florida. Jerry Poché said Cole Freeman’s mother, Kellie, called out for him after they saw an elderly man slumping and losing consciousness in the stands. By the time Jerry Poché arrived, the man was not breathing and did not have a pulse.

    Jerry Poché said he has been a family doctor in Lutcher for the past 25 years. He immediately provided chest compressions for what he estimated to be five to seven minutes until paramedics arrived.

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  • 23-year-old man arrested Sunday for driving his Volkswagen Passat into Mizzou Arena at 4 am, crashed through gate -- got his car onto Mizzou Arena court, then drove out through press gate. Damage estimates at $100K -- an events assistant for SEC Network

    Zo knows
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  • Nine Stands For News: East Tennessee State University confirms it has suspended Defensive Line Football Coach Jeffrey Scott Brumett after a weekend arrest in Chattanooga

    Brumett threatened to kill, beat, and hang a hotel clerk "from a noose" because his room key card didn't work.

    He's charged with disorderly conduct, assault, and public intoxication.

    ETSU spokesperson Joe Smith confirms that Brumett is suspended pending the outcome of their investigation.

    According to his biography on ETSU's website, Brumett helped coach the Chattanooga Mocs defensive line in 2007. [Good thing he didn't get his mitts on DMac or Felix Jones.]
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  • 23-year-old man arrested Sunday for driving his Volkswagen Passat into Mizzou Arena at 4 am, crashed through gate -- got his car onto Mizzou Arena court, then drove out through press gate. Damage estimates at $100K -- an events assistant for SEC Network

    Mizzou Arena gate-crasher Nathaniel Conant graduated from MU in December with English degree. Had been a temp in athletics since March

    Conant, suspect in Mizzou Arena incident, was utility worker/pulled cables for MU events. Hadn't worked an event since February

    As of today, Conant is no longer employed by Mizzou, via univ spokesperson. MU can't disclose why - but I think we all know.

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  • 23-year-old man arrested Sunday for driving his Volkswagen Passat into Mizzou Arena at 4 am, crashed through gate -- got his car onto Mizzou Arena court, then drove out through press gate. Damage estimates at $100K -- an events assistant for SEC Network

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    Makayla Martin and Brittany Maresette both appeared in court in Auburn on Thursday afternoon and agreed to the city's diversion program, which includes counseling and community service.

    Shortstop Haley Fagan is set to appear in court in August.
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  •‏Verified account @aldotcom 8m8 minutes ago

    2 teens were caught, and 1 more is being sought after a bizarre morning in 2 north Jefferson County cities

    Four people- including at least two teens- are in custody after police say they tried to carjack a woman in one Jefferson County city, and then stole a running car at a gas pump in another city.

    It all began about 11:15 a.m. Friday when, Fultondale Police Chief D.P. Smith said, a woman was driving north on U.S. 31. A  vehicle pulled in front of her and tried to block her. One of the men inside the vehicle got out with a gun and started running back toward her car. She drove around him, Smith said, and was able to get out of harm's way.

    The trio then went to the Shell gas station on Fieldstown Road just off of Interstate 65 where a woman fueling her white 2000 Chevrolet Suburban. One of the suspects, said Gardendale Police Chief Mike Walker, jumped into the running vehicle and took off with the gas nozzle still attached to the SUV.

    A bystander saw what was going on and jumped onto the hood of the Suburban to try to stop the fleeing suspects. The suspects continued to drive off, and the bystander...
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    LOUISVILLE, KY. (WDRB) - Nothing was off the table Wednesday night in a candid and sometimes strange interview with Louisville Metro Councilman Dan Johnson.

    Johnson spoke to local radio host Terry Meiners, explaining his version of events of what happened when he posed for a picture with Councilwoman Jessica Green at a public event last month at Wyandotte Park.

    Green said he grabbed and squeezed her backside.

    "My arm was trapped between my leg and Jessica Green's leg when she moved close to me," Johnson said. "When I moved my arm away from being there to put it toward her shoulder, it landed on her backside, and I did not do it on purpose. I couldn't even see what I was doing. It just went there."

    Johnson also addressed allegations he exposed his naked rear end to Councilwoman's Angela Leet's legislative aide in a parking lot.

    He said that incident never happened, but he did admit he's had problems in the past with keeping his pants up.

    "I have been in public a long time, and sometimes my pants have come down," he said. "But it certainly hasn't been like that. I've had a thin waist and a full waist, and it depends on where I was at that time, I suppose, as to what might have happened. But I sure don't remember it."

    He said he's since resolved the issue by buying a better belt.

    Johnson is banned from all future Greater Louisville, Inc. events after a chamber of commerce employee said he made lewd comments during a work trip to Austin, Texas.

    The councilman said those allegations were made after "they were force feeding us beer" at a dinner.

    "She said I said something to her later, and I don't ever remember that," he said. "And if that's the case, I'm sorry."

    Johnson said he doesn't have a drinking problem and is not on medication that could affect his memory.

    Metro Council president David Yates sent a letter to Johnson last week demanding at least an hour of advance notice before he arrives on the property because "some metro council employees are fearful and intimidated by your physical presence."

    Johnson said he won't comply.
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  • Woodford County castle sells to a group of investors for $8.7 million


    A group of investors are the new owners of the castle on U.S. 60 in Woodford County.

    Tom Post, the Miami lawyer who turned the property into a boutique inn and called it CastlePost, said Friday he sold the property for $8.7 million.

    Dr. Matthew Dawson, a University of Kentucky emergency room physician, and Dr. Danny Bramer, an anesthesiologist at UK, said they are among a group of investors who bought the castle building and surrounding 50-plus acres.

    Dawson said there are some other buyers but he declined to identify them. They have incorporated under the name Castle Catering LLC.

    “We’re all from Kentucky, born and raised, and most of us have spent 20-plus years in Lexington,” Dawson said. “We are grounded in the Bluegrass and we’re the stewards of the castle. We really want to make sure this is accessible and something that everyone in Kentucky is proud of.”

    Dawson said he was familiar with the castle because he has hosted a medical conference there for six years.

    “It’s an amazing venue and everyone is in awe when they step in it the first time,” Dawson said. “Seeing the experience my guests have had, we felt like that could be brought to a lot more people as well.”

    “It’s truly an iconic feature in Central Kentucky and we want to take something that’s already fabulous and make it even better,” Bramer said.

    The name will remain CastlePost, and all the events that are booked there will continue to be held.

    “We want to put a beautiful working farm there that will honor the Kentucky farming tradition,” Dawson said. “That’s going to supply the farm-to-table restaurant. We’re going to have really authentic food from the farm that’s really deeply healthy also.”

    The castle has been a Central Kentucky curiosity for more than 40 years. It has 16 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms, tennis and basketball courts, a billiard room, a library and a large banquet room.

    Lexington contractor Rex Martin Sr. started building the castle’s exterior walls in 1969, but its interior sat unfinished and empty for decades.

     Herald-Leader file photo
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  • He BIT HIM!
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    No. 1, what I can say is we're very happy that no one was hurt
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