• #1 by flippinhogmana on 16 Oct 2017
  • Most of the time I am apprehensive when we return a lot of veterans/starters.  Most of the time that brings a lot of expectations and we have seldom measured up to them. 

    However, I think this year might very well be different. Shaddy, Bonfield and Gates coming back, as well as Blaine Knight takes four spots that others looked to filled.  Those behind them in the depth chart will be hungry and those four will be kept on their toes because of it.  Because of all the talent on the roster, I dont think DVH will be as patient on players as he has been in the past.  Anyone who starts out slow and stays in a slump can very well find themselves on the bench to give someone else a chance and I think everyone knows that.

    I look for a very exciting year.
  • #2 by JHicks3636 on 16 Oct 2017
  • I'm drinking the Kool-Aid too. If injuries don't pop up before the season or early into it, I think it could be a special team.
  • #3 by sir-pigs-a-lot on 16 Oct 2017
  • Count me in
  • #4 by Knot2brite on 16 Oct 2017
  • Count me as cautious....I worry about the return of Campbell and McKinney and the loss of some experience. I like Reindl on the mound for long relief and Knight is going to Knight. I hope that some of the newcomers can help on the mound and be consistent. We need to find a solid third baseman and a backup catcher that can catch the midweek games and some early non conference games on sundays...but then again I am a worry wart
  • #5 by arthurhawgerelli on 17 Oct 2017
  • Dominic Fletcher looks like he lived in the weightroom this summer.  No, he doesn't look like a roided up bodybuilder, but he has packed on a little muscle.  In the only fall game I saw, he was putting the bat on the ball.  As with any change of your body, increase in strength, mechanics, etc., you don't immediately see results.  I think he will hit with much more power in the spring.

    He did nail McClain (unsure of the young guys names) in the Sunday game as he scampered from 2nd to 3rd.  He already had a pretty good rocket for an arm.

    I was probably too impressed with Sunday.  I'll get overexcited and scratch my head when we drop a game or two, and that's just baseball.  No such thing as an undefeated baseball team above peewee and misranked travel ball teams. 

  • #6 by flippinhogmana on 18 Oct 2017
  • I try to not get too excited.  The reasons why I am optimistic, however, is due mainly to depth.  Some of it is proven, some of it is proven only in fall ball, which is not the same.  Some of it is still potential and yet unproven.  But it is still there in far greater numbers than we have ever had in the past.

    I also like the fact that for once the depth is both in positional players and in pitching.  We have good pitchers and hitters who will not start and who will compete for even playing time.  Losing Kopps hurts but not so much as it would have in past years.  Injuries and slumps are part of the game - they happen.  But depth can help you weather them.  I think this year we have the strength to weather them.  As I said in my opening remarks, I think we will have players pushing each other like no time I can remember in Razorback baseball (my memories go back beyond the Keven McReynolds, Tim Lollar, and Johnny Ray team).