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  • Georgia Bulldogs will open their campaign in the dramatically renovated Stegeman Coliseum on Friday, Nov. 10, by hosting Bryant

    Stegeman is undergoing the final phase of more than $20-million in upgrades over the past several years. The arena’s inner bowl is the focus of the final portion of the project and will feature a center-hung scoreboard, new seats, significantly upgraded sound and lighting systems and additional LED signage.

    “The final stage of the Stegeman renovations is finally here, which will be the most drastic stage of the project,” Fox said “Obviously, the installation of the glass and work on the concourse was significant, and the building looks different from the outside. I think the interior will look just as significantly different as the outside. I also think you’re going to see the game experience change greatly because of the center-hung scoreboard and video boards and all the other things that can be done with that will be a big upgrade for our game atmosphere and our fans.”
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  • A Message from Scott Stricklin

    Design work with the architecture team from HOK continues on the new, standalone football complex, the planned $60 million project that will house all of our football team's daily operations and be located adjacent to the current football practice fields. In addition, the project includes a new dining hall that will service all 500-plus of our Gator student-athletes.

    The planned upgrades to Katie Seashole Presley Stadium (softball) and McKethan Stadium (baseball) are also front and center. The selection process to choose the designers for softball is underway, with the same for baseball beginning shortly. Having myself now gone through a spring in Gainesville, I'm more excited than ever about the opportunities to enhance the fan and student-athlete experiences for these highly successful Gator teams. We will have more details on these projects in the weeks ahead as we move forward, but it's safe to say that the finished products will include plenty of shade for our loyal Gator fans!

    Here are a few other facility items of note: the swimming and diving natatorium will be getting a much-needed new scoreboard in time for this fall's events … Installation of new LED 'ribbon' boards at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium occurs this summer. These boards will be on the upper deck fascia in the north and south end zones, and provide more real-time information for fans at The Swamp … The highly popular court projection that was used prior to the UF-UK men's basketball game at Exactech Arena in February will become a regular part of the O'Connell Center. The system used for the projection is being installed permanently, which will allow for use at all Gator home events in the O'Dome (volleyball, gymnastics, women's and men's basketball).


    In May, we launched a new social media initiative to engage our fans all across the world, #WeChomp.
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  •  Joe Rexrode‏Verified account @joerexrode Jul 18

    Vanderbilt fans: Soliciting your thoughts on Vandy sharing a stadium with an MLS team at the fairgrounds.
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    NBBJ and EOP

    The two architectural firms also designed a previous plan to overhaul Rupp and the convention center at the same time. The more than $350 million project was suspended in June 2014 after the group failed to get state money for the much larger project. The project was then scaled back.

    “I’ve had people stop me in front of the Hilton and ask me ‘Where’s Rupp Arena?’” said Bill Owen, president and CEO of Lexington Center. The Hilton is across the street from Rupp Arena.

    By not expanding the upper bowl of Rupp Arena, the group saved about $100 million, said Owen.

    Thanks to new technology that was not available three years ago, Lexington Center can replace the benches on the second tier of Rupp with chair-backed seats. Owen said he will travel soon to a stadium that used that technology to see if it will work in Rupp Arena.

    The addition of the chair-backed seats would result in fewer seats in the very top portion of the arena, Lexington Center officials said. The exact number has not yet been determined.
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    The more you think about Vanderbilt football moving off campus and sharing a stadium with a Major League Soccer team at The Fairgrounds Nashville, the more it grows on you.

    For example, I’ve been thinking about this quite a bit for the past few months and the idea has been upgraded in my mind from “a nuclear winter’s worth of dumb” to “terrible.” By the time they break ground in a few years, it could rise as high as “unfortunate.”

    That’s about my ceiling. Not so for everyone, including some folks in Vanderbilt athletics who have become so disillusioned by the inability to create funding momentum for a Vanderbilt Stadium makeover or replacement, they view this as the last life preserver.

    They don’t believe there’s any way something will get done on campus, so the opportunity for brand-new digs at a reduced cost is worth moving three miles away and sharing a space with the MLS team the city hopes to land. This line of thinking speaks to the philosophical chasm between academics and athletics at Vanderbilt and to a lack of vision.

    Someone has to see how damaging this would be to Vanderbilt football. Someone has to see how good things actually are on Vanderbilt football Saturdays, other than the state of the facility. Someone has to step forward and say “no thank you” on behalf of Vandy to Metro — Mayor Megan Barry
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    When naming rights become excessive and potentially backfire on the sponsor.

    Up next: Save-A-Lot Arena gets a makeover and 22,000+ are expected to see Kentucky play Canisius.
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    Rich McKay’s seats: From the “It Just Means More” files of the SEC, we bring you this nugget from a visit with the Atlanta Falcons president about Mercedes-Benz Stadium, the new home of the SEC title game. McKay said the project’s mission was to change the experience for the fan because the experience from home “is pretty good, and it’s not getting worse.”

    “We don’t think technology is gonna be the solution,” he told me. “There aren’t people who go to games and try to watch replays on their phones. We do think that the fan wants to be treated in a way where their experience is special and to do that you’ve got to think about food, the way they get around the building—entry and exit and the seats they sit in."

    The new stadium has 21-inch seats (arm to arm), up from the 19-inch seats in the Georgia Dome and from the 14 or 15-inch seats at many college stadiums. And that’s all of the seats, not just the ones at the premium level. Hopefully, the airlines are reading this.
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    Oklahoma State announced earlier this year they were going to take 25 bench sections and reduce the number of seats by widening each "seat". Will reduce capacity by over 3,000.
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  • ATHENS – The dog days of summer, those scorching hot days, coincide with the start of college football practice. Practices every day for a month, under that scorching sun, with players sweating it out in shoulder pads, helmets. And until this year the Georgia football team had two options: Practice anyway, or cancel practice.

    Not anymore.

    Bulldogs, the last football team in the SEC to get a full-length indoor facility are reaping the benefits of it this year, and did so Thursday. Rather than work outside a fourth straight day, Kirby Smart took the team inside the $30.2 million facility.

    “It’s a pretty cool option,” linebacker Natrez Patrick said...
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    Love that what gave College Station its name is still such a big part of the community and campus -- even Texas A&M football practice: – at Kyle Field

     JA Clark‏ @JAClark_13 13h13 hours ago

    JA Clark Retweeted Brent Zwerneman

    Someone asked me once if the train in College Station came by at all. Lol.
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    Should Vanderbilt & MLS share off-campus stadium? Commodore fans say no way.

    Vanderbilt fans don’t want to share a new off-campus football stadium with a potential Major League Soccer expansion franchise.

    That sentiment was repeated loudly by any Commodore fan willing to speak on the hot topic at Saturday’s Dore Jam, the annual Vanderbilt football fan event.

    "College football is meant to be played on campus,” said fan Chris Gleason. “And you can’t tell me that it would be the same off campus. No one here actually believes that.”

    Nashville is one of 12 cities vying for four MLS expansion franchises. If an MLS club comes to Music City, Vanderbilt is exploring the possibility of sharing a new stadium with the soccer team for its home football games at the Metro-owned Fairgrounds Nashville. The first two expansion cities will be chosen by the league’s board of directors as early as December.
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    New O'Dome fuels attendance increase -

    NCAA released its annual Division I men’s basketball attendance report on Tuesday, and the new-look Exactech Arena/O’Connell Center resulted in a significant attendance boost for the Gators during the 2016-17 season.

    The Gators averaged 10,690 fans in 10 home dates last season, above 100 percent capacity and more than 1,000 fans per game higher than the 2015-16 season (1,004 to be exact). Florida’s increase in attendance with the 14th highest in the nation and third highest in the SEC, behind just Missouri and South Carolina.
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    Arkansas will use part of new $137 million multimedia contract to improve stadium WiFi
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  • Images are finally revealed of Vandy's potential off-campus stadium

    A 30,000-seat facility is envisioned “that would transform the aging Metro-owned Fairgrounds Nashville.” The project remains in its early stages, with no cost figure or financing plan available.
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    Alabama vs FSU: What to expect from Mercedes-Benz Stadium

    Quote had a chance to explore Atlanta's brand new Mercedes-Benz Stadium on a walking tour Tuesday, and, aside from some rough edges, it is just about ready for prime time. The roof won't retract for the Alabama-FSU game (or any August/September events) as the roof's automation is fine-tuned and to save 70,000 people from the early September heat.

    When you first enter your eyes will be drawn to the 1100-foot circular video screen -

    AL.COM/Vasha Hunt

    Many more interior and exterior pics
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    Alabama vs FSU: What to expect from Mercedes-Benz Stadium

    AL.COM/Vasha Hunt

    Many more interior and exterior pics

    Looks like the inside of a cathedral... 8)
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  • Dave Matter‏Verified account @Dave_Matter

    UM Curators to vote Friday for Mizzou football facility  … via @stltoday

    Set to open in 2019, the three story stadium addition is currently projected at just under $100 million
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  •  Frank Frangie‏Verified account @Frank_Frangie Aug 31

    The new Mercedes Benz Stadium is legit. $1.8 bil well spent. Very impressive.
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  • Rupp Arena officials hope new Wi-Fi generates high-fives from happy UK fans

    As Kentucky played North Carolina in 2011, a camera mounted in the Rupp Arena ceiling rotated 360 degrees as it photographed the crowd. The idea behind the promotion was to invite UK fans to go online and identify themselves and their seat locations.

    What the camera revealed stunned Bill Owen, the CEO and president of Lexington Center Corp.

    “I was amazed by how many people in the first 10 rows were just like this,” Owen said as he brought his hands close to his face as if looking at a cellphone. “Wait! You’re in the eighth row of a University of Kentucky game at Rupp Arena. All you’re doing is looking at your 3-by-6-inch personal video screen?”

    This made sense to Mike Fox, whose title at LCC is Information Technology Manager.

    “People want to stay connected,” he said. “They still want to be able to talk to other people who are not there through their phone. They want to keep in touch while they’re at an event.”

    Keeping in touch should be much easier for UK fans and other Rupp Arena patrons in the future. As part of a $15 million upgrade, LCC spent about $2 million to improve Wi-Fi in Rupp Arena, Heritage Hall and the Lexington Opera House. The $15 million upgrade also included the scoreboards/video boards over center court, the ribbon board advertising and a new sound system.

    The new Wi-Fi, which had what Owen called a “soft opening” at UK’s Senior Night on Feb. 28, has 10 times the capacity of the old system. The response time will be noticeably faster. Maybe best of all, the Wi-Fi will work for non-Verizon customers. The previous system only accommodated devices that used Verizon.

    LCC properties will have 470 “nodes” which help connect users to the network. Previously, there were 70.

    The previous Wi-Fi setup in Rupp Arena generated “tons and tons of complaints,” Fox said. Access was limited to the media. The system became overloaded as fans learned the network and password used by media. The ability to make a cellphone call could be iffy.

    “I’ve always believed a bad Wi-Fi is worse than no Wi-Fi,” Owen said. “It makes you more frustrated than if you had no Wi-Fi at all.”

    If LCC officials needed more prodding to upgrade the Wi-Fi, it came from the NCAA. One of the new requirements to play host to NCAA Tournament games is reliable Wi-Fi availability for all fans. Rupp Arena is scheduled to hold first- and second-round games in 2021.

    Owen, who now embraces “living our life looking at screens,” put the new, improved Wi-Fi system in the context of re-inventing Rupp Arena.

    When asked about future Wi-Fi vistas Rupp Arena patrons can conquer, Owen spoke of fans watching one game on their phones while glancing at Kentucky’s game. Or vice versa. For instance, he said with a grin, New Year’s Eve could serve this purpose.

    “Watch UK play in a bowl game on Dec. 31 while UK plays (against Georgia in basketball) at 6:30,” he said.

    More seriously, Owen put the change in Wi-Fi in the broader context of a re-invented Rupp Arena.

    The previous Wi-Fi system contributed “to the impression of Rupp Arena as antiquated, old-fashioned, archaic,” he said. “Not modern and contemporary. So with the center-hung (scoreboard), the Wi-Fi, these new elements, all of a sudden, at 41 years old, we’re relevant and contemporary.”
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    Check out the new upgrades to Bryant-Denny:

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    Auburn board approves start of projects for new videoboard at Jordan-Hare, sports facilities
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  • Frank Frangie‏Verified account @Frank_Frangie Aug 31

    The new Mercedes Benz Stadium is legit. $1.8 bil well spent. Very impressive.

    It certainly is an awesome facility!!!  8)
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    Auburn board approves start of projects for new videoboard at Jordan-Hare, sports facilities

    The North Video Board is so that they can dazzle the opponents kicker at BOTH ends of the stadium.

    Jus another way to cheat...  8)
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  •  Adam Sparks‏ @AdamSparks 14h14 hours ago

    Nashville MLS quest: Vanderbilt football won't move to fairgrounds … via @tennessean

    “While we plan to continue to support Nashville’s bid for an MLS team, we are not moving Vanderbilt football off campus,” the university’s statement reads. “Dudley Field will remain the home of Commodores football.

    “To enhance opportunities for our students to branch out and experience more of Nashville, we are exploring the opportunity to lease the proposed new soccer stadium for one or two Vanderbilt events per year,” Vanderbilt’s statement says.

    “If it meets the needs of our fans, students, alumni and team, this could also include leasing the stadium for a football game, similar to what we have done in the past with Nissan Stadium, which received a great response from our community.”

    The proposed soccer stadium at the fairgrounds is part of Nashville's bid for an MLS expansion team. Vanderbilt's decision is not expected to hurt Nashville's chances of landing an MLS club. The league only cares that a stadium plan is secured.
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  •  Brent Zwerneman‏ @BrentZwerneman 20m20 minutes ago

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    Worth repeating here at Kyle Field: Wow
    Zach Taylor 🎙🏈⚾️🏀‏ @ZachTaylorSport 21m21 minutes ago

    No running water in the stadium, so fans have to go to the MSC if they want to relieve themselves. Wow.
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  • Matt Jones‏ @KySportsRadio

    University of Kentucky responds to fan complaints on sounds issues at Kroger Field

    For the past several games at Kroger Field, the music volume throughout the stadium has been minimal, and fans haven’t been happy about it. We’ve received countless messages, calls, and comments on the matter with those in attendance hoping for a louder, more energetic experience on gamedays.

    Guy Ramsey at UK Athletics sent a response to these sound (or lack thereof) complaints, saying the speakers have been on, but they are still adjusting volume at games. He also mentioned that Kroger Field only has speakers in one end zone, and a permanent fix to sound issues would be to purchase a brand new (and expensive) sound system.