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    REGULAR-SEASON SEC GAMES '91-92 to present

    John Calipari        111-26    .804  2010 - present

    Rick Pitino            104-26   .800  1990 - 97

    Tubby Smith         139-53   .724  1996-97 (UG); 1998-2007 (UK)

    Billy Donovan       200-110 .645  1997-2015

    Nolan Richardson  109-67  .619  1992*-2002

    Bruce Pearl            74-58   .561  2006-11 (UT); 2015 - present (AU)   

    Mike Anderson       48-40   .546  2012 - present

    Rick Stansbury     122-102 .545  1999-2012

    Andy Kennedy        88-80   .524  2007 - present

    David Hobbs          50-46   .521  1993-98

    Mark Fox               61-59   .512  2010 - present

    *Nolan Richardson: Prior to the 1991-92 season, AR competed in the Southwest Conference (65-31, .677)
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  •  Jon Rothstein‏Verified account @JonRothstein 15h15 hours ago

    Tulsa's Frank Haith will hire Fresno State's Kenton Paulino as an assistant coach, per a source. Replaces Kim English, who went to Colorado.
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  • Jason Butt‏Verified account @JasonHButt

    'I respect the job Mark has done. I think he’s an excellent coach.'


    For the first time since the Georgia basketball season ended, athletics director Greg McGarity expanded on why he decided that head coach Mark Fox would remain in his position.

    First, a refresher: Heading into the SEC Tournament, a Yahoo! Sports report surfaced that McGarity was doing his due diligence to find potential replacements for Fox. The following morning after the report was published, McGarity denied it while stating Fox would be back.

    In an interview with The Telegraph, McGarity spoke at length about his reasoning, which he hadn’t done since the 2016-17 basketball season ended.

    “I think you just have to have a gut feeling,” McGarity said. “Mark Fox is an excellent coach. I’ve got confidence that we’re going to have a great season. We had some close games — and again, I don’t deal in the what-ifs, the could-haves and the would-haves. I know the type of young men he has on his team. I know who he is bringing in.”

    McGarity pointed to a few factors at play for why he holds confidence in Fox for the upcoming season.

    First, Georgia is bringing back forward Yante Maten, who will enter his senior season as one of the top candidates for preseason SEC Player of the Year. While Georgia loses All-SEC first-teamer J.J. Frazier, it returns every other key contributor from last season’s team.
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  • On Monday, Houston coach Kelvin Sampson used Twitter to ask coaches throughout the country to send T-shirts and shoes to him to help Houstonians.
     Jeff Goodman


    John Calipari, Avery Johnson, Brad Brownell, Will Wade, Kevin Keatts all already in for donating sneakers and shirts to victims.
    5:27 PM - Aug 28, 2017
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  •  Jeff Goodman‏Verified account @GoodmanESPN 24h24 hours ago

    East Carolina coach Jeff Lebo hires former College of Charleston coach Doug Wojcik as assistant.

    Former Auburn coach
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  •  Kentucky Basketball‏Verified account @KentuckyMBB 1h1 hour ago

    What a night. You'll notice the smiles on our guys' faces. This meant a lot to them. #TeamingUpForTexas

    With your help we were able to generate over ONE MILLION dollars.
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  • Frank Martin led South Carolina to the Final Four for the first time in school history last spring, and now he wants more.

    “I’ve got an itch like never before to coach on Monday night,” Martin said Monday on the College Hoops Today Podcast in reference to coaching in the national title game. “I’ve scratched that Saturday itch by coaching in the Final Four, and now I’ve got an itch to coach on Monday night. I’m more determined than I’ve ever been in coaching.”

    Gamecocks, who were 26-11 and a No. 7 seed, fell to No. 1-seeded Gonzaga 77-73 in the Final Four. South Carolina lost its entire perimeter — P.J. Dozier, Sindarius Thornwell and Duane Notice — from last season.

    South Carolina does return two front-court starters in Maik Kotsar and Chris Silva.
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  •  Jeff Goodman‏Verified account @GoodmanESPN 23h23 hours ago

    Former NC State head coach Mark Gottfried will be a scout this season for the Dallas Mavericks, source told ESPN.
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  •  Rick Ray‏Verified account @RickRay1

    College basketball's FBI news...

     Kevin Brockway‏ @gatorhoops 17h17 hours ago

    Kevin Brockway Retweeted Rick Ray

    Former Miss State basketball coach sounds off
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  •  Terry Meiners‏ @terrymeiners 6h6 hours ago

    Pitino atty Steve Pence says after coach was given "unpaid administrative leave, (UofL) changed the locks on the doors.  How insulting."
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  • Harold R. Kuntz‏ @HaroldRKuntz3

    #Thunder Coach Billy Donovan really went into detail on the AAU/Shoe Comp. dealing with College Basketball coaches.  Good stuff.

     Doug Gottlieb‏Verified account @GottliebShow 6h6 hours ago

    Doug Gottlieb Retweeted Harold R. Kuntz

    Billy hated the AAU/agent culture late in his run at Florida. Got out
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  • Pat Forde‏Verified account @YahooForde

    Column: I've covered Rick Pitino for 27 years. It never should have ended this way for a coaching genius, but it did

    LOUISVILLE, Ky. – It never should have ended this way for Rick Pitino.

    Never should have ended with him getting out of a silver Lexus SUV on Wednesday morning, rushing up the steps of Grawemeyer Hall, Louisville’s administration building, chased by reporters shouting questions about whether he was being fired. Five minutes later Pitino was out and back down the steps, into the Lexus and gone, perhaps never to be seen on this campus again.

    No, one of the most accomplished careers in college basketball history should never have come to this. But in a sad, Shakespearian plot twist, Pitino let it happen this way. He stopped sweating every detail, started making questionable staff hires and finally was felled by one too many bombshell revelations.

    Glory was tainted by disgrace. All the fun times and great victories, the witty charm and inclusive charisma, was sullied by one late-career scandal after another. All the books Pitino wrote, peppered with self-help wisdom and how-to-succeed motivation (one of which, full disclosure, I co-wrote), and by Wednesday morning they no longer applied to the author himself.

    The sight of Rick Pitino hustling away from the spotlight he once basked in was surreal and sad and altogether avoidable.

    It should have ended with a scene similar to the one he was part of in March 1991, in Lexington, when he was the coach at Kentucky. It was his second year leading the Wildcats, and a program decimated by probation had miraculously posted the best record in the Southeastern Conference at 14-4, 22-6 overall. Because of NCAA sanctions levied before Pitino had arrived, Kentucky was not eligible for the postseason and could not officially claim an SEC title.

    So, with no tournament basketball to play and no actual hardware to embrace, Kentucky decided to have a parade through Lexington. On a sunny March afternoon, fans lined the streets and cheered wildly. Pitino, atop a fire truck, waved to them and smiled.

    It was a sweet, old-timey moment – something you might see a small-town high school team do after winning the state championship.

    It also was pretty much the last time traditionally monolithic Kentucky basketball truly could be viewed as a plucky, up-and-coming overachiever. Freed from probation, the Wildcats would begin the next season in the AP top five and end it within a breath of the Final Four, losing to eventual national champion Duke in what is widely considered the greatest college basketball game ever played.
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  •  Not Jerry Tipton‏ @NotJerryTipton 19h19 hours ago

    Good call, Rick!

    (h/t: @SeanKeeleyIsMe)
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  • Antonio Morales‏Verified account @AntonioCMorales

    “I’ve been in this business for over 20 years, so was I shocked to hear some of the things that came out? No, I was not," Andy Kennedy said about the FBI's probe into college hoops

    "But again, when the feds are involved and they’ve got what they seem to have and there’s people going to jail, indictments are being handed out, it makes everybody stop and pay attention.”

    The resignation of Alabama staffer Kobie Baker was reportedly related to the FBI's investigation. So the probe's web has already proven to be wide.

    “I learned about it as you did, I’m sure," Kennedy said. "I see it pop up Tuesday morning. I was on the road recruiting and started getting the information. I was just like you, kind of taken aback as far as the scope of what had transpired. You’re talking about a federal investigation over a number of years. A lot of incriminating evidence.”

    So when asked if the news reshuffles the deck a bit in recruiting, Kennedy said the following:  “There’s a number of good players out there. In our business, the transfer rate is off the charts. I think there was close to a thousand guys transferring this year so there’s always movement.

     "But when something like this occurs, obviously every program takes a step back and all the programs directly involved, again who knows what the next layer is, but all the programs directly involved there’s a number of guys involved with those programs, both current players and potential incomers, and that will all be in flux for sure.”
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  •  Dave Matter‏Verified account @Dave_Matter

    Cuonzo Martin says he doesn’t wait for compliance office to get involved to keep program clean. "I am compliance."
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  • Jon Rothstein‏Verified account @JonRothstein

    Rick Pitino has released a statement following his dismissal at Louisville:

    There's been a lot of turmoil the last few days and I’ve intentionally avoided making any public statements – primarily because so few facts are known. But I wish to make a few now.

    First, I want to thank all my players from Providence, UK and Louisville. Your support means more to me than I can possibly express.
    Second, to the many friends and fans who reached out to me in the last few days: I owe a thousand thanks and an apology for the disappointment you must have.

    Third, as I’ve previously stated, I had no knowledge of any payments to any recruit or their family. But I was the head coach and I will take ownership of my decisions. The University took the action they thought was necessary and I will do the same.

    Finally, Tom Jurich is the best athletic director in the country, and thanks to him I coached Louisville basketball for over sixteen years where we witnessed many great things. From conference USA, AAC, Big East and now the ACC. I am proud of our many accomplishments and appreciate the continued support of the Louisville community. Again, a thousand thanks.

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  • Pitino: 'I'll be vindicated' in college basketball recruiting scandal

    "Right now it’s in the lawyers’ hands," Pitino said in a brief phone interview. "I went to Miami. I’m selling my house (in Louisville). I love David Padgett. I love the boys. I hope they win the national championship. I’m not doing anything but laying low."

    Pitino also said he was discussing former Louisville player Terry Rozier's sponsorship deal with Adidas in phone calls with Adidas representative James Gatto.

    The FBI complaint says Gatto had two phone conversations on May 27 with a phone number used by "Coach 2" and another one on June 1, the day the Courier-Journal reported Brian Bowen enrolled at Louisville.

    Asked if he is the "Coach 2" listed in the FBI's criminal complaint released Tuesday, as a law enforcement source confirmed to the USA TODAY Network and the Courier-Journal, Pitino said it "doesn't matter if I am or not."

    Pitino said he has "(zero) to do with any of it and I’ll be vindicated."

    University of Louisville interim President Greg Postel placed Pitino on unpaid administrative leave on Wednesday, effectively firing him, according to Pitino's lawyer, Steve Pence.

    Pence told the Courier-Journal on Sunday that he and other lawyers working for Pitino have put U of L officials on notice that they believe Pitino's effective dismissal violates the coach's employment agreement. That breach of contract may eventually become the basis for a lawsuit unless the university remedies the situation within 30 days, Pence said in a text.

    According to Pitino's contract, termination of the agreement by his employer, listed as the U of L Athletics Association, "may occur only by decision of" the board of directors or an authorized subcommittee after 10 days prior written notice of the charges against him and "an opportunity for (Pitino) to present evidence."

    Pence previously had predicted a "bare-knuckle fight" over Pitino's dismissal and said that "the facts will inevitably exonerate him." Padgett, who played for Pitino and was an assistant coach on his staff, was named Louisville's interim head coach on Friday.
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  • Wow. This story on Louisville athletic dept, Tom Jurich & Rick Pitino is pretty remarkable

    His loyal deputies call him the best athletic director in America.

    While fans at Alabama, Notre Dame and Ohio State might quibble with that, there is no disputing that suspended University of Louisville athletic director Tom Jurich has been the highest paid in the land.

    Over the past seven years, through a byzantine array of longevity and performance bonuses, base pay raises and tax subsidies, Jurich collected total compensation of $19,279,710...

    While the compensation of now-suspended Louisville basketball coach Rick Pitino – $7,769,200, $5.1 million of which comes from the university, according to USA TODAY – has been well publicized, Jurich’s pay has not gotten the same level of scrutiny. The first public accounting of his total compensation came in a forensic audit of the U of L Foundation released in June.

    His friend, Terry Meiners, the radio and TV personality, said: "Tom Jurich injected a businesslike strategy into a middling athletics department to fast track it to greatness. The former Floyd Street chemical dumping grounds now house an EPCOT Center of colossal stadiums, pristine practice facilities, and green space. Jurich did the bulldozing and the city reaps the rewards.

    "Do we overpay for sports entertainment?" Meiners asked. "No doubt. Jurich is a one-man Fortune 500 company. CEOs get paid. Great CEOs get paid stupid money. Welcome to ‘Merica."
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  • FanRag Sports‏ @FanRagSports

    Longtime college coach Trent Johnson will join David Padgett's staff at #Louisville, per @JonRothstein

     Jon Rothstein‏Verified account @JonRothstein Oct 11

    Louisville has fired assistant coach Jordan Fair, per release.
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  • Louisville officially fires basketball coach Rick Pitino

    University of Louisville has officially fired head basketball coach Rick Pitino for “just cause“, according to the Courier-Journal. In late September, Pitino was implicated by the FBI in a corruption investigation.

    Pitino was suspended on Sept. 27, shortly after the FBI revealed its findings. The investigation is ongoing.

    Pitino was the highest paid coach in college basketball, clearing nearly $8 million per year.

    Pitino had been with Louisville since 2001.
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  • Ben Howland‘s third season at Northern Arizona, Pitt, and UCLA signaled a shift in momentum and he’s hoping the same thing can happen this year at Mississippi State.

    “If we’re healthy, we can win any game that we play,” Howland said Monday on the College Hoops Today Podcast. “We have to stay healthy. That’s the most important thing. But we’re going to have a chance to beat anybody that’s on our schedule if we have all hands on deck and that’s really exciting.”

    State finished 16-16 last season with a core of underclassmen. Howland has an overall record of 82-20 during his third seasons at his previous three coaching stops.