John Tomlin's tenure in Football

John TomlinCoach John F. "Bud" Tomlin powered the Thomas Jefferson Yellow Jackets from 1946 through 1953 compiling an eight-season record of 77-19-8 (.779%). His 1948, 1949, 1950, and 1952 teams advanced to the state playoffs. The 1948 Yellow Jackets went 12-1 and earned a state semifinal berth against Waco High School. The very next year the 1949 team went 12-1 and once again forged to the state semifinal playoff match with a different foe, Austin High School. Thomas Jefferson's 1950 Team posted a 10-0-1 record, and the 1953 Yellow Jackets went 7-3-1.

Coach Tomlin's coaching career might ring another bell for some folks who remember him as the only coach who the students declared a strike from school when the district's superintendent fired "Uncle Bud" after the 1953 season. The two men disagreed many times in budget areas like the coach wanting to spend money on things like flying the Jacket "B" team to the playoffs, transporting the Maroon & Gold Band and the Red Hussars to playoff berths. Coach wanted all students involved to be honored at playoff achievements. Coach Tomlin was not known for his tactfulness and even though he became crosswise with the administrators in the Port Arthur school district, Bishop Byrne hired him in 1956 to serve as head coach for the Shamrocks.

During his reign as head coach of the Shamrocks Coach Tomlin walked out of Leo & Willies with his entire football team because their opponents from Louisiana had a black player who the establishment refused to serve in the dining room. Coach Tomlin took both ball clubs to another establishment stating that they could serve all of us or none of us as we are all the same. Tomlin remained at the helm as head coach for Bishop Byrne for eight football seasons capturing outstanding records. Coach was a boisterous, full of "spit and vinegar" kind of guy, full of ideas and a genius when it came to helping his team to adjust to whatever changes the opposing team might try.

Coach John F. "Bud" Tomlin was born in Washington D.C. and shortly thereafter his father was appointed as an Indian Agent in the Oklahoma area. Coach Tomlin grew us as a transplanted "Okie From Muskogee." Coach began his career coaching in Oklahoma high schools and worked his way to head coach at the University of Arkansas in 1943.

Winning team is bolded and Razorback Red.
DateHome TeamAway TeamScore
1943-11-25TulsaArkansas61 - 0
1943-11-19ArkansasOklahoma State13 - 19
1943-11-13SMUArkansas12 - 14
1943-11-06RiceArkansas20 - 7
1943-10-30ArkansasTexas AM0 - 13
1943-10-16TexasArkansas34 - 0
1943-10-09ArkansasMonticello Navy12 - 20
1943-10-02ArkansasTCU0 - 13
1943-09-25ArkansasMO-RollaArkansas - 0

Overall Statistics
Total Games Played9
Win Percentage0.222
Conf Games Played6
Win Percentage0.167

Champions of...
If you see "Co" at the end of the title, that team was Co-Champions.

All time Series Records
Monticello Navy0-1-0
Oklahoma State0-1-0
Texas AM0-1-0

KARKFox 16 ArkansasKWNA

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