John Futrall's tenure in Football

John FutrallMost U of A alumni and students have heard of John Clinton Futrall. Few individuals have been more influential in the history of the University of Arkansas. Not only was he president of the U of A from 1913 to 1939, but he also formed and coached the first football team at the U of A. However, most people do not know about President Futrall's involvement in the Classics. In 1975 James P. Anderson authored a charming little biography about President Futrall entitled "Latin, Greek, and Arkansas: the Life and Times of John Clinton Futrall." A copy of this work can be found at the U of A Mullins Library's Special Collections Division in the Futrall Family Papers Collection . Page number references to this biography follow below in parentheses.

In this work, the biographer tells how Futrall enrolled at the U of A (then the Arkansas Industrial College) in 1888 as a Classics Student. Futrall wrote numerous letters to his parents. In some of his letters he shared how confident he felt about his Latin abilities, and how he eventually became first in his class in both Latin and Greek. Futrall also wrote to his mother complaining about the excessive amounts of homework. He wrote that he had to study Greek and Latin for at least an hour and a half each night. At one point in one of his Latin classes, he had to memorize 37 lines of Virgil each evening. Certainly less that what modern U of A Classics students usually have to do! He mastered Latin to the point that he was appointed a substitute Latin instructor during his sophomore year. Futrall became a Latin professor at the U of A in 1894, and he taught Latin, Greek, and other Classics courses until he became president of the university in 1913.

Anderson explains that Futrall always thought of himself as a classicist at heart, and that his love of the classics permeated all that he did. Anderson describes Futrall as a strict yet compassionate man, who was both disciplined and very intelligent. President John Clinton Futrall was certainly an pivotal figure at the U of A both in the Classics and in the Administration.

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DateHome TeamAway TeamScore
1896-10-24DruryArkansas0 - 34
1896-10-10AR-Fort Smith HSArkansas2 - 6
1896-10-03ArkansasAR-Fort Smith HS10 - 0
1895-10-12ArkansasAR-Fort Smith HS30 - 0
1894-11-29TexasArkansas54 - 0
1894-10-27ArkansasAR-Fort Smith HS38 - 0
1894-10-13ArkansasAR-Fort Smith HS42 - 0

Overall Statistics
Total Games Played7
Win Percentage0.714

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AR-Fort Smith HS5-0-0

KARKFox 16 ArkansasKWNA

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